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I think this is one of those works that I would have enjoyed if I d read it in my teens or twenties rather than my thirties I didn t Or that I would have found profound if it were my first introduction to Taoism it wasn t Much like the Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy series, I came upon these books too late for my own good, as a grouchy, jaded, grown ass man And as such, The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet just struck me as being not nearly as clever as they seemed to think they were I fully admit that it s probably my fault. The best points of this book were the excerpts from Winnie the Pooh Though I know the author wrote the book to simplify Taoism for those of us ie me who have not concept of it, I had the distinct impression that he oversimplified it He basically condemned the pursuit of knowledge and any sort of goals in favor of simplemindedness and simply enjoying everyday life. Is There Such Thing As A Western Taoist Benjamin Hoff Says There Is, And This Taoist S Favorite Food Is Honey Through Brilliant And Witty Dialogue With The Beloved Pooh Bear And His Companions, The Author Of This Smash Bestseller Explains With Ease And Aplomb That Rather Than Being A Distant And Mysterious Concept, Taoism Is As Near And Practical To Us As Our Morning Breakfast Bowl Romp Through The Enchanting World Of Winnie The Pooh While Soaking Up Invaluable Lessons On Simplicity And Natural Living I read this in the summer of 1990 and understood Taoism much better than I did in my philosophy class A very cool little read.Following a very busy, difficult school year, I thought a little review of a world view focused on remaining calm in all situations wouldn t be a bad idea.Yep, still a very enjoyable little book that reminds you of the strength, courage and power of self, the universe and of nothing On to the Te of Piglet. As if the Tao of Pooh weren t enough, the Te of Piglet had to come along And as if that weren t enough, there s a boxed set A boxed set This is not the Velevet Underground, this is self consciously wacky pseudo philisophical bullshit Where s my razors, I feel the urge to flee this world for good. Read a ga gillion times over the years in little pick up off the shelf 20 minute increments Winnie the Pooh my favorite fictional character, his little stuffly nose voice, his hunny bunny belly and his whistlin right along attitude I TRY to be like that and it sadly, comes and goes like the wind Heartwarming and sweet and true, everyone should really, really own a copy of this book. I honestly keep asking to myself why did I buy this pack of 2 books in 1 To get cheaper I said But the truth is this book is terrible The first half which corresponds to The Tao of Pooh was so cute and inspirational, I read it with such delight and ended it with a feeling of happiness and accomplishment The addiction of parts of Winnie the pooh to explain Taoism and certain attitudes of nowadays gave to the book a touch of home We will relate it with our childhood and I think it gives impact than a serious book about the subject.However the second part the Te of piglet was awful Throughout the 1st half of the book there were parts where I thought maybe he is being a little too extreme or this seems too much an opinion and not a fact Well, I the Tao of Pooh I ignored it because its general feeling was nice Here it was unbearable The author just rambles and rambles and points out lots of parts of texts from other authors just with the intent of finding the words that justify his opinion which is given as a irrefutable fact rather than an opinion In my opinion no one can reject the fact that Men are responsible for many devastation of our environment However the author just seemed to ramble that knowledge and technology are responsible for this destruction I honestly think that the author just wrote this book to get money which then is a little hypocrite having in account what he writes because there is no consistency or purpose in what he writes. Things in their original simplicity contain their own natural power, power that is easily spoiled and lost when that simplicity is changed.The Way, way of the universe, it s natural balance harmony retreats with man s interference.Through working in harmony with life s circumstances, taoist understanding changes what other perceive as negative into something positive.When you know and respect your own inner nature, you know where you belong You also know where you don t belong.WuWei the pooh way means withough meddlesome, combative or egotistical effort Efficiency of wuwei if like that of water flowing over and around the rocks in its path.The process of accomplishing is what makes us wise, happy.The power of a clear mind and inner quiet The wise are children who know Their minds emptied of countless small learnings and filled with wisdom of the great nothing, the way of the universe. Very interesting and good fun to read. The Tao of PoohThis is one amazing little book It s so calm, simple and inspiring I wanted to start reading it again as soon as I finished it This book can definitely change your life it s so uplifting What I found really interesting when reading reviews here and there is how everyone identifies with a different chapter from the book, a different character The book really has something to offer to each and everyone of us, it echoes our own personal experiences My favourite chapters must be Cottleston Pie and Nowhere and nothing , even though making a choice is really hard A wonderful book The Te of Piglet Hmm, I ve just finished reading this book and I really don t know what to think about it It is really different from The Tao of Pooh and of a diatribe against industry, business, government, Western culture, the military, feminists, etc Actually, I found that it had little to do with philosophy and Taoism and I sometimes felt I was reading an environmentalist rant The Tao of Pooh was such an uplifting read for me that I really have a hard time figuring out what I thought of The Te of Piglet and whether I liked it or not