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Hamilton S Vampire Hunting Anita Blake Faces A Plethora Of Foes In Her Tenth Outing Just Returned To St Louis After Six Months Away, Anita Is Still No Closer To Choosing Between Her Lovers Jean Claude, A Vampire, And Richard, A Werewolf But She Has To Rely On Both For Help After Two Of The Wereleopards That She Has Been Watching Are Abducted At A Seedy Club Called Narcissus In Chains Anita And Her Boyfriends Rescue The Wereleopards From The Sinister People Holding Them, But Anita Is Wounded In The Fight And Put At Risk Of Becoming A Wereleopard Herself Richard Angrily Captures The Wereleopard He Believes Is Responsible And Threatens To Execute HimAnita Must Now Rescue That Wereleopard From Richard And The Werewolves He Leads, Even As She Mourns The Apparent End Of Her Relationship With Him Then She Realizes That Those Who Kidnapped The First Two Wereleopards Are Targeting Other Lycanthropes Maybe She Will Be Next With Plenty Of Steamy Sex And Graphic Violence, This Is Engaging Reading For Vampire Cultists This for me is where the series went to crap Before this I d rate no book in this series lower than a four, but this one falls off a cliff I held on and read to book 18, Flirt, because I had genuinely loved the series until this book, and back then once I invested in a series I kept with it, and with the books published up to The Harlequin, momentum kept me going, at least until I had to wait for the next book to be published But Hamilton did something here that made me want to hurl the book against the wall I thought, she didn t just do that But she did, and it wasn t an aberration or anything that was ever fixed and so completely changed the direction of the books from fun paranormal noir to soft porn To explain what went wrong and how I felt, first I have to explain what originally appealed to me, then what Hamilton did here, and thus get into spoilers So if avoiding them is important to you, you might not want to read beyond the next paragraph.When I grew up there was no Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who appeared not long before the Anita Blake novels appeared Although Anita as a necromancer had appeared even before that in a short story There weren t many kick ass action heroines around, so growing up I really appreciated them I loved Anita s voice at first She was a tough as nails take no crap woman in a male dominated milieu and I found it easy to root for her She had her vulnerabilities and hangups, but I thought Hamilton was pushing her in an interesting direction I liked the dynamic between Anita, Jean Claude and Richard Jean Claude, the vampire, started out fairly menacing, and the whole plotline with the different marks, with Anita struggling to remain human, resonated with me Richard the werewolf represented something different someone struggling himself to remain human, but perhaps in vain given his basic nature And you could see Anita struggling not just between the two men, but what they represented Learning that not all such metaphysical creatures should be seen as monsters, but struggling with the darkness within herself and where to draw the line And I liked that Anita had a web of relationships beyond men she was romantically involved with, such as Dolph her colleague on the police force and her friend Ronnie Sims.Spoilers Start Here for this and future booksAll that changed with this book In this book Anita becomes a succubus because of the ardeur that forces her to have sex to feed it, and forces men to have sex with her who are drawn by it So the fuel that drives the plots of the Anita Blake series from here on, a series that had been focused on a independent, tough take charge heroine is rape I hated that And this book also adds one of my least liked regular characters in the Anitaverse Micah as well as marks the increase in importance of Nathaniel, a character I loathe After this book Richard and Jean Claude become and marginalized until in some books all we get are brief telephone conversation with them And the sex takes over until there s little plot or scenes beyond the bedroom and Anita has an entire harem of men never developed beyond eye and hair color That hadn t changed up to book 18. The beginning of the end I was fascinated with the whole human servant thing I was fascinated with the werewolf added into the fray thing talk about a messy love life I thought that her powers increasing was fine they had to if she was hanging around the kinds of monsters that were in her coterie The twist with her being able to have a vampire servant bound to her was a nice one.after all, her power is to control the dead, and what are vampires but dead But it was never enough It got to the point that every man who crossed her path fell madly in love, lust or slack jawed admiration of her whether he was human, vampire, werewolf, psychopath, you name it She was a walking Love Potion Number 9 The only men who could withstand her powers of attraction were men who were such small side characters that they didn t matter And her powers just kept getting bigger First she s an animator and can raise the deadwith some effort and a careful ritual and specific tools Then she doesn t need much effort, then she doesn t need any tools at all, then she becomes a necromancer, able to call ALL the dead Then she becomes the werewolf s female leader, then the were leopards female leader although she s not forced to do any changing with the full moon nastiness It gets to the point that you figure when she meets God, she ll just absorb all his powers, too Is there any power she DOESN T have Because if not, I can guarantee she ll have it eventually, although I will not still be reading this series by the time she ascends to divinity.And as the sex increases, the plot decreases I have nothing against soft core porn, I really don t I read my fair share of it and enjoy it But if I pick up a book to read a mystery or some fantasy and get doused with a couple hundred pages of fellatio before the plot even begins, I m not reading what I picked the book up to read.This book marks a major turning point in the series for me Up until this book, the series was still a good one despite the loss of the female detective angle as her social life becomes the focus of the plots rather than solving a mystery But this book crosses over the line and from here, you need to grit your teeth to keep going with the rest of the series. My opinion, for what it s worthexactly With the exception of Micah, I ve read the entire Anita Blake series up to this point Blood Noir, 16 and, in the aforementioned opinion, Obsidian Butterfly was the last decent book, after which the series should have been renamed Anita Blake, Vampire Humper since the majority of what little action takes place occurs in the bedroom, the back seat of automobiles, on the kitchen table, the bathroom flooretc, etc, etc Beginning with Narcissus In Chains, gone are the days when Anita spends her time raising the dead, kicking monster butt, and slaying rogue vampires, with threat to life and limb Instead, we re treated to her increasingly frequent sexcapades watching as she dips her toes and other body parts into the murky waters of BDSM and pseudo beastility I mean, really, what else do you call sex with a partially transitioned werecreature and we re not talking gender issues here, but rather Does it, or doesn t it, have fur and a tail tedious repetitions of her ambivalent and animosity laden encounters with Richard He loves me, he loves me not He loves me, He s full of snot and long discourses regarding monster and especially vampire sociopolitical structures Call me provincial, call me shallow and two dimensional, call me Al or some other A word , but when I pick up a book about a vampire hunter, I anticipate, wellvampire hunting, or something of its ilk, not a weird blend of Penthouse Letters, teen diary, and Royal court treatise It s too bad, cause Anita Blake was pretty kick ass, back when she was kickin ass. This book is the beginning, the core foundation of everything to come All of the books prior to this one were filled with death, gruesome and violent homicide scenes, bestial pornographic rape scenes to unquestionable love Totally weird stuff, but worth every minute of couch time This book takes the entire series, and swings it into a completely different direction This book really rocks the boat, and takes you by surprise The once innocent and strictly moral and you must be in love to have sex Blake, is torn from those lines of thoughts and thrown into the deep end Everything changes This book was a startling shock the first time around This time, I was expecting the twists and turns and appreciated every moment of Micah and Nathaniel My two favorite sweeties I still don t like Richard To hell with him Jean Claude gets on my nerves, he s become even secretive, cryptic and manipulative A power hungry master vampire, one third of the triumvirate, he plays puppet master to Anita and Richard and really screws with everyone s reality Narcissus is an interesting character He is the owner of a BDSM club, and although he usually tops Asher makes him pant with anticipation Weird, but fun He gave a small bow of his head Now enter and enjoy the delights, and the terrors, of my worldAnita s confusion and fear of love, as usual, leaves her cynical and stubbornIf it works out, it s the best thing in the world If it doesn t work out, it s like having your heart torn out and chopped into little pieces while you watch It leaves a big hollow space that never really healsSucked into a war between different animal groups, Blake finds herself betrayed by a new love, her body in shock from the bloodshed, and trusting new bodyguards at her back I pressed the barrel of the Uzi against the top of the head If you re alive, don t move, if you re dead, don t worry about itHehe I think she rocks I recommend this book to every adult Sometimes it s nice to spice up your brain, fall into a world that is unacceptable and continue reading until you re beating heart pounds in your chest This book is twisted, filled with extreme violence and moderate to semi extreme sexual scenes In depth description of alternative lifestyles, and consequences to an addiction Blake gains from the married marks Do not let any child or immature adult read this book, or ANY book in the series that follows Happy Reading And onto Cerulean Sins I go toot toot