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A band of men sat huddled in a cave Where coals of fire glowed warm and red Boy lay curled on a bed of leaves But he sat up when an old man said This thought keeps spinning in my head There must be caves just like our own Somewhere And other axes made of stone Somewhere And other men like me Though only Boy shares his dream the old man leaves the tribe to search for what the world may hold Boy does the old man's work in his absence and watches hopefully for his return For any good thing Can happen when The world is full of Tribes of men Who know that they have brothers First published in 1965 and long out of print Byrd Baylor's powerful story is newly illustrated with Ronald Himler's vigorous yet tender pictures

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    This one is a bit odd The idea is interesting historical fiction about prehistoric people The time frame is a bit ephemeral they live in caves; there are allusions to it being over 10000 years ago It is written in verse and something about the meter was off the rhythm was disjointed But I like that it shows the eternal human trait of curiosity The art is better in landscape than in portrait Overall there just isn't a lot of historical fiction for the picture book set about this time period so it is worth a look There is a intriguing message about how past present and future are connected and how we are all connected In this case it is through one small blue bead handed from one boy to another in this ancient time and now being found by another boy today There is a recognition that there is something precious in that concept 

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    Story about earlier humans and their way of life This book highlights human desire to explore in search of something bigger and beyond ordinary existence It takes reader back in time and and back to present time It reminds us of our ancestors and those who occupied our lands before us This planet has been the home to a multiple of peoples before us and hopefully will continue to be for many after us

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    This was a fun read I think that there were probably many Natives like Boy who wondered if there were other people in the wildernessThis book is good if you wish to introduce young readers to the concept of prehistoric Natives It is also fun to watch the story unfold with the poetic wordplay

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    Historical Fiction Grade 4 5 I really like this book because it adds diversity into the classroom

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    Great Too long for read aloud at the library

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    This book would be a great choice when introducing young readers to prehistoric times They will surely enjoy it

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    I do a dramatic presentation of this book several times a year at sixth grade camps and other places One Small Blue Bead is a wonderful story with deep meanings IF you look for and try to figure out those meanings There are a number of themes in the story respect for the earth and all who live here growing up and maturing taking on responsibility trying new things yet always being positive and most important of all learning to connect with others from the past present and future We use the story at camp to teach students about maturity and to help them move from elementary school thinking to taking on responsibility as middle school students but I have also used the story at wedding receptions than once to help bring together and connect two families When doing the dramatic presentation of the story I use a blue bead as a prop At the end of the story when the line reads and if you should find it please take care not to leave it just anywhere For the boy named boy would be happy to know that his bead my bead goes with YOU wherever YOU go Then I hand the bead to some deserving student a youngster who has shown responsibility and gained maturity during the week and step away putting the spotlight on the deserving youth Without a doubt this is a VERY special book and I highly encourage and recommend it to all readers

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    Almost gave it a twoso this isn't very readable to me It was published in 1965 and is out of print It is written in verse and the meter just doesn't feel right to mesomething is off I like the idea of connecting a modern day Caucasian boy who finds a blue bead to the centuries ago Native American boy who had it first However today you would be told to leave artifacts in placedo not disturb or collect Still I LOVE Byrd Baylor

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    I thought that this book was long and it wasn't the story I expected I was expecting a story about the Native Americans but it was about cavemen The rhyme scheme was a bit confusing p and I think an elementary student would have difficulty reading it out loud It wasn't my favorite book but the story was good

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    Really loved this prehistoric picture book Some people may not enjoy it because it's all written in rhyme but it didn't bother me I love the character of both the young both and the old man Truly a story of adventure