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A riddle for you What waits for no man? It turns out that TIME and TIDE wait for no woman too Just when Amanda Graham's life has started to turn around TROUBLE comes to the uiet beach town of Ravenwood Cove in the guise of a mysterious stranger and ghosts from her past When paths cross with murder and long held secrets it's only a matter of time before someone is going to have to pay for mistakes made long ago Fifth novel in the Ravenwood Cove ebook series Paperback and audiobook versions coming soon Mild PG rating because hey there's a dead guyor maybe gal in it

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    Author Carolyn L Dean created the Ravenwood Cove Cozy mystery series just a few years ago and has been publishing 2 or 3 books each year I enjoy the setting characters and lighthearted romance and mystery stories I am trying to catch up over the next month so I'm current on the series In this fifth book Time Tide and Trouble main character Amanda Graham owner of an Oregon bed and breakfast inn takes a step forward in her relationship with local cop James Two reasons I enjoy these stories the handsome cop and I share a name and Amanda's last name is one of my own family names and the name in my second book just spelled differently mine is GraemeThese books are shorter than the typical cozy by about 15% and focus both on the romance and mystery angles of the story In some ways they're less about the plot and about what's going on in the life of some cool characters you enjoy getting to know It took me about 90 minutes to read last night curled up in bed just before going to sleep I like the evolution of the inn and how the backstories come out on the characters throughout the novel not just in the beginning to setup the crime The crime is often less important in these books but still helps push the overall story along In this one Amanda makes stronger connections to a few people in the town and learns how to build roots in her new home I look forward to picking up the next few books to read in April I can easily picture everyone in my head as I'm reading but there's not an overwhelming amount of detail a good balance Between 35 and 4 stars rounded up to 4 as I would recommend the series

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    Ravenswood CoveEveryone's Home with a twist of mysteryI have read all the current books in this series and another book is coming June 2017 Can't wait for the next adventure I like the setting of this book and the characters seem real and interesting Reading these books makes me feel like I am returning to a town I know If you like a book with interesting characters and a great mystery in the plot then you have hit pay dirt with Carolyn L Dean's books

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    You're not alone when reading this bookThis mystery moves along You will forget all about what's going on about you It's that good Love the ending

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    really like this series can't wait til the next one comes out

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    More fun in Ravenwood CoveThis is the fifth book in the series and as enjoyable as the others These are uick reads and I only wish they were longer

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    I wish i could give it a 10Seeing James suspected as a possible murderer didn't make me feel good at all I just knew he couldn't have done this even though the man deserved It The ending wow what a wonderful proposal I truly love the James and Amanda story and Amanda being adopted by Mrs granger☺

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    Time Tide and TroubleI liked the way the author is able to weave a good bit of info in about 100 or so pages It’s a continuation of the Ravenwood Cove Series and each short story features a character who lives in Ravenwood so it’s nice to learn something new about each character This one was touching but I won’t say why because I don’t want to be a spoiler for other readers who haven’t read this yet What I don’t like is I feel the books are expensive per short story I’d prefer to pay full price and buy them in one or two full sized book form which would actually be much less expensive than 299 for every 100 or so pages

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    Very goodThis was really a great mystery Did not consider the brother as the murderer You really describe the characters well I wish I could meet AmandaMrs Granger Truman and the others at the cafe The best was James asking Amanda to marry him I don t know anyone who would not enjoy your books Thank you for your stories Stay well and keep writing

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    Nice mysteryI skipped ahead and read book 6 before reading this one and I wondered why things were different Now that I read this book everything is explainedIn this story Amanda is busy with running the inn and spends time with her new boyfriend while she can Meanwhile James Amanda's boyfriend has troubles of his own helping his parents on their ranch when a body is found on the property and James is the suspect Amanda helps James clear his name and solve the murder And in the end they become engaged Nice mystery and delightful plot twist that kept me guessing

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    A Charming First ReadI chose this book not realizing it was your fourth of fifth in the series however I felt comfortable reading it because it could easily stand alone I would love to live in a small village like that as I grew up in a small town and loved living there when suddenly my parents gathered all three of us sisters and we never went back Since then I have always loved in cities or other places not cozy My husband was totally different from the man in this book and I would have loved a less complicated man betterI think Anyway it was an easy read as well as an enjoyable one