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Everyone knows that Tyrannosaurus rex is the huge dinosaur with sharp claws and tiny arms But in this appealing level 2 picture book from acclaimed science writer Melissa Stewart you’ll learn that T rex is not the only tyrannosaur that existed in prehistoric timesIn the last fifteen years scientists have found many tyrannosaurs including one with a really long pointy nose The New York Times bestselling coauthor of this book Dr Steve Brusatte went to China in order to help ID the dinosaur that he would give the nickname Pinocchio RexThis book is the perfect overview of the exciting new discoveries in the land of tyrannosaurs Read and find out how tyrannosaurs evolved—from the tiny Dilong to the enormous T rex The book also includes an infographic activity and glossary as well as “Dr Steve Says” sidebars that give readers insight into what it felt like for Dr Steve to be involved with the discovery of P RexThis is a Level 2 Let’s Read and Find Out Science title which means the book explores challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and supports the Common Core Learning Standards Next Generation Science Standards and the Science Technology Engineering and Math STEM standards Let’s Read and Find Out is the winner of the American Association for the Advancement of ScienceSubaru Science Books Films Prize for Outstanding Science Series

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    An appealing informative look at new dinosaur discoveries

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    You know what you just made the list 25Like Stewart's other dino book I really wanted to like Pinocchio Rex and Other Tyrannosaurs henceforth Rex especially given Csotonyi's paleoart However also like Stewart's other dino book Rex is very bad hence this review's title which is what I thought when I 1st realized how bad Rex is In this review I list the 3 main reasons why that is1 You'd think the tyrannosaurs would be arranged in order of when they lived or when they were discovered More on that below but nope They're just scattered all over with no apparent rhyme or reason2 Not only does Rex avoid using the word evolution but it synonymizes developed with evolved 3 Rex fails to cover many tyrannosaur related subjects those that are covered are done so in an insufficient manner Sometimes it simplifies things to the point of being meaningless Eg See the 1st Stewart uote which describes ALL meat eating dinos; Other times it's just plain wrong Eg See the 2nd Stewart uote the 1st half of which contradicts the 2nd halfRex could've been a good natural history of tyrannosaurs similar to Bakker's The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs or a good history of tyrannosaur research similar to Naish's The Great Dinosaur Discoveries for younger kids Instead Rex is basically just a well illustrated pageant of tyrannosaurs similar to fossil exhibitsin the early days To uote Ben people could marvel at the great size of the animals but there was very little to be learned besides the names of the species in uestionIf you don't get the reference google the list of JerichoThis is especially apparent in the Kileskus section Based on Brusatte's The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs A New History of a Lost World which I reviewed A LOT could've been said about how Kileskus lived or how it was discovereduoting Stewart TyrannosaursA group of meat eating dinosaurs that walked on two legsuoting Stewart DinosaursA group of animals that lived mostly on land between 230 and 66 million years ago They walked upright and had big arm muscles The birds alive today developed from dinosaurs

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    Pinocchio Rex and other Tyrannosaurs provides an overview of ten tyrannosaurs including recently discovered Pinocchio Rex a long snouted dinosaur that co author and paleontologist Dr Steve Brusatte discovered in China Each dinosaur comes with a description a fact file and a timeline An activity involving chalk a tape measure and concrete provides size comparisons between a human child a bus and a T Rex Color drawings of the dinosaurs will help engage the reader Dr Brusatte describes finding the dinosaur bones and provides a clear picture of what a paleontologist's career involves Recommended

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    This is actually one of my favorite dinosaur books I've read to my son Nonfiction can be hard to read aloud to him but this was actually very readable

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    It's amazing how many dinosaur finds there have been in recent times

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    A great resource for our dinosaur unit

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    Steve Brusatte strikes again