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This is the Original Cover Edition for ASIN B01LZ5X8J Amanda Graham should be happy with her newly inherited historic inn a fat cat named Oscar and living in a small Oregon beach town but a terrible discovery between the dunes on the coast and she’s right back in the soup trying to solve a murder and save her friend Sure maybe he was such a rotten person he deserved to die but as secrets start to be revealed Amanda is drawn deeper into danger and intrigue With a harvest festival looming and tourists starting to come back to visit figuring out how and why he died is the best way to protect the town and her sweet friend She’s turned her back on LA and life in a gray office cubicle so her best bet is to dig in and fight for her new hometown Includes the free recipe for gluten free blueberry coffeecake Second novel in the Ravenwood Cove ebook series Paperback and audiobook with Whispersync versions coming soon Mild PG rating because hey there's a dead guy in it

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    3 12 stars to Carolyn L Dean's Dune Dock and a Dead Man the second book in her Ravenwood Cove cozy mystery series While I found the first book a little better this one was also good and helps bring structure and appeal to the series I like the main character and she's starting to settle into Ravenwood Cove with ease driving change in all the areas that were needed in the tourism starved town Story Amanda Graham has started making friends in Ravenwood Cove and this time she finds two friends who need help with men who won't leave them alone Jennifer the woman whose father saved Amanda in book 1 is having trouble with the mob trying to locate information her father hid before he died Meg Amanda's best friend is having trouble with a man she met from an online dating site who is harassing her When one of the men turns up dead and the other potentially has a connection to the him the town is in an uproar As Amanda cozies up to James the detective she's been flirting with she gets access to police information But when she starts finding connection to many of her new friends and the core families of the town she's concerned she may be close to the killer When she puts all the clues together one of the villains attacks her and the other admits hisher guilt and willingly goes off to jail What's crime hunting coming to these days??? Strengths The town's setting and core families are filling out and readers get to know who's who in this release Relationships are forming and future plots are likely being assembledI like how the two plots weave in and out throughout the story You think you've figured it out then you are confused The primary one was complex There were two obvious leads both of which you find yourself leaning towards then you realize different people had different pasts with the deceased and a likely motive Suggestions As complex as it was for a cozy take it further Add another 60 to 75 pages and draw out the mystery just a bit so we feel fully engagedTell us about the uncle's secrets It was mysterious in book 1 and I'd hoped it would keep growing but no mention in book 2 Bring it back Final Thoughts I like the series and it's a good filler as an e read in between physical books Easy to get thru in 2 hours I like the author's style About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by

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    This one was much less realistic than the first one I know this is kind of typical for cozies but this one was so unrealistic that I just couldn't wrap my head around it Overall it was just ok for me

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    This Trump crap is still out of control so yeah I read the second book in this series Again it was fine got to me to relax a little which was the point

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    Second book in the series and took me a year to come back to this seriesNot sure why as loved the first book and this one was almost as goodGreat characters and a good whodunnit made fun by the fact that many of the suspects are characters you are getting to know well Could one of them be the murderer??Bring on Book 3

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    Kindle Unlimited too simplistic in places too unbelievable in others too convoluted andor wordy andor unnecessary in others A Ravenwood Cove Mystery series1 BED BREAKFAST and BONES 2 DUNE DOCK and a DEAD MAN 3 MISTLETOE MOONLIGHT and MURDER 4 SEA SKY and SKELETON 5 TIME TIDE and TROUBLE out soon

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    Great mysteryA small town in Oregon on the ocean is a perfect place for mystery and suspense James and Amanda are slowly falling in love while trying to solve two problems in Ravenswood One is a murder that is perplexing

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    Nice escape to the PNW Thanks for taking us to Ravenwood Cove I enjoyed the book and the mini vacation I am taking with your books during my break Keep on writing

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    Rating PG Children wouldn't be interestedNo sex but references to one character suspected of rapeOnly one incidence I think of strong language Good presentations of characters needing to choose between what's morally or ethically right and wanting to spare another's feelings or avoid an uncomfortable confrontationThe story loses one star because the first chapter rehashes in a rather confusing way too much of book #1 in the series which I hadn't read Throughout the story references to the first book may have spoiled that one for me If I can borrow it for free on Prime I may read it anywayWriting style Mostly uite good except occasionally when I wanted to hand the writer a thesaurus to help out with a sentence that might be similar to The sunset was really pretty Other times descriptions and dialog were faultlessPlot Well conceived I'm not particularly good at guessing whodunit and though the clues and foreshadowing were there I did not guess Mystery no spoiler here Who would have had motive and opportunity to kill the person found out by the dock? How was it done?Characters Likable I appreciate that the older characters were not presented as doddering or fairly incompetent nor were the younger ones wide eyed and naive The main character was not the stereotypical amateur sleuth who sees and intuits than the authorities I'd be willing to read another but I'd sure be careful to read them in orderDefinitely light reading If you like cozy mysteries you'll probably like this one

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    This is the second book in the Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery series and I have to confess I've enjoyed the first two books much than I expected to Carolyn L Dean's writing style is warm and inviting and the portrait of a small coastal Oregon town full of charming and uirky characters makes this book and the first in the series charming with or without a mystery to be solved I started the Joanne Fluke series a few months ago on the recommendation of many friends and have struggled to connect with any of the characters and even though the same stock characters the girlfriends the handsome detective the other small town characters appear in the Ravenwood books for some reason they're just so much likeable and 3 dimensional That being said the plot is formulaic but hey that's what you expect with cozies but the charm and warmth than make up for it With this second book my only complaint is that I felt the author could have used a good story editor one character's original back story didn't fit in with details that were revealed further along in the book It was a small thing but it detracted from the story and could have easily been fixed with a good editor But other than that it was an enjoyable cozy misery and I look forward to getting to know the characters and the town better in the next one

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    I enjoyed the first book in this series to some level but unfortunately I was dissapointed by the second one1hr51m was way too short for me and I skimmed alotI doubt detectives would discuss cases so openly with civilians but I could have still looked past thatview spoilerAgain nothing happens between the H and h in this book either except for at the 94% mark where they kiss for the first time At this rate they will probably move to second base by the time I've read the last book in the series view spoilerI know it is not a romance and a murder mystery but come on There was so much opportunity to make this better I found this book a bit boring for my taste and will probably not bother with the rest hide spoiler