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More Than Twenty Years Ago, The First Epic Fantasy Novel Featuring FitzChivalry Farseer And His Mysterious, Often Maddening Friend The Fool Struck Like A Bolt Of Brilliant Lightning Now New York Times Bestselling Author Robin Hobb Brings To A Momentous Close The Third Trilogy Featuring These Beloved Characters In A Novel Of Unsurpassed Artistry That Is Sure To Endure As One Of The Great Masterworks Of The GenreFitz S Young Daughter, Bee, Has Been Kidnapped By The Servants, A Secret Society Whose Members Not Only Dream Of Possible Futures But Use Their Prophecies To Add To Their Wealth And Influence Bee Plays A Crucial Part In These Dreams But Just What Part Remains UncertainAs Bee Is Dragged By Her Sadistic Captors Across Half The World, Fitz And The Fool, Believing Her Dead, Embark On A Mission Of Revenge That Will Take Them To The Distant Island Where The Servants Reside A Place The Fool Once Called Home And Later Called Prison It Was A Hell The Fool Escaped, Maimed And Blinded, Swearing Never To ReturnFor All His Injuries, However, The Fool Is Not As Helpless As He Seems He Is A Dreamer Too, Able To Shape The Future And Though Fitz Is No Longer The Peerless Assassin Of His Youth, He Remains A Man To Be Reckoned With Deadly With Blades And Poison, And Adept In Farseer Magic And Their Goal Is Simple To Make Sure Not A Single Servant Survives Their Scourge

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    I always rave about Robin Hobb books For me, she has the strongest voice in the epic fantasy genre at the moment Her plots are expertly crafted and well drawn out, as I ve said before, except this one has been a very long time in the making The ending I ve been waiting many years for has finally arrived To call it emotional would be to evoke a drastic understatement Ever since Assassin s Quest I knew it would end this way eventually This is our last hunt, old wolf And as we have always done, we go to it together All good things come to an end eventually, and this series has been working towards such an end over the course of sixteen books Robin Hobb has weaved so many strands of story together here The set up is ridiculously immense She has literally drawn on everything The Farseer Trilogy, The Liveship Traders, The Tawny Man Trilogy and The Rain Wild Chronicles are all brought together into one epic conclusion Fitz and The Fool seek aid from the dragons of Kelsingra and speed across the sea on the liveship Paragon with the ultimate goal of revenge Bee has been taken on the orders of The Four, a group of whites in charge of Clerres Fitz believes that she is dead He approaches his destination with nothing but malice in his heart He wants blood, and he wants lots of it He doesn t think he will succeed he is going into his mission blind and weary, but he intends to kill as many of his enemies as possible before he draws his last breath The Fool, on the other hand, believes Bee is still alive He has dreamt of another future, a future he didn t think was possible These are uncharted waters for both men Why didn t I give it five stars The final few chapters of this book were everything I expected them to be they were everything they needed to be, but it took a long time to get there A few chapters were very similar in content Bee s journey was repetitive at times, and a good proportion of the text was given over to some of the less interesting characters from The Liveship Traders They were not given point of views, thankfully, but I don t think the narrative needed to concern itself too much with their lives Sure, give them a mention but don t get bogged down with their stories again I don t wish to give away major spoilers or any spoilers for that matter but this is a very strong ending, though the world remains very open for stories There are plenty of threads that could be picked up in the future, and I don t for a moment think that this will be the last time Hobb s readers get to venture into the Six Duchies and the walls of Buckeep castle This was a strong ending, but I think the book needed to be edited down just a little.

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    The folks at Voyager know I am a fan of Robin Hobb and were kind enough to send me 4 of 50 in this limited edition of Assassin s Fate.Why the fuss Well, this book is the conclusion of a twenty two year journey over fifty years in book time through the world Robin Hobb has created The protagonist who has led us in that journey is Fitz, the assassin mentioned in the title and the apprentice mentioned in the title of the first book, Assassin s Apprentice, released in 1995.Officially the journey runs thusly Though Fitz as far as I know only appears in the Fitz Fool series which are the 1st, 3rd and 5th series in the image above.Now, to the book First I should note that I haven t read the Liveship or Rain Wild series This is significant as although those books and their characters don t seem to have any significant impact on the Tawny Man trilogy, they do have a minor impact on Fool s Quest and a major impact on Assassin s Fate.Because of my not having read those two series I am certain that sizable chunks of Assassin s Fate had far less impact on me that they otherwise would have had Much of this book is spent travelling on liveships crewed by people who I believe are central to the Liveship trilogy, and passing through ports where yet characters from that series reside There are many points in Assassin s Fate where I had the distinct feeling that an event was somehow momentous but it passed me by As a writer I could tell that the story was spending far too long with some minor characters and understood that this must because they had in previous books earned their right to page time.So, although I ve given the book 5 there is the chance that had I read those other 7 books I might have been raging that I couldn t give it 6 Also, the 5 are based on the power, impact and entertainment from those sections where I wasn t missing anything.To the text in hand Well, you all know how Robin Hobb writes Slow, beautiful prose, building character relationships, turning the screw on the protagonists, piling on the hurt, and then to a conclusion The same thing happens in this book The writing is rich and satisfying and I consumed the first two thirds of the novel in many small bites Toward the end when we largely won clear of the characters and plot lines from the books I haven t read I began to move quickly through the pages The pace and tension pick up and you really begin to wonder what the end game will consist of How will Fitz, the Fool and little Bee end up Will Hobb show any mercy to these characters we ve grown to love over decades for Fitz and the Fool I enjoyed the Bee thread the most, possibly because it was free of the Liveship Rainwilds entanglements Also Bee is a fierce and determined little creature that it s impossible not to root for After having so much abuse heaped upon her it s very satisfying on the occasions that Bee strikes back.I won t go into the plot Hobb continues to paint a rich, interesting, and integrated world, she works her usual magic with the story, and it s a great read Then you get to the last fifty or a hundred pages The finale that 21 years, 17 books, and the several fictional lives have been building up to.I thought I was handling it pretty well Several things happened that I thought might happen and I bit my lip and carried on reading ThenHIGHLIGHT FOR MEDIUM SPOILER view spoiler A certain wolf is taken to speak to an aging queen hide spoiler

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    Here lies the end of my journey in The Realm of the Elderlings Robin Hobb, if you re reading this, thank you for writing this series and for saving your best work for the last installment Assassin s Fate marks the conclusion of The Fitz and The Fool trilogy and at the same time, it s also the final installment within Robin Hobb s overarching The Realm of the Elderlings series that s comprised of sixteen books in total I started my journey into this series on January 15th and somehow, coincidentally it all ends on April 15th it took me exactly three months to read all sixteen full length novels one novella one anthology 4.1 million words within 11473 pages of the UK paperback edition and what a journey this has been It gladdens me to say that Assassin s Fate ended up becoming my favorite installment out of all Robin Hobb s works, by far it was a heartfelt, bittersweet, and a satisfying conclusion for the series that completely left me in awe of Hobb s capability as a writer Having finished this book, I can finally understand why people kept on raving about Robin Hobb being the current reigning queen of high fantasy as it turns out, she also has become the first female author to be included my favorite authors of all time list.Like all Hobb s books, this one started off slowly for the first half despite continuing immediately after the cliffhanger in Fool s Quest That said, don t let this let you into thinking that this book will be similar to Hobb s previous books There are so many things that happened here and you can only fully appreciate everything if you actually read all Hobb s books, not only the one that features Fitz as the main character Assassin s Fate is amazing because Hobb converged all the previous plot lines and the key characters from all her series into this one, this is especially true for The Liveship Traders. This book is a culmination of twenty two years of Hobb s works and it blew all my expectation out of the water To Fitz and the Fool.My best friends for over twenty years Robin Hobb I can t emphasize highly enough how incredible this last installment is I won t lie that it hasn t been a smooth sailing going through the entirety of this series but the most important thing is that it was worth the struggle What makes Hobb s books amazing Well There are plenty of reason and I talked about them like a broken record already but let me repeat the most important thing one last time insert Fast and Furious meme here The excellent characterizations Hobb s characters excluding Rainwild Chronicles are extremely well written and believe me, the characters will become real in your head and heart My favorite parts of this series lies definitely in this aspect the relationships formed between the characters and how the passage of time affect us as a person Fitz may not be a favorite of mine but his narration about coming of age, friendships and family is just so incredibly compelling and evocative because of Hobb s prose Fitz s relationships with Nighteyes, The Fool, and Bee in particular are definitely one of the best experience I ve ever had in reading The first 50% of this book was dominated by Fitz s traveling to Clerres, this is in a way almost similar to the dreadful Assassin s Quest travel sections but one simple thing separate this one from that The Liveship Traders characters As I said before, everything converged here and because of that, even seeing the characters just talking and interacting with each other brought a joy that only readers can understand Finally seeing Fitz interact with the Liveship Traders characters which I loved making the slow part of the book immensely enjoyable to read.Contrary to my belief that Hobb can t write great action scenes, she clearly proved me wrong here The last half of this book was an emotional rollercoaster and tension packed It was intense, full of twists and turn, and at times heartwarming and beautiful I truly didn t expect this capability from Hobb, the final action sequences in this book almost look like something that Sanderson wrote Hobb properly builds every single thing in Fool s Assassin towards this final battle, with chapters ending in cliffhangers all the time, the last half was an unstoppable page turner that will relentlessly tug on your emotion Never do what you can t undo until you ve considered well what you can t do once you ve done it There isn t anything left I can talk about without spoiling or giving hints about this book I pondered about it for a day on how to approach writing this review and this is pretty much all I can say about the book itself As for the series itself, let me first say that Robin Hobb is clearly a fantastic author However, most of her books, in my opinion, do have pacing problems and being repetitive, this is especially true in Assassin s Quest Not only that, I also think that The Rainwild Chronicles are still unnecessary to read Sure, you ll miss some nuance about Silvers, Dragon Blood, and Kelsingra but for me, it wasn t worth going through the pain and frustration I had reading Rainwild Chronicles only to get to this book With the exception of Assassin s Quest and Rainwild Chronicles, Hobb never fails to constantly deliver a great book It s really weird that Hobb gave me one of the worst series I ve ever read again, The Rainwild Chronicles and also one of the best series I ve ever read this trilogy, The Fitz and the Fool , Other than the one I mentioned, all her books received 4 5 stars rating from me, heck this book actually deserves a 6 5 stars.I know a lot of people want Hobb to write books in this world, I personally don t Let s be real here, this series is massive already and there are a lot of moments where the story dragged longer than it should most of all though, it s because I doubt Hobb can write a better ending for this series than this This book is a culmination of all Hobb s work, she has poured every groundwork from her careers into this book, furthering the series beyond this would just be forcing it.Anger, laughter, sadness, heartwarming, these emotional impact I got from this series are something I ll remember Robin Hobb s achievement on completing The Realm of the Elderlings is stupendous and something that readers in the future will always remember I have lived my life with these characters besides me for a full scope of three months, these characters have become real in my head but it s over now It s time for me to let go and move on to other worlds That said, this is not a final goodbye One day when I miss the characters dearly, I know I ll visit the words on these books again because there are only two words left to describe my feeling of completing this massive series I m content The Realm of the Elderlings overall review Assassin s Apprentice 4 5 stars Royal Assassin 4 5 stars Assassin s Quest 2 5 stars Farseer Trilogy 10 15 stars Ship of Magic 4.5 5 stars The Mad Ship 4 5 stars Ship of Destiny 4.5 5 stars Liveship Traders 13 15 stars Fool s Errand 5 5 stars The Golden Fool 4 5 stars Fool s Fate 4 5 stars Tawny Man trilogy 13 15 stars Dragon Keeper 3.5 5 stars Dragon Haven 1 5 stars City of Dragons 3 5 stars Blood of Dragons 2 5 stars Rainwild Chronicles quartet 9.5 20 stars Fool s Assassin 5 5 stars Fool s Quest 4.5 5 stars Assassin s Fate 5 5 stars The Fitz and The Fool 14.5 15 stars The Realm of the Elderlings 60 80 stars Picture My full collection of The Realm of the Elderlings You can find this and the rest of my Adult Epic High Fantasy Sci Fi reviews at BookNest

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    What can I say about the conclusion to the series that has dazzled me for years becoming my all time favorite other than wow.Assassin s Fate was beautiful, terrible, and profound I savored each page, painfully aware it might be the last time I experience this world I ve never been as emotionally invested in a story as I was with Hobb s work, her writing draws you in so completely that you forget yourself for a while, totally at the mercy of her story Each of her series evoked real emotion a sense of love and loss that is almost unparalleled by anything else I ve ever read Assassin s Fate was the most gut wrenching to date, but it was worth every painful, poignant moment I ll be reeling from this one for years to come.I love this series for so many things its rich histories and epic world building, its endearingly human characters flaws and all , its immersive writing, but one of my favorite things about it is the subtle weaving of dragons into the story It s quite brilliantly done dragons always seem to be the center of the overall arc of each series, but are often kept on the periphery of the events within each book with the exception of the Rain Wilds Chronicles The further you read, the you start to realize their significant impact on the world and characters As someone who loves dragons almost obsessively, I ate up every word Hobb s representation of them is truly breathtaking Oddly though, I wouldn t call these series dragon centric because, while essential to the plot, they are usually not the focal point.At the conclusion of Fool s Fate, the final book in the Tawny Man Trilogy, a reading experience I ll never forget , I d been under the impression Fitz s tale was at an end Therefore, when The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy was announced in August 2014, it felt like Christmas had come early And it was even better than I dared hope With the introduction of a new POV character, Bee, whom I love just as fiercely as Fitz, this trilogy offered a convergence of every Elderling series before it Fitz Liveship Rain Wilds Amazing It was an unexpected surprise, and I can t even begin to describe how elated I was If you haven t yet experienced the brilliant world of the Elderlings, I suggest reading in the following order to avoid spoilers Farseer TrilogyLiveship TrilogyTawny Man TrilogyRain Wilds ChroniclesFitz and the FoolEach series brings with it loads of new discoveries, and I cherished every detail Learning the histories of this world is also one of my favorite elements to the series Each new detail felt like a revelation, and it got to a point where I was hanging on every word, hoping to find out Who knew it would go so far beyond the somewhat narrow framework of a little orphan boy at Buckkeep castle in Assassin s Apprentice All the books Hobb has written in this world are amazing Each story is a slow burn that takes its time, building momentum as it goes By the time you reach the end, you re hurtling so fast you wish you could slow it down to savor every moment Assassin s Fate and every book that came before it are officially The Obsessive Bookseller s top recommends I loved every beautiful, gut wrenching moment and will keep these characters close to my heart forever Thank you Random House Publishing Group Ballantine, NetGalley, and Robin Hobb for the chance to read and review an early copy of Assassin s Fate you made my year DVia The Obsessive Bookseller at www.nikihawkes.comOther books you might like Dragon Weather Lawrence Watt EvansThe Thief s Gamble Juliet E McKennaBlood Song Anthony RyanPawn of Prophecy David EddingsThe Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson

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    I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review..soooooooWow Just wow Given this is the last book in Fitz and the Fool s story I won t be going into details as it would just end in spoilers for all But suffice it to say I enjoyed it immensely Parts of it were repetitive at times, mainly in regards to Bee s storyline, and I was left with many unanswered questions in the end who knows maybe the story will continue on crosses all fingers , but overall I thought it was a fitting end I m still processing my thoughts and feelings in regards to this book, and will have a complete and articulate review closer to its release day And I would be lying if I said I wasn t in constant tears for the last 30 pages..because I was Any author that can invoke such a strong emotion from me is great one

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    Are you ready, my brother Thank you Robin Hobb.I can t lie There have been tears What a wonderful gift this series has been and what a wonderful final episode.All strands were connected and interwoven in such an amazing way Did Robin know how she wanted the story to end up all those years ago when she wrote the Assassin s Apprentice It boggles my mind I also found it slightly strange as well as delightful to see the worlds of the Elderlings and Kelsingra combine with Fitz s Have you ever seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks Well it was a bit like that when the real cinematic world combined with the animation I noted so many memorable scenes while reading that I thought to cite in this review, but I m not going to spoil your fun I have almost never minded the long and winding way in which Robin tells her stories Every word, you realise afterwards, had its place and its reason But in this book I found the story zoomed right along from page 1 No hints and subtle foreshadowing all that s been done already in the previous books THIS is the big reveal, where everything comes together.The ending was fitting and perfect.Please don t read this unless you ve read the preceding volumes of this work I m sure Robin wouldn t thank me for saying this with so much of her writing career still to come, but to me this is her Magnum Opus.Thanks to Netgalley, Robin Hobb and Random House Publishing group for this ARC All opinions are my own.

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    4.5 I am done, now feeling sad and empty I still remember my frustrated self after finishing Assassin s Quest back in January 2016, and how promised myself not to torture myself and read another book in Realm of the Elderlings But constant praise on my home feed and friends rave of the series were tempting but I was not courageous enough to dive into RotE world again Then last year I finally gave in and started reading Tawny Man and I was shocked to see how much Fitz has matured or perhaps it was me who became mature and patient He was still irritating at times but not like the teenager Fitz where all he did was whine He was the assassin that King Shrewd wanted him to be and his relationship with Fool developed further making the trilogy golden After that I read one of the best fantasy trilogy, Livship Traders It was bewitching The world, the characters and how they grew on me, it was fantastic to experience all those emotional conflicts But as they say all good things comes to an end, after the high of Tawny Man and Livship Traders came Rain Wild Chronicles and I should have avoided them Hard to believe that Ms Hobb wrote those books Somehow plodded on because at the end final trilogy of RotE was waiting for me The end was so near, hence I put the disappointment of Rain Wild behind me and kept on reading My above rambling about how felt for RotE books was necessary here because it s been over three months when I wrapped up this book and I am still unable to get over how Hobb brought everything to a closure It was sublime, poignant and heart breaking Hope she won t add books to this because this was perfect for me Of course I will read if she decides to continue the story she could construct a solid story trilogy the way she ended things here but this is it for me She gave Fitz s story a conclusion worthy of all the pain and happiness that I experienced through him.I have nothing to say about Assassin s Fate because whatever I write here will be a spoiler Skill, wit, talking ships, and dragons, all came in this story to make it magical and ending things in a grand way I am going to miss this world, perhaps will return to it too at sometime Highest possible recommendation.

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    Rating and thoughts coming closer to release date yes, this is me buying time Truthfully, I have no idea how if I ll review it Just know that if I were to review it now, I d probably write, that wouldn t be fair to my dear Fitz who changed saved my life 15 years ago No, I m not being dramatic I mean every word And engraved on my tombstone, you ll read I m glad for the fucking ships.Now that I ve freaked you out, I ll stop here Sorry about that.

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    Wow I finished this over the weekend, and I am still struggling to find the right words to convey what a massive emotional impact it had on me Assassin s Fate is everything I could have asked of Robin Hobb an entirely satisfying conclusion to not just the story of FitzChivalry Farseer, but that of the entire Realms of the Elderlings and all its interconnected works.This is a book of Farseers, Fools, White Prophets, Liveships, Dragons, are It s as if everything that Hobb has ever teased or hinted at before is finally realized here Not content to merely rip out our hearts, she tears the entire world asunder, ensuring that no corner of the Six Duchies will rise from the ashes of Fitz s final story unchanged Let there be no mistake, this is a book of endings Yes, there are new beginnings to be found as well, but Assassin s Fate marks the end of so many characters and storylines that it s easy to miss some of them.I will be honest, it hurt to see Fitz and the Fool at such odds in this series, and that pain only gets deeper here The closer they get to realizing their thirst for revenge, the fractured their relationship becomes He s always known that the Fool lies, holds back, and plays things close to the chest, but it s only here that Fitz feels the true sting of well meaning deception What s , as much as the loss of Bee has already driven a definite wedge between them, the discovery that she may still be alive only serves to splinter that wedge and drive it in deeper There is a lot of guilt and sorrow here, on both sides, and the way Hobb finally resolves that conflict well, I refuse to spoil it, but I will say it does a beautiful job of bringing the entire story full circle, with a climax that s quietly significant, rather than explosively tragic.In reading this final volume, I find myself gaining a new appreciation for its first installment, a book I was rather hard on at the time While I still feel Fool s Assassin had some pacing issues, I now understand what Hobb was doing with the characters It was clear from the start that they had aged, changing drastically in the process, but it s taken three books to understand the how, the why, and the how much The we learn about Fitz, the Fool, and Bee the we understand how their fates intersect the recognize who they really are the bigger their shared story becomes I still feel as if Chade was set aside a little too easily, but I loved the way Hobb allowed Queen Kettricken and Thick to slip back into the story, all part of bringing so many things full circle As for Bee, I resented her in the first book and barely tolerated her in the second, but here she becomes a heroine of note, still hard to like, but easy to admire.Much of this story is a journey, but it s deeper than the waters of the Rain Wilds themselves There s a dual significance to just about every scene, a story that we read upon the surface, and a story that we feel beneath the waves I wish I could say about the Liveships, the Dragons, and their connections to far off Clerres, but that s something to be discovered in the course of the story Like I said earlier, hints are exposed and secrets revealed, and done so in such a way that we almost feel as if we should have already guessed at them, yet cannot deny the skill with which Hobb uncovers each one You don t necessarily need to have read The Liveship Traders Trilogy or The Rain Wilds Chronicles to enjoy this final volume, but you ll certainly miss out on some of the significance.Robin Hobb books take a lot of patience, focus, and thought to appreciate Her stories are not easy ones, and the emotions they provoke are not always the ones we d like to take away from an escapist fantasy Despite the dragons, the prophecies, and the magic of both Skill and Wit, these are human stories, well grounded in the human experience As such, Assassin s Fate is the final chapter in a long life, well lived, a story that many of us have aged with, and while we never want to let go of friends, sometimes it s clear that it s time Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins Disclaimer I received a complimentary ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration This does not in any way affect the honesty or sincerity of my review.

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    Having followed the story from the beginning, Assassin s Apprentice, to here I was so nervous, waiting for this to come out Turning the last page of the previous book my heart hit a wall How could it end there. well, it didn t I produce the UK cover art for Robin s books, and I knew this would be the third in the trilogy, and the cover art would have to be the best I d done Robin fed me a short piece of the book when I asked her about the cover and oh it was worse than reading none, because then, of course, I wanted And then she sent me the manuscript When you read to produce the cover art you read in a different way, searching the text for a key, an image The trouble is that Robin writes so well that I get picked up by the story and carried along, forgetting it s work please don t hate me And this book is everything I ever wanted and Things I couldn t imagine It s like being in a boat in a storm at sea at times You can t breath, you can t read fast enough Sketch after sketch I did and it was knocked back by the editor as being a plot spoiler, so I can t show them, and then Robin talked me through the towers The bee is an obvious motive I can t say .I only read the unedited text I know the book has been edited and honed and polished since then, so it is with great excitement that I await a proof copy of the book When I get it I will lock all the door, pretend I have gone away on holiday, admit no one, speak to no one, do no work, until I ve read the book, this time for the pure pleasure of the story Because that s what it is A masterpiece that spins a tale woven around the difference between justice and vengeance.