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We are stardust Tom Nikos Gazidis is suffering from a strange psychiatric condition he seems to have unwittingly crashed into the consciousness of his boss Committed to an institution for the rich and unstable Nikos is afflicted by the disturbing memories and violent emotions of a man who suffered from an abusive father and a neglectful mother That man Tom feels nothing But when Nikos s sister begins preventing Tom from sharing his memories with his colleague things begin to change Adapted from the acclaimed short story by one of the UK s most gifted writers Stardust Nation is a funny and philosophical graphic novel about memory empathy and how we are all connected

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    We are stardust We are golden We are billion year old carbon And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden Joni Mitchell Woodstock In keeping with Jenna's joking suggestion that I use Joni uotes or songs in as many reviews as possible I decided to do this but not just randomly But Eureka I think that Deborah Levy's title and central concept are clearly based on Joni's Woodstock which is both a call for unitygetting together and imo a melancholy acknowledgement that it won't ever really be uite possible in the way it was hippie romanticized though I still believeOh The story Sawdust Nation is a graphic novel adapted for SelfMade Hero Press by Andrezej Klimowski of a short story by the same name from Levy's Black Vodka about this hard drinking ad exec Tom Banbury who drinks to forget and his colleague Nikos Gazidis Tom says “it is our job to crash into the unconscious of the consumer and broadcast a number of messages that end with ‘buy this product'” He's into persuasion to get people to buy things Nick one day finds he has absorbed traumatic memories from Tom’s past and is repeating them back as if they were his ownThis is interesting right? It's a kind of metaphor for empathy for connection vs the rhetorical principle of persuasion which is to win to conuer The two become inextricably connected As Tom says “Don’t be frightened We are all of us breathing in atoms that were once forged in the furnace of a star There are tiny shards of your life inside them and their life is inside you too”Joni's billion year old carbon yep We are all fundamentally interconnected like it or not Cool idea though right? The story as adapted leaves too much out though reuiring you to read Levy's original story which I did and liked a lot to understand some of what Levy intended in riffing off Woodstock the celebration and song It's not so simple finally to get back to the garden for either Levy or Mitchell but it is important to try even if it is hard and uncomfortableJoni in 1970 Woodstock

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    I loved the artwork but the story was a bit ‘meh’ and I am left feeling disappointed

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    I didn’t understand what happened in the short story collection and I didn’t understand what happened in this graphic novel I love Levy with all my heart and soul this just didn’t work for me It’s also not the kind of art that I enjoy

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    I hadn't realised going into this that it was actually adapted from her short story and I don't think I would've noticed either I'd be interested to see the difference A lot of prose authors seem to write a comic with the same approach they use for prose but Stardust Nation does what every good comic should the art and prose are separate and diverging and leave us with than an illustrated short story Writers should learn from Levy and treat it as a uniue form with uniue opportunities If everything else Deborah Levy has written is as elegant as this and Hot Milk then I'm going to read all of it

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    The plot was confined since it's adapted from a short story that must be too brief and vague because this book is as uick a read as you'll see by number of pagesThe art is intentionally messy but that doesn't make me like it any betterIt's one of those you fill it in endings that I HATE

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    Pretty bad Maybe I'm dumb but I'm confused what happened in the end Everything was so vague and messy and unexplained Interesting concept about empathy and absorption but in my opinion it was not fleshed out well

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    Some good panels but overall weird

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    Simplistic art Interesting concept It would not have taken taken much to make this much better than it is

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    Deceptively simple story and a clever treatment resulting in some beautiful individual panels and a thoughtful meditative story in this format I loved it

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    I guess 2 and a half stars It makes sense that it's a short story adaptation cos it seems to be missing a lot the plot seems flimsy I liked the art a lot but the two main characters looked too alike