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Beautiful Mutants Deborah Levy's feverish allegory of a first novel introduces a manipulative and magical Russian exile who summons forth a series of grotesues among them the Poet the Banker and the Anorexic Anarchist Levy explores the anxieties that pervaded the 1980s exile and emigration broken dreams crazed greed and the first seeds of the global financial crisis self destructive desires and the disintegration of cultureIn Swallowing Geography J K like her namesake Jack Kerouac is always on the road traveling Europe with her typewriter in a pillowcase She wanders meeting friends and strangers battling her raging mother and taking in the world through her uniuely irreverent ironic perspective Levy blends fairytale with biting satire pushing at the edges of reality and marveling at where the world collapses in on itselfIn The Unloved a group of hedonistic tourists from Algeria England Poland Germany Italy France and America gathers to celebrate the holidays in a remote French chateau Then a woman is brutally murdered and the sad eerie child Tatiana declares she knows who did it The subseuent inuiry into the death however proves to be of an investigation into the nature of identity love insatiable rage and sadistic desire

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