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Ian Rankin S John Rebus, Arguably The Most Realistic Detective In Crime Fiction, Is A Brilliant But Troubled Man When A Young Woman Goes Missing Near His Native Edinburgh, Scotland, Rebus Finds Himself Just One Small Cog In The Huge Wheel Of An Inquiry Set In Motion By Her Powerfully Rich Father Struggling To Deal With Both His Own Often Terrifying Inner Demons As Well As The Monstrous Bureaucracy Of The Investigative Team, Rebus Finds Himself Drawn Again And Again Into The Case, Desperately Searching For The Girl S Salvation, As Well As His Own In Time Rebus Uncovers Two Leads One, A Carved Wooden Doll Stuffed Tightly Into A Tiny Casket, And The Other The Missing Girl S Possible Involvement In A Dark, Disturbing Internet Based Role Playing Game He Enlists The Help Of The Tech Savvy DC Siobhan Clarke, Who Is Young Enough To Know Her Way Around The Net, But Who May Not Be Old And Wise Enough To Avoid Potentially Deadly Pitfalls And Traps Meanwhile, Rebus Tracks Down Stories Of Similar Caskets And Dolls Turning Up In The Area Deep Into Edinburgh S Past, Some Stretching Back To A Time When Body Snatchers Turned Into Brutal KillersAs Rebus And Clarke Delve Deeper And Deeper Into These Perilous And Obscure Worlds, Ancient And Modern Evils Begin To Converge And Soon Rebus Finds He S Besieged By An Impenetrable Mass Of Secrets, Lies, And Deadly Deceit That Only He Can Make Sense Of InThe Falls, A Brilliant Addition To An Award Winning Series, Both John Rebus And His Creator, Ian Rankin, Are At The Top Of Their Intense And Satisfying Form

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    A terrific cop thriller full of Scottish heartThe only other Rebus book I ve read is the first in the series, Knots and Crosses I gave it a three star rating at the time and said that I wouldn t be reading further into the series That was unfair of me because a the first book in these types of series are most always the worst and b The Falls was awesome StoryThe story focuses one a missing pers person and a cryptic online game, run by the quizmaster It is nicely done from beginning to end and the clues the quizmaster presents are clever and require the team to work together to solve them CharactersThe story focuses on Rebus obviously and Siobhan Rebus is a very realistic character and Rankin shows his humour and emotional side alongside the copper within him Rankin presents Rebus as a character with flaws which makes him all the lovable The other characters are all very believable and add a lot to the story WritingJumping from the first book in the series to the twelfth, I was able to see the huge improvements that Rankin has made in his writing and the pacing of the novel It has much character.Similar to Welsh, Rankin paints a very realistic picture of Edinburgh.Notable issuesJames MacPherson, the audiobook narrator isn t the best I think they could find someone who delivers with impact He is perfect for the dialogue and humorous moments, but you want someone who can carry the action scenes Final thoughtI ll be reading of the series

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    This is one of these series that give the illusion of extraordinary depth That s because the characters, including the main character DI Rebus are meshed as one with the story The people in this book are also meshed with their place of work.Here Gill Templer has taken over the rein as chief from her former boss, The Farmer Gill was the ex girlfriend of John Rebus, if a one night stand can be alluded to that She is prickly towards Rebus as she well knows that he is a loose cannon They clash in spectacular fashion If this were a romance book, Gill and Rebus would engage in hot fiery, tearing, reconciliation sex But it s not, so let s move on, shall we Basically there are two serial killers, one in the present, one in the past The present one is imitating the modus operandi of his her predecessor Rebus hooks up with Gill s friend Jean and the latter has a role in the climax of the book.Compared to the other books in the series, this one has the most cliffhangery action There is another female Detective, Ellen who John has saved in fine Tom Sawyer style They combine their efforts to arrive just in time to save Jean and nail the killer.Oh I nearly forgot Siobhan, ex flame and current collaborator of Rebus She nabs the present killer just as Rebus nabs the past killer Siobhan arrives at her successful deduction through a series of computer games As you can see, it s possible to talk at length about the book without revealing spoilers That s because there are a lot of threads in the book, which is why it s so highly rated by me Take it from me, this one deserves to be read.

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    I missed Rebus and the whole atmosphere of Ian Rankin s Edinburgh The crime is a mixture of internet, role playing games, quizzes and the Rich and affluent citizens of Edinburgh The falls is the seat of the Balfour family, and their daughter Philippa Flip Balfour goes missing and Rebus and his colleagues are trying to find what happened to her.I enjoy the familiarity of the setting, the recurring characters in this twelfth novel in the series.

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    The Falls by Ian Rankin.One of the BEST in the Rebus series if not THE BEST.A young woman from an affluent family in Edinburgh has gone missing Phillipa Balfour Flip has become a possible abduction at St Leonard s and finding her ASAP is imperative.Rebus has become quite interested in tiny coffins being found at strategic locations Locations where the bodies of other women have been discovered DC Siobhan Clarke has another idea in her quest to locate the missing girl It seems Flip has been engaged in an internet game of sorts A game led by the quiz master Who that person is and where that game led Flip is to be uncovered.This was fathoms deep in each characters life and the puzzle to discover the missing girl added so much to the story Excellent reading putting Rebus at the top of my list after Morse The only wish I have is that the author divide each chapter into several chapters.

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    This didn t work out for me I figured I could get a good introduction to this series with this audiobook version, which has all the high quality production values you would expect from a BBC radio presentation It does project you into the dialogues and settings with a lot of atmospheric sounds, but I found the approach distracting I learn that audiobooks work better at emulating the reading experience without trying to become a poor man s TV version Also, I learned this was a condensed version, so God knows what I missed The case of a missing daughter of an investment banker has Inspector John Rebus and his eager, young female partner, Siobhan, working themselves to exhaustion from the smallest of clues about her life When the body is found, a miniature coffin with a doll in it is a concrete clue, but quite baffling Contacts with his partner on a computer gaming site by the Quizmaster provides another line of clues in the form of riddles Naturally, a body is found, then , and the coffins multiply I am not fond of plots involving cat and mouse scenarios with a twisted trickster as the murderer That was done well long ago with The Deaf Man nemesis in Ed McBain s 87th Street Precinct series And so many other tales from Sherlock Holmes to James Patterson With a writer like Nesbo the pathology behind the criminal mind becomes a fascinating focus, but that is not the case here.On the other hand, I did appreciate the Edinburgh setting and getting engaged with Rebus character He is warm and dedicated with an ironic and jaded perspective on the base motivations and stupidity of many colleagues in the police force He has a great dynamic with his bright young partner, and you root for him to overcome his loneliness in the face of his failed love relationships and sense of getting old I ll have to give the series another chance

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    Rankin, , , 2001 Siobhan e mail laptop.

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    Another great Rebus book, the mean moody and uncontrollable Scottish detective Great storyline and characters once again, only what I expect from Ian Rankin I would recommend this book.

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    Not my favorite Rebus novel where s the snappy dialogue the incisive, witty description instead the strength of the novel is the full throttle plot Rebus and Siobhan investigate the death of a young socialite and find themselves knee deep in hand made miniature coffins with dolls in them and an online role playing game run by the mysterious Quizmaster These oddities make the mystery stand out and keep propelling the reader forward, even when the writing falls flat It s like the novel needs a final polish.Rankin also fails to nail the landing the ending tries to tie up too many loose ends too quickly and details get lost How did the smarmy journalist get all his info on the members of the police dept How does Flip s friend fit into the mystery and the solutions are apparent from the beginning especially the one to the older crimes And yet I ll still read a Rankin novel any day of the week.Interesting side note I finished this novel in Berkeley, CA, and happened to walk into the main half price bookstore in the center of town The mystery shelf was stockedexcept for Rankin novels They only had his collection of short stories Next to where his work would have been there was a sign Need Ian Rankin novels Will pay top He was only one of two writers whose work the store put up desperate signs for.

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    It s been about a year since I read my last Rebus mystery and I m sorry it s taken me so long to read the next, The Falls I can t recall when I ve enjoyed a mystery Rebus and the gang are involved trying to solve the disappearance of a young woman, the gang including Siobhan Clark, Ellen Wylie, and new boss, Gill Templer Rebus is looking at his life, as always, trying to sell his flat, see a potential new lady friend, fend off Templer s attempts to make him see a doctor, while investigating the disappearance He finds similarities to old cases and heads down past byways, while Siobhan is investigating a computer based role playing game that the missing girl was involved with, meaning involvement with a cryptic online Quizmaster The story was so well crafted and presented and I just enjoyed getting involved with Rebus, his life and his friends It s nice about these stories that Ian Ranking takes the time to develop the characters of those around Rebus and to get them deeply involved in the cases as well Excellent and most enjoyable read.

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    Lots of good writing, with a strong emphasis on locale and character John Rebus is one of my favorite characters in crime fiction That said, I found the story predictable, and the ending was not a surprise I d even call it secondary if Rankin hadn t spent hundreds of convoluted pages trying to give the novel legs The Falls is worth reading to see how Rankin continues to develop a wonderfully flawed character, as Rebus own sense of mortality he s now in his mid 50s becomes increasingly near, but overall the story is so so.