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THE POLICE SAY THE WOMAN WAS A MURDERER EMILIE WESLEY KNOWS THEY CAN T BE TALKING ABOUT HER CLIENT CAN THEY To The World It Seems Obvious Kaylene Adams Killed Her Daughter And Then Was Shot By Police Attorney Emilie Wesley Knows A Different Story Kaylene Would Never Hurt Anyone And Was Looking For A Way Out Of A Controlling, Abusive Relationship Her Death Shakes Emilie S Belief That She Can Make A Difference For Women In Violent Marriages Self Doubt Plagues Her As She Struggles To Continue Her Work In The Wake Of The TragedyReid Billings Thought He Knew His Sister Right Up Until He Learned How She Died He Discovers A Letter From Kaylene Begging Him To Fight For Custody Of Her Daughters If Anything Should Happen To Her No Attorney In Her Right Mind Would Support An Uncle Instead Of The Father In A Custody Case, But Kaylene S Letter Claims Emilie Wesley Will Help HimThrown Together In A Race To Save Kaylene S Surviving Daughter, Emily And Reid Pursue The Constantly Evasive Truth If They Can Hang On To Hope Together, Can They Save A Young Girl And Find A Future For Themselves In The Process The dual suspense lines in this book kept me riveted from start to finish Kaylene s murder or suicide and Emilie s stalker Focused mainly on the burning issues of spousal abuse either mental, physical or both, Putman has written a thriller that I couldn t put down Also the role that faith and strength can play in recovering from spousal abuse was well done The title captured the fact that the justice system doesn t always get it right and that sometimes there isthan meets the eye in foul play I absolutely loved the closeness between this group of women who all went through law school together and how they always are there to support one another Although this book can be read as a stand alone, it reads better if you follow the series and really get to know this group of women Imperfect Justice combines suspense, romance and the legal system to create a very good read. Legal drama about domestic violence featuring one of the main characters from the previous book in this Hidden Justice series.Emilie Wesley, an attorney and reporter, is the roommate of Hayden McCarthy and cousin of Hayden s boyfriend, Andrew This book is Emilie s story She s working at the Haven, a non profit that serves women who want to escape difficult or abusive domestic situations When one of her clients, Kaylene Adams, doesn t show up for a protective order hearing, Emilie is suprised Kaylene seemed so determine to get out with her two daughters As she is leaving court, a news alert reports mutliple shootings apparently Kaylene has shot one daughter dead, injured the other and killed herself But that can t be right, can it The bulk of the rest of the story is about Kaylene s brother, Reid Billings, asking Emilie to help him get custody of the surviving daughter away from Kaylene s husband, Robert The whole case moves very slowly probably because the main narrative is taken up with Emilie having a bit of a breakdown and a career crisis all while fearing she has a stalker And if that s not enough to take away from the whole legal issues that are mentioned here and there, the rest of of the plot focuses on the romance between Emilie and Reid So, to sum it up, the book is mostly angst with heavy dose of romance and a touch of legal proceedings In addition, there is an extreme Christian theme which in an of itself is OK but every single character is always talking about it Hard to imagine that world and everyone on the same religious theme page all the time Got to be too much, really A little goes a long way It seemed that this book was less about legal andabout romance and religion so it really wasn t much of a thriller nor was it suspenseful.And the mystery of what happened in the Adams s house Predictable and drug on forever with a rushed ending I selected these two books in the series because I wanted to read legal thrillers, but I don t think I will readfor the reasons above I was disappointed by this sequel.I did, however, want to mention that I live in KC and have also spent hours in the Nelson Atkins Museum staring at the original Monet painting the author describes The wall sized water lilies painting is amazing.Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson, Inc for the e book ARC to read and review. Everybody believes eves that Kaylene Adams killed one of her daughters and then injured the other one before killing herself except her lawyer Emilie and Kaylene s brother Reid.Emilie works for domestic violence victims and believes Kaylene was trying to escape her controlling husband Reid and Emilie race against time to save Kaylene s younger daughter along with Emilie trying to fight off an unknown personal stalker This is my first book by Cara Putman and it s a cozy , Christian , legal thriller.It s not a fast paced book but a slow read about domestic violence which is never easy to read or write.Many thanks to a Thomas Nelson NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.This andreviews at I found this legal thriller to be very enjoyable and couldn t put it down at all for the last third of the book Generally I ve found it hard to engage in legal thrillers because the legalese bogs me down, but not at all with these I definitely hope that Cara Putman continues to writelegal suspense, because it s so hard to find a good one.Emilie was an engaging character and it s easy to like her The whole story of Kaylene s death was so sadit s easy to see where the imperfect part of the title comes in Reid comes in with a strong presence I d have liked to see a bitof where his career was going as well a certain somebody needed a good comeuppance Definitely read book one to get the backstory on this I couldn t give it quite five stars because I saw the stalker coming a mile away and felt she made some foolish decisions about her interactions with someone like that Also, the mentions of the hunter on the parkway from the last book were repeated, then explained with thinning a deer overpopulation at the halfway point In my town they let people hunt an overpopulation only with bow and arrow to minimize danger to citizens, and DC is WAYpopulated than here There would be a great deal of oversight of a thinning of the population and it wouldn t be dismissed out of hand by the police.Thanks to NetGalley for a free review copy A favorable review was not required.