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Deception2 StarsAmanda Quick is one of my absolute favorite historical romance authors Unfortunately, this is not a stellar example of her work in fact, it is exactly the opposite While many of Quick s heroines are eccentric bluestockings, Olympia Wingfield is the first whose naivet reaches a completely new level of idiocy as she has one TSTL moment after another The hero, Jared Ryder, has incredible potential as a disfigured and lonely soul in desperate need of love and companionship Sadly, his lust at first sight obsession with Olympia is incomprehensible given his characterization as a sensible and logical man as opposed to her scatter brained nature The mystery surrounding the diary that contains clues to a missing treasure is intriguing however, like the romance, it is underdeveloped and there is little to no tension or suspense involved in the Da Vinci Code like search In sum, definitely not one of Quick s better efforts The romance is downright odd with an ill suited couple, ridiculously worded sex scenes and a convoluted mystery that is resolved easily and unsatisfactorily Skip this one and read Ravished instead. Over heated prose and a campy story line both which I can deal with What I can t deal with is the one eyed hero That s right One eye Given how much of romance involves the look in his eyes melting, smoldering, glacial, hawk like, etc all dependent on whether or not he s making love or felling bad guys this presents some challenges The look in his eye is just not going to cut it AQ settles for things like the fierce light in his one eyed gaze Enh I don t know In a romance world of flowing haired, steely thewed, god like stud muffins, you ve got to admire her for trying to rock an eye patch In theory, I m on board In practice, if we must have a damaged hero, give him a limp and a childhood trauma. Utterly charming We have a bookish heroine, a dog, three busy boys, and a rakish yet stuff hero.There are all sorts of hidden gems of delight in this ruckus adventure romance Most profoundly, it shows characters who are open minded and good hearted and yet fierce in their love. As many know, Quick has a standard formula for her early novels spunky, intelligent heroine meets dark, brooding man that needs to her liven him up The hero also usually has A Past This book did not deviate from that formula, and while I enjoyed other books that fit this mold see Ravished and Seduction , I did not care for this one First of all, the dialogue is ridiculous Sing for me siren, Jared always says when he and Olympia are in intimate situations I counted Jared s use of siren on one page, and it number 15 As one other reviewer stated, you shouldn t laugh when the characters are about to get it on I did Numerous times Additionally, Olympia drove me bat shit crazy Usually Quick s heroines are intelligent, maybe a touch clueless, but not downright dumb At times Olympia s distracted air and Sweet Innocence made her seem like a nitwit I get it she loves researching lost treasure or something and thinks she s a woman of the world However, does that also mean she must say the most ridiculous things I had no idea what Jared saw in her He seems to find her attractive and thinks her disregard of household concerns to be charming Though, I fail to see how it s charming to be unconcerned about finances and the proper way of raising 3 young boysJared Ryder did not appear to be much of a character either Olympia appreciates his managerial style and thinks he s Super Dreamy, but that s it And, really, did he have to have a freakin eye patch An EYE PATCH If you re going to write a character with an eye patch, at least make it interesting So rarely did characters mention the eye patch that I started wondering if it was standard attire in 19th century England Jared also seems blithely unconcerned that he has vision out of only one eye There is no hint of any struggles he may have had physically or emotionally over the loss of his eye In fact, he single handedly defeats villains in knife fights with no problem Having a hero with only one eye could have been fascinating, but instead it seems to have been used as a convenient prop to make characters comment that he looks like a pirate Granted, I know the focus of the novel was not Jared s struggles with his loss of the eye and it happened an undetermined number of years ago, but it still seemed like a ridiculous choice on Quick s part SIDE NOTE If you want to read an historical romance about a hero who has to overcome physical challenges, try Yours Until Dawn by Teresa Medeiros or To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt Finally, the mystery was not even done well The diary was either brought up in a nonchalant manner or in a OMG we re in immediate danger and can t you hear the dramatic music to signal something bad is going to happen kind of way For fans of Quick s standard formula of writing a historical romance there are definitely better options than Deception. 112 for 2018Genre Historical Romance Re Read December 14, 2017An oldie but a goodie.Re read March 27, 2017I consider books of this ilk to be one of my guilty pleasures It was just as enjoyable as ever.Re read August 2018I read this off and on while I was searching for something good to read. The kids were cute I lol d If I see the word siren again my brain will explode.also, ye gads, the overwrought prose Someone needs to give Amanda Quick a thesaurus, so she can figure out other ways to say passion. Immensely wealthy viscount falls in love with scholarly, absent minded lady, poses as the tutor of her 3 unruly nephews, and has sex with her, all in the first fifty pages The rest of the book is a slap dash whirl of euphemistic sex scenes, non sensical schemes, and laughable dialog and characterization The one point in this book s favor is that it has not one, but two lesbian couples, both of whom live perfectly nice lives and are perfectly ordinary, nice people But don t be drawn in by the promise of a Sapphic regency, as I was This book is a paint by the numbers job, and not worth opening the front cover. From A Cozy Cottage In Rustic Dorset To A Magnificent Mansion Steeped In Secrets Comes A Dazzling Tale Of Lost Pirate Gold And Legendary Love Once Olympia Wingfield Had Been Free To Devote All Her Time To Her True Passion The Study Of Ancient Legends And Long Lost Treasure But Now, With Three Hellion Nephews To Raise, The Absentminded Beauty Has Very Little Time For Research Which Makes It Seem All The Serendipitous When A Handsome Stranger Strides Into Olympia S Library Unannounced And Proceeds To Set Her World To Rights Tall And Dark, With Long, Windswept Black Hair, Jared Ryder, Viscount Chillhurst, Is The Embodiment Of Olympia S Most Exotic Dreams A Daring Pirate, Masquerading In Teacher S Garb, Whose Plundering Kisses And Traveler S Tales Quickly Win Her Heart Yet All Too Soon Innocent Olympia Will Discover That The Enigmatic And Wickedly Sensual Chillhurst Is No Lowly Tutor, But A Future Earl With A Wealth Of Secrets The Kind That Will Lead Them Both On A Perilous Quest For Hidden Fortune And A Love Worth Than Gold