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Lucy Is Seventeen When She Discovers That She Is The Latest Recipient Of A Generations Old Family Curse That Requires Her To Complete Three Seemingly Impossible Tasks Or Risk Falling Into Madness And Passing The Curse On To The Next Generation Unlike Her Ancestors, Though, Lucy Has Family, Friends, And Other Modern Resources To Help Her Out But Will It Be Enough To Conquer This Age Old Evil A Beautifully Wrought Modern Fairy Tale From Master Storyteller And Award Winning Author Nancy Werlin Inspired By The Classic Folk Ballad Scarborough Fair, This Is A Wonderfully Riveting And Haunting Novel Of Suspense, Romance, And Fantasy

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    OK so I read this bizarre interview over on Teen Reads where I thought Nancy Werlin was a certified kook sort of made me want to read it because I knew I d hate it I realize there is something wrong with me to have these sorts of thoughts When I arrived home that night, I discovered I had an ARC of the book I must have grabbed at the Book Expo Onto reading I went Surprise me, kooky lady Make this book actually GOOD Sorry, Nancy did not surprise me This is basically sort of like Magic or Madness but not as well written and without the ADORABLE Geez Larbalestier brings the adorable NOTES 1 Ohhhhmigosh high doesn t mean drinking from a flask, writer lady It means HIGH as in DRUGS.2 I should really have stopped reading this book because I found it irritating and not very good, but the story itself according to the back cover and that interview I read was so intriguing to me again, in a very Magic s Child way that I kept going Masochist Perhaps.3 Many random scattered sloppy POVs All read in the same voice.4 Taking a page out of the Stephenie Meyer book of how to not write anything too challenging, lazy Werlin had lots of key scenes happen offscreen.5 Did you know marriage is LITERALLY HOLY Even when you are teenagers only getting married to do some legal loopholey shit to prepare for the Elfin Knight to try to use magic rape on your unborn child in the future WELL NOW YOU DO.6 I hate Mary Sues forever and ever.7 Hey did you also know if you have any problems with your inlaws a baby will magically fix all of them It s a really great lesson for girls whose boyfriends parents don t like them much.8 I swear there s a scene where a dude acts jealous of a mannequin and then gets an erection unrelated.9 This quote about marriage which I will just type out for you He felt animal He felt mated 10 Totally also must have read Breaking Dawn because a character who had no desire for a baby AND WHO TALKED HYPOTHETICALLY ABOUT ENCOURAGING SOMEONE ELSE TO GET AN ABORTION is all nooooooo I could never get rid of my unborn child even though I am only seventeen and got magic raped by the Elfin Knight and I could end this whole frigging family curse by a TOTALLY LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE.I m gonna have to read a shitload of Meg Cabot to get over this one.

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    I have to admit that my expectations for his book weren t too high It has received mixed reviews and in general, I just don t like novels dealing with teen pregnancy that much But the fact that Impossible is based on a version of the folk song Scarborough Fair and the three almost impossible tasks it poses intrigued me enough to give it a try Now I have to say that the part of the story that revolved around the song and its mystery was the only thing that kept me reading until the end.I simply could not relate to the characters in this novel Somehow, they were all too understanding, too perfect and too accepting of what happened to them Always exceeding expectations with how supporting they were.Most of all, Lucy This girl has had to endure so much She was raped by someone she considered a friend, and then finds out only weeks later that she is pregnant and will likely go mad after giving birth to her child Nevertheless, there is not one moment where she is furious or angry She accepts her fate unnaturally quickly and is even inclined to forgive her rapist Also, she never once considers not having the child I mean, she is seventeen, about to start her senior year in high school, she was raped and there is a 90% chance that she will go insane when she gives birth Yet, she never doubts I can fully understand that somebody would decide against an abortion, but to not even consider it in her situation Additionally, we have her long time friend, Zach A nineteen year old college student Who suddenly declares his undying love view spoiler and asks Lucy to marry him So they marry Really, I was reading passages in this book, simply thinking Are you totally nuts Why would you do something like that And why has it to be portrayed like the marriage makes everything better Like it is the idea for a seventeen year old and a nineteen year old to marry in the given situation I mean, okay, they are childhood friends and have known each other for a long time But they have never had a relationship They never even kissed before the proposal Yet, everything works out fine Renting a house or buying a car is not a problem Even Zach s parents, who aren t too fond of the idea at the beginning, will eventually, when the baby is there, see that it is for the best Sorry, but this is just not something I can understand hide spoiler

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    This is the first time that I ve written the kind of book I most love to read.

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    Let s call a spade a spade, and add Impossible to the ever increasing list of YA books that lead young girls astray by glorifying harrowing life altering situations Like Stephanie Meyer before her, Nancy Werlin is flaunting teen pregnancy as a shortlist way to a happy ending with your very own prince charming Worse, she piles on rape for good measure I m appalled.No one can accuse me of not being able to suspend my reality Present me a book containing a malicious, wanting fairy, who curses a long line of women out of spite, and I will buy into it tenfold I can even accept a heroine who doesn t find it difficult to suspend her own belief when presented with said fairy, but what I do find difficult, nay impossible, to accept is that an intelligent, logical, 17 year old girl, with a bright future ahead of her, not being devastated by being raped Lucy doesn t hole up, doesn t act out, doesn t shy away from physical contact, nothing She even immediately expresses forgiveness for her rapist Further, she is immediately accepting when she discovers only weeks later that she is pregnant Never once does she express one iota of blame, shame or guilt, all of which are standard emotions for rape victims to express Never once, does Lucy display contempt for what was done to her, nor does she ever consider, even for a fleeting moment, not having the baby, and I m sorry, but that is just too much What we have here is blatant agenda pushing, and it makes me want to vomit Sadly, this manipulated characterization isn t even the worst fallacy contained in Impossible.I wanted to rip my hair out when this tragic event was used as fodder for an ill illusioned love story Blasphemous How many 19 year old boys would have it in them, not only to cope with a raped best friend, but a pregnant one Not only does Zach cope, he proposes marriage This dumbass actually believes that it is intelligent to marry someone he hasn t even kissed, so that he can make all her worries about the evil fairy, not being a pregnant teenager disappear A 19 year old, who is just completing his freshman year at college, with only a part time construction job to his name, is going to marry this burden Yeah right Sadly, for the intents of this story, Werlin not only paints this as a romantic gesture, but as a wise decision as well Show of hands, how many of you know a professor who miraculously decided to spend a year abroad and therefore, is willing to loan you his house free of charge How many of you have been able to secure a car loan with no credit, school loans, and only a part time job to your name Lucy even mentions being on her foster parent s insurance, so we readers are supposed to assume healthcare isn t an issue either, however, what Werlin fails to mention is that since her heroine has decided to get married, any help that her legal guardian s could provide on that end ceased the second she said I Do Granted, legislature has recently passed allowing any dependent 26 or younger to remain on their parents insurance, even if they are married, but that lovely bill won t take effect until 2011 And what mid wife mother, foster or no, sends a new co worker to fetch her raped daughter s prescription for Plan B This book is just chock full of bullshit I just don t have it in me to express proper contempt for this story, but publishers of such works should be ashamed There is nothing romantic about the emotional hardships, prejudice, and financial struggle that Lucy and Zach will face were they actual people rather than characters in a charade This book is disturbing on so many levels, ugh, just ugh.

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    I know three stars isn t the most helpful rating in the world, but I just feel like parts of this book were worth at least four and other parts made me want to abandon it completely It will suit a few people s tastes perfectly, I m sure, but I wouldn t rush out to recommend it to the masses.The story is based upon the old folk song Scarborough Fair , a song I am very familiar with because my nanna used to sing it to me all the time In it a series of impossible tasks are proposed by the listener s former lover, if the tasks are completed he will take her back Impossible uses this idea in a modern setting, with the protagonist Lucy trying to break the curse that has plagued the women of her family for as long as anyone can remember They are each destined to become pregnant at eighteen and, upon birth of the child who is always female, they succumb to madness The only way this can be avoided is to perform the impossible tasks.I thought the paranormal aspect of the novel was the weakest and I didn t care for it You see all that I wrote about the story in the last paragraph You can also read this in the goodreads description, on , on the back of the book so why does the first hundred and pages treat it like it s a mystery I know there s got to be some time for the protagonist to discover what is going on but, because the reader already knows where the story is going, I could predict each chapter before it arrived and I was thinking of giving up early on.For me, the curse should not be explained in the description, it sucks the enjoyment out of most of the first half well, nearly of the book The novel s strength comes from the development of character relationships and how the people stand together to overcome this hardship It makes me tempted to try out some of the author s realistic fiction like The Rules of Survival and just forget about her paranormal stuff.

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    I wish I had thought of making a curse out of a song, that is an awesome idea and obviously worked for this novel I can t believe I didn t even know that Scarborough Fair the song existed before this Since reading this book I ve listened to many versions of the song, and it is very enchanting but also kind of eerie Perfect for a curse.One of the best qualities of this story is that Lucy is so likable, and I m glad to see a main character that has support from not only her family but friends as well Too many books always fall into the easy category of making the protagonist come from broken families, it s not that I don t enjoy those stories as well but you get tired of the same formula sometimes.Ok now to gush over Zach He doesn t exist I m pretty sure in real life, but I was glad he was in the story Zach Greenfield was the epitome of sweetness Without him Lucy probably wouldn t have been able to have a real chance in defeating the curse Obviously he is a key player in how things pan out.Now for the villain, Pradraig, he was perfect Way attractive but at the same time you know his trouble Watch out for the guys with those Irish and Scottish accent girls I know it s tempting but we must resist I had to knock off a star though because it was a tad bit too cheesy for my liking Cheesy is fine at times but I think we could have done without some of it here Don t get me wrong though I really thought the story was original and delivered the message that with true love things can happen.

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    Impossible is the story of an ordinary teenage girl Or so it would seem Lucy is seventeen Ready for her first date and her first trip to the prom In a white dress, a candy necklace, and taking a big risk by wearing red hightops for irony.But the Lucy at the beginning of the book has no idea what risk is.And after the prom, her entire world is different A place where curses exist And shirts from the boy next door are magical shields And letters from your mother can be the answer to whether you survive Even if your mother is literally crazy.An engaging blend of old world fantasy within a modern day setting And with plenty of intrigue and romance to keep you flipping pages.

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    Wow, this is some bad writing I picked up this book based on it s high ratings, and interesting premise I had never read anything by Nancy Werling before, and I doubt I will again The story itself is not too bad, but it, and all the characters are so underdeveloped that rather than pulling you into the world of the story, you are left aware that it is a bit far fetched and reaching The writing itself is clumsy and occasionally grammatically questionable if not incorrect The switching back and forth of POVs sometimes even in the same paragraph is not handled well and is therefore at times annoying and at others, confusing Plus, all the characters sound exactly the same No one has a distinctive or even remotely authentic sounding voice As someone who loves YA, sci fi, paranormal, folklore, mystery, and thriller stories,I would say you can find something much better to spend your time with than this.

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    I vacillated between 2 stars and 3 stars in my rating I ended up giving it 2 stars since 2 stars indicated it was ok and 3 stars indicated I liked it , and I can t say that I wholeheartedly did Really, I wanted to love this book, because quite frankly the premise for Werlin writing it was very cool I love authors who create a story out of an well known object like a painting shout out here to Tracy Chevalier or, in the case of Impossible, an old folk ballad Scarborough Fair I ve loved that old Simon Garfunkel tune since I was a kid, and didn t realize there were so many variations to the ballad.Werlin was definitely on to something here, but for me, she lost it in her approach to this novel IMO, I think she was trying too hard to merge both the magical aspect and the realistic aspect of the plot together Due to the fact that you re dealing with an elfin knight , a centuries old curse, and seemingly impossible tasks to complete, I would have enjoyed the novel had it rested heavily on the fantasy aspect and less on trying to fit it into a contemporary YA book I just didn t buy into Lucy and Zach s relationship and eventual marriage, nor the way Lucy s family just accepted the curse and the tasks at hand Too much suspension of disbelief for my taste.Not a horrible book by any means, and certainly entertaining enough to keep you reading to find out what happens, but it could have been much, much better IMO.

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    This book pleasantly surprised me I ve heard many good things about Werlin s other works, but Impossible received mixed reviews from my reading buddies The book started out rocky for me too, at about page 70 I was ready to retire it and move on to something else The tone of the book sort of a fairy tale flare in describing events set in a contemporary world, the mix of folklore with reality, the fantastical madness, the Elfin Knight, the basis of the novel on a folklore song I ve never heard of Scarborough Fair before, BTW , the rape, the pregnancy all that seemed like too much of a stretch to me, too weird However, after taking a break from the book, I continued on and ended up being completely taken by the story Even the tone of it grew on me I liked the portrayal of love in the book, both family love and romantic love, the idea of unity against evil and ultimate triumph of love over any kind of adversity both real and supernatural There was a lot of intensity and passion in Werlin s writing, a lot of skill So much so, that in spite of the fact that the fairy tale ending was totally predictable, she still managed to keep me in suspense and angst over the outcome until the very end I realize this book is definitely not a crowd pleaser, and it probably won t be the one that I recommend to most of my friends, but I totally fell in love with this modern day fairy tale with all its weirdness And I will definitely read books written by Nancy Werlin.