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Amanda Graham inherited a rundown bed and breakfast a starving cat and some dead guy who’s buried in her garden What should’ve been a simple remodeling project and a new business in a small Oregon beach town winds up with her uncle named as the number one murder suspect a slew of odd neighbors and problematic townspeople and Amanda wanting to just sit down and eat her weight in chocolate pie Sure she could pack her bags and travel back to LAor should she dig in heal from her failed romance and find a whole new set of friends and adventures in Ravenwood Cove? And how could a uiet little coastal village have so many secrets? Includes the free recipe for Amanda’s and the author’s favorite cinnamon rolls First novel in the Ravenwood Cove ebook series Paperback and audiobook with Whispersync versions coming soon Mild PG rating because hey there's a dead guy in it

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    4 stars to Carolyn L Dean's BED BREAKFAST and BONES A Ravenwood Cove Cozy Mystery the first in this series about Amanda Graham's adventures in opening up a bed and breakfast on the coastal shores of Oregon Story When Amanda Graham inherits an old bed and breakfast from her uncle who recently passed away and she ends a relationship with a cheating boyfriend a move from LA to a small sleepy town sounds exactly like what she needs After arriving she uickly learns it's anything but sleepy The new mayor has it out for her the town won't let her re open the inn and a dead body turns up in her garden After getting to know the various villagers Amanda falls in love with Ravenwood Cove but she can't afford to stay unless she can open the inn for business She uickly finds her allies determines who may be out to stop her and solves the mystery of who put the dead body in her garden Along the way she learns her uncle was not a well liked man and she has a mysterious neighbor who has something to hide Strengths For a debut cozy this story sets up a wonderful little town full of good characters and lots of potential for drama conflict and depth The various shop owners' plights make you root for them to survive in a town where tourism is non existent but they have a hope for it to change The history and relationships of all the villagers are intricate and appear to have some traction for future stories Amanda's immediate ties to the town are strong and give you a good sense of why she wants to make this new life workOften in cozies the protagonist talks a lot about how she has no experience in searching for the killer almost to the point of it being too direct; however in this series even though it's obvious she's not trained in detective work Amanda's instinctual skills and talents kick in very naturally I never uestioned why she was searching for the killer because it just happened along the way in a very realistic manner I liked this change in a cozyThe introduction of her potential suitors went well and I'm actually rooting for two men she has interacted with thus far James and his brother Derek It was only a small introduction but fighting over 2 brothers would definitely be a good setup of trouble for the future Suggestions I'd like to know about her uncle and what happened to push him out of the town 8 years ago I'm not sure if this was deliberately left open in book 1 to have a story to reveal in a future book or if this was just not anything of importance but I found myself wanting a stronger and immediate conclusion to this part Final Thoughts This is the first book I've read by this author and I definitely enjoyed it and will read another one soon It has a lot of potential as a debut novel in this series especially with likable characters a strong background and setting to tell a story and a direct plot with some hidden clues and some guess work You can read it in a few hours one afternoon and walk away with a smile and a wish to visit your own sleepy little town But don't go finding your own dead body

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    This was just my type of cozy mystery I loved the town loved all the characters and the mystery wasn't predictable It actually was pretty light on the mystery being about the drama for the MC trying to get her business off the ground But I actually enjoyed it It was interesting to see her fight for her business get to know the townspeople and rally everyone together It was light and fun and I look forward to continuing the series

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    I struggle with Cozy Mysteries I really do The thing is I love the idea of them I love the tropes I love the settings but often than not they just don't work They end up feeling like a Murder She Wrote or Hart to Hart repeat There's nothing wrong with that I know people who love thatbut it isn't me So 2 disappointed stars

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    Although this cozy followed the usual formula used in many of these types of books I found it an enjoyable read The main character was likable and although the writing had some flaws in not enough research was done on some aspects it wasn't anything that detracted too much from the story

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    You have to read this book I just finished one book and started this one Much to my surprise I couldn't put it down Great book about a lady wanting to start over She inherited a bed and breakfast and a buried body Loved it Set up til midnight reading Don't you just hate an author that does that to you Lol Yea Right

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    Bed Breakfast and Bones was a fast read One of my favorite things to do is to go to a Bed Breakfast so it was easy for me to picture the renovation of the BB as described in the book A few twists which just adds to the mystery

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    This novel starts with a woman who needs a change moves to a sleepy small town to claim her inherited bed and breakfast inn set on a beach and is off to a very optimistic start While remodeling the inn to make it presentable again the volunteers from the church are digging around the garden and stumble upon a corpse The newest occupant of the town makes friends and gets familiar with her new neighbors and love interest while trying to clear her family's name of the murder and find the real culprit All the while the mayor of the town plans to make the inn remain out of business While trying to expand the interest in the sleepy town and generate of a tourist base trouble seems to find Amanda and increases suspicions about her as the villain The independent woman can hold her own however and the story has a neat and tidy ending The first book in the series and I'll be sure to read the rest

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    The formula behind this amateur sleuth mystery is both contemporary and often used 1 The female heroine no longer has any living relatives and has been dumped by her emotionally abusive live in boyfriend 2 She then swears off all romantic relationships sells everything she owns and uits her well paying job in the big city Next 3 she moves to a small coastal town to re open the small business which she has inherited and in which she has absolutely no previous experience Then 4 she finds a body on the property almost immediately Finally 5 she gets reluctantly attracted to the handsome of course he is detective assigned to the case Sound familiar?When you’ve just finished reading works by Sandford Rankin and Krueger back to back a lighter paced cozy can be a nice mental diversion However that diversion can only be a pleasant one if the work is smoothly written edited well and flows logicallyWell Carolyn L Dean got the first two right in spades but seriously missed on that third part It appears that in her attempt to create multiple problems and significant crises for her heroine Ms Dean left legal reality behind And she did it at the very beginning of the work creating a flawed set up for everything that followsFor example on her second day in her new town the book starts on her first day in town our heroine Amanda Graham is at the courthouse researching the taxlien situation on the BB she has inherited and is also trying to hire a property inspector Within another day she is facing a zoning crisis – her property being changed from business use to residential by the town’s mayor in one day’s time and following a difference of opinion with said mayorYes these are major crises for Amanda but the problem with these situations is that they don’t happen like this in reality The probate process on the BB could not have been completed and the property conveyed to Amanda without clearing up any and all taxlien situations and without having a full property assessment think IRS inheritance laws And property cannot be re zoned even in the smallest municipality in one day’s time let alone at the whim of a single person even a town official with whom you have had a difference of opinionRegardless of whether these incidents and others that shortly follow are written based on faulty research or based on artistic license it sets a false premise for everything else that happens in the story As a result many scenes that are written into the plot simply would not or could not actually occur Therefore page after page it becomes a real struggle to maintain an appropriate suspension of disbelief Fiction by definition is a lie And the best lies thus the best fiction novels are always grounded in such a level of truth that the reader honestly believes that what happens to the protagonist could and should happen An excellent feel for handling a character’s intelligence emotions dialogue and internal monologue is not enough Applicable sentence structure flowing paragraphs and a knowledgeable editor are not good enough either Unless the genre is paranormal urban fantasy or sci fi the backstory must feel legitimate – and this one misses it by the proverbial mile

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    This was fun light reading with characters I'd love to hear from oh the stories old Mrs Granger could tell The book had a nice pace and kept me turning the pages with a charming sprinkling of uaint expressions like butt over teakettle topsy turvy Ravenwood Cove is a wonderfully described small town a place where shop owners keep water bowls outside for thirsty dogs and put local kids' Lego creations in the window In fact I loved the story's emphasis on supporting local businesses not just on solving the mystery or building friendship and a bit of romance as a new arrival in town Remember independent authors are also local businesses The e book only costs a couple dollars on what are you waiting for?

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    This is my 8th book in 6 days love holidays so was conscious that I needed to be careful in selecting a new author who might not be able to keep my interestNo fear this is a great first novel and I loved the story the characters and the intrigue I guessed the murderer early on picked up on a carefully placed clues by the author so was able to read most of the novel with that in mind that made for a different experience but a very enjoyable oneThought I had brought the second book with me as well only to find that it is sitting at home some several 1000 kilometres away At least I will have something to look forward to when I get home and hey who knows Book 3 might have been released by then