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Dear Étienne how's it going? I'm writing to invite you to Japan for two weeks in October This was the beginning a crossing of two cultures French and Japanese which was going to awaken many things in each one of the authors who participated in this adventure a stay in Japan does not leave one indifferent Eight stories from nine European authors result in which all the exoticism of this elusive and mysterious country is depicted with imagination humor and poetry As if in response to these impressions of the artist travelers eight authors from the Archipelago portray their own Japan the everyday one that of modernity and that of legend After reading this sentient collection of anecdotes and tales woven together from such different views one desires nothing than to visit and see for oneself some bit of the land of the Rising Sun

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    Though I really liked the idea of this book the actual stories were seriously underwhelming

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    At first I classified this interesting book as a 'manga' one but as far as I know that should be something with episodes with action or theme of some heroesheroines as pioneered and evolved successfully by those Japanese manga authors Therefore I've changed my mind and called it as a cartoon book especially developed from its 17 invited authors 9 European and 8 Japanese Each has hisher own ways of drawing within 10 16 pages and we readers merely readfollow seuential captions If you can read Dutch French Italian Japanese and Spanish I think you can contact some of your nearest bookstores for a copy or I've enjoyed reading nearly all stories I mean or less For instance I liked The City of Trees by Fabrice Neaud from his observant ways of looking at young people walking in an arcade p 198 he nobly expresses his admiration for another culture by saying then at least I am happy with the Japanese who in their personal relations with others are extremely considerate courteous discreet humble and self effacing in public The opposite of us stupid louts with oversized egos p204I think all visitors have done their best in sharing what they've experienced while traveling in Japan or presenting their own imaginings Some drawings are subtly funny or a bit shocking therefore again we readers need to be cool and follow hisher literary ventures in this 21st century They've been I think meant for some tips of thought as well as textual means of cultural exposition via exceptional drawings for some better understandingappreciation regarding the people and their culture in the land of the Rising Sun

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    This book was a promising idea Unfortunately some of the stories are rather underwhelming While this is to be expected that not all stories will be interesting to everyone I found myself being bored by than half of these Still it is an interesting graphic novel to discover one or two authors you may not know

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    Lots of different stories by various artists I liked it

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    Japan As Viewed By 17 Creators is a collaborative project ending with a collection of short stories The theme Japan The authors nine European and eight Japanese mangaka I was skeptical of the use of Japan on the cover but I was wrong Overall I liked the diversity the goals the discovery of several very talented mangaka and even several of the short storiesThe artwork is very diverse from the photo realistic work of Frederic Boilet Yukiko's Spinach to the Craig Thompson esue lines of Aurelia Aurita going through the traditional manga of Jiro Taniguchi The Walking Man A Distant Neighborhood and the modern realistic drawings of Kan Takahama Of course there's the occasional text than drawing of Emmanuel Guibert or the cartoon of cartoons style of Joann Sfar whose piece is otherwise very entertaining but overall the art is accomplished varied and just delightfulThe stories are surprisingly good for example the culturally intolerant yet extremely funny story of Joann Sfarr the reuited love stories of Frederic Boilet and Aurelia Aurita the great little story of Etienne Davodeau etc Perhaps the least inventive are the straightforward explorations of the Japanese culture such as the dry reporting of Fabrice NeaudGo and read this you will probably want to find out Or just visit Japan

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    I was surprised by how much I would up enjoying this book Short pieces by 17 different artists half Japanese and the other half French all of them writing about Japan The result is an interesting mix of styles and viewpoints and a nice exposure to a lot of people whose work I wasn't at all familiar with I got the book for the Taiyo Matsumoto piece which was okay but I actually enjoyed some of the other work A majority of the French contributions seemed to be of the Oh how wacky and different Japan is variety but in a lot of cases that was okay and often amusing one story details the author's search by bike through dark public parks at night looking for gay action and lamenting how there's none to be found The Japanese creators bring a weirder mix of fables modern slice of life and abstract stories but the overall balance works out pretty well

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    I really loved this book it's not to be considered a comic nor a light read since it's a work of art composed from the point of view of each author and their way of understanding what Japan is I love how differnt drawing styles can say so many different things about the same country and what each author is giving importance toEach author gave a different note about the relevant things they found while experiencing Japan both foreigners and nativesThis book is not for everyone since I know most people won't get it at least a bit of knowledge about current japanese society pop culture and a bit about it's folklore is needed

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    17 different views of Japan both from the inside and the outside I loved the juxtaposition between the locals and the foreigners each saw and focused on different things Different schools of visual language contrasted nicely with each other Japanese vs French Eastern vs Western photographic vs impressionistic Overall a very interesting collection of visual stories I've marked most of the creators' names for further exploration

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    I was rather disappointed both by the drawings which I didn't really like and also by the stories they helped telling If I were to try to share my love for Japan with friends I would advise them to read this book because after its reading they might be even less willing to get interested in this country which has so much to offer

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    A nice collection of work by Japanese or French artists with different insights or observations from various places in Japan many with personal commentary or near memoir and in a few cases ones that I simply didn't get Which is common for me when I read Japanese literature too But I did like it especially the different styles