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Some long dead secrets are best kept buriedIt was meant to be just a small remodeling project to Amanda's historic bed and breakfast like so many she'd done before This time though she hadn't counted that a mysterious discovery could lead to her small Oregon beach town buzzing with gossip and innuendo and someone just in the shadows who will stop at almost nothing to keep the past as silent as the grave

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    I started reading Carolyn L Dean's cozy mystery series over two years ago but I hadn't been able to get back to it for a long time After the holidays I bought the next five books and committed to read one per month in 2018 until I caught up I'm finally back to reading them and picked up with Sea Sky Skeleton the fourth book this week It was like a nice welcome home reminding me what I'd missed I enjoy Dean's easy writing style colorful characters and clever settingsI read the Kindle version in my iPad in about 90 minutes as it's only 150 pages Amanda runs a BB but it's in need of repairs She finds cash on the beach then a dead body Given she still hasn't gotten the friendliest of welcomes from all the townspeople she keeps trying to win them over She's almost there I look forward to the day they name her mayorI enjoyed the plot of the story and the development of the characters It comes together nicely in the end with a cute little bow too My only concern is that two scenes were rushed relatively uickly and while they helped draw out the killer I would have loved another 30 pages of background and setting to help round it out to a perfect read Minor item tho as I still enjoy the dialogue and rapport between Mrs Granger Jennifer and Amanda I'm also very intrigued by her boyfriend's family so many siblings something has to happen in the future

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    Great new installment in the seriesI've been enjoying this series so much and seeing Amanda and James dating or hanging out as well as becoming closer The killer came as a total surprise to me There's also a new very likeable character named Petunia who owns of course a flower shop Mrs Granger always cracks me up too Needless to say I've pre ordered the next book

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    Great book in a series of great booksI have loved this series from the beginning and it keeps getting better Dean has a taken the main character and the town characters to new heights and lows The plots are extremely well written If you are looking for fun and exciting can my activities you might consider having a family reading night with this series These mysteries will appeal to must ages but that's just my opinion Happy reading

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    Nice readThis time Amanda finds the skeletal remains of a human hand After some investigation it turns out the hand belonged to a local criminal who had gone missing The book has a lot of interesting twists and the suspect is someone I didn't even think of Great read couldn't put it down

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    Love this mystery seriesI have e enjoyed this series with the main character being smart and resourceful A nice setting on the Oregon coast with many interesting characters

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    another tricky mystery really good

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    Again I say when you get into a series it is fun to get to know the characters So glad that James and Amanda finally got together and the murderer in this one was a twist I hope others enjoy

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    This is another great cozy mystery series that I just love

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    The Ravenwood Cove Series is DelightfulThis series is such a delight to read because you are swept up in the small town people and Amanda working so hard at getting her inherited mansion now a Bed and Breakfast repaired and opened for guests Of course there are a few murders along the way with a lot of suspense All the better for making a fun read Can't wait for the next book to come out

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    A good continuation of the Ravenwood Cove series The rainy season in the Pacific Northwest and Amanda is continuing the work on the Inn This time it is an absolute necessity in that the main staircase is full of dry rot James is not around much because his father has a stroke and he is helping on the family ranch Amanda stumbles over a new mystery and the tale goes from there