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Horror Unleashed Book Two in Micky Neilson's top rated horror series Intended for mature audiences Note Whisper Lake is a preuel to The Turning Despite this it is the author's intention that The Turning be read before Whisper LakeThe year is 1991 Jason Emblock a US soldier in Ira is sent back home to the small town of Whisper Lake after a vicious animal attack But the beast that bit him was no ordinary animal Now Jason is becoming aware of the changes enhanced hearing and sense of smell even as he reconnects with his lover Celine Armistead and seeks to confront his childhood friend CJ who tried to force himself on Celine while Jason was awayCJ's life has its own complications drug addiction and a strained affiliation with the violent drug trafficker Boil whose schemes threaten to destroy Whisper LakeBut the deadliest threat may not come from Boil; because the beast within Jason is about to slip its leash

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    I received a free copy for my honest reviewI love the way this preuel gives us some backstory to the characters we’ve already met in The Turning There’s a lot of action in this story and I hate how long it took me to be able to get through it because I love the mix of thriller and werewolf similar to what the author gave us a taste of in book one It’s definitely an interesting combination This story follows Jason after a werewolf attack as he struggles to recover and blend back into the world The way the POV switches characters with each chapter which helps to power along the narrative especially when Boil the villain in this tale is introduced This story really works at the realness of the characters giving them a depth that leaves the reader with no choice but to cheer them onward This book I would definitely recommend to fans of The Turning and to anyone who enjoys a good werewolf story

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    Micky Neilson’s preuel Whisper Lake adds a lot of depth to protagonist Jason After returning home from Ira Jason discovers not all is well with himself and with his girlfriend and best friend My favorite part of any horror book is when the characters start to discover that something’s not right Neilson does this particularly well as Jason begins to realize something is wrong with him Read The Turning first and then dive into Whisper Lake You won’t be disappointed

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    Kept me on the edge of my seatAfter reading The Turning I wondered if this the preuel would be as good and it was It delivered on every level page after page Convincing characters realism a solid plot sex violence gore This had it all I can't wait to read the seuel

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    Disclosure I received an advanced unedited copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewOverall I thought the book was a fast read While this book is a preuel the author’s intent is that it is read after The Turning Having already The Turning reading the preuel second does not confuse the story at all Some of the references and mysteries of The Turning start to unravel in Whisper Lake We learn about Celine’s back story as well as Ghost’s The Turning left us with uite the cliff hanger and Whisper Lake’s revelations only leaves me wanting to know I really look forward to book 3

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    Took me a long time to read this one because life kept interrupting me But the book kept pulling me back in I wanted to know what happened Can't wait to read the next one

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    This story mixes together crime bosses drug dealing and werewolves It's full of excitement and I loved meeting some of the characters who were only mentioned in The Turning By the end the action level is so high that it's impossible to stop reading Give it a try

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    Great bookI believe this book was even better than the first A werewolf book with a little twist and characters you could feel for

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    When I devoured Micky Neilson previous book The Turning I couldn’t put it down It was a solid throwback to old school wolf lore with a few fresh twists and Whisper Lake is no different Jason Emblock begins his story like most protagonists in this subgenre as the victim of a vicious attack that nearly kills him From there he returns to his hometown to recover and deals with the burdens that he now has to bear In fact the characters’ struggle to accept the fallout from their decisions is a consistent running theme throughout the story and it serves the narrative well The overall tone of Whisper Lake differs from that of The Turning in that the latter was a suspenseful cat and mouse game centered on the POVs of no than three major characters and uick vignettes of minor ones Whisper Lake puts the spotlight on a wider array of actors on the stage With that being said no one player is lost in the game From our tragic hero Jason to our stubborn survivor Celine to the troubled CJ every character is fully realized and given ample attention While the narrative changes POV from chapter to chapter it’s never confusing and always compelling The author treats everyone as an essential portion of the story There’s no gristle here; everything serves the narrativeThe main antagonist greasy crime boss Boil is a far different villain than the calculating Alexander of The Turning Boil is a physically repulsive sleazeball who has the gift of gab and knows how to whip a crowd up into a frenzy He bypasses traditional channels of PR and presents himself directly as a man of the people Despite his facade Boil is not a gentleman and accepts zero responsibility for his actions The current political relevance of this antagonist whether intentional on the author’s part or not made me loathe him with a passion Neilson has a gift for crafting great villains and Boil is right on the moneyWhile Whisper Lake is a werewolf tale at it’s core it avoids treading the same worn moonlit path done in werewolf stories past by interweaving its lycanthropy with high drama and elements of crime thriller While we see the same struggle between humanity and primal desires that we’ve seen since The Wolfman the protagonists and an antagonist mirror the same conflict in non wolf related decisions Interestingly enough Whisper Lake takes a fresh turn in wolf lore making connections with an ancient Babylonian goddess The symptoms are the same insatiable lust and ravenous hunger with ultra violent urges and the heightening of the senses to a primal level Nielson has again made a slightly different but fitting contribution to the werewolf mythosThere is a point early in the story in which it’s revealed that a female character had terminated her pregnancy some time in her past I want to take a moment to sing praises about the delicacy with which abortion was discussed in Whisper Lake The character who had terminated her pregnancy was neither a hero nor a villain as a result of it and when a friend came to her asking for advice for a similar situation she gave the best advice she could which was to relate her own experience and say that it was the right decision for her at the time She offered the most important thing she could in such a situation her support Kudos to Neilson for treating the issue with finesse and not exploiting it for sensation Considering the themes of the book bearing the burden of conseuences and accepting responsibility for the things that happen in one’s life this bit of backstory makes sense and gives a fair bit of insight into the character’s decisions later onWhisper Lake delivers the goods and expands upon elements hinted at in its predecessor I heartily recommend this book to readers who enjoyed The Turning and anyone who fancies a taut bit of wolf lore by extension 55 stars

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    4 StarsEven though this is the second book of The Turning series everything that happens in this book happened before book 1 Whisper Lake tells the story of Celine and Jason and how the werewolf curse got started Ginny Bowman isn't even mentioned in this one I would suggest reading this one first and book one second Both books gets 4 Stars hope the next one finishes Ginny's story

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    Great storyThe storyline was great There was plenty of action and gore I liked the 2 main characters and their story The supporters characters added to the story and I was engaged in their stories too Great read