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Once Upon A Time, I Was A Little Girl Who Disappeared Once Upon A Time, My Name Was Not Alice Once Upon A Time, I Didn T Know How Lucky I Was When Alice Was Ten, Ray Took Her Away From Her Family, Her Friends Her Life She Learned To Give Up All Power, To Endure All Pain She Waited For The Nightmare To Be Over Now Alice Is Fifteen And Ray Still Has Her, But He Speaks And Of Her Death He Does Not Know It Is What She Longs For She Does Not Know He Has Something Terrifying Than Death In Mind For Her This Is Alice S Story It Is One You Have Never Heard, And One You Will Never, Ever Forget

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    I probably would have liked this book if i were a teenager or a pedophile I mostly just read this for science it came up in my collection development class when we were talking about challenged books that doesn t mean that they are handicapped, but that they have been rarrred at by angry parents and other scared concerned types , but when i heard what it was about i pretty much had to read it to see how an author handled this situation, because it seemed rough stuff for teen fiction the basic premise although i hate doing plot summaries is that alice the first person narrator is kidnapped when she is ten and physically and sexually abused for 5 years, but when she starts to develop physically beyond her captor s personal preference, he enlists her help in selecting her own replacement so ew and i don t know anything about psychology, child or otherwise, so i don t know the terminology, but she just completely shuts down, emotionally, into a not quite stockholm syndrome she doesn t align herself with him for anything but self preservation, but she has just given up fighting and does what he wants, because he has made threats about hurting her family etc so she has all this freedom to leave the house and go to the park to find this new child for him, but she can t do anything to save herself, which is very frustrating for the reader.The author gets 5 stars for balls for tackling the subject matter to begin with and for the ending which i m sure had some people up in startled emotional flight mode.and as a cautionary tale, it should also get 5 stars, although a teen audience is a little old for the caution, and any younger readers would be traumatized beyond therapy do not give this book to your 8 year old just tell them to stay away from unmarked vans i just personally didn t connect to it the subject matter is horrifying, but in the abstract, and this character s shutdown response didn t make me want to save her so much as walk in, splash some water on her and say snap out of it when i was little, these were my literary kidnapping equivalents and they were way gentle in terms of what the girls went through, wayyyy fewer forced blowjobs, but it gave me a total sense of confidence if i got my ass kidnapped, i could get out of it with my cleverness i used to dream about being kidnapped, and the ways i would elude my tormentors it s probably a really good thing i was never actually kidnapped, because this here book is probably closer to the reality feisty kids don t always win, but this might have made me a little of a shut in, and may have ruined my devil may care years, so i would have lost some good adventure stories i didn t personally love this book, but there s no reason it shouldn t be in a library libraries are full of books you don t like this one, don t write an angry letter, just go read another one hell, i m about to.come to my blog

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    Is it possible to write a story about a child being imprisoned and make it gut wrenching and relevant After the disappointment of various different books I ve read recently involving kidnapping and child endangerment, I wasn t sure, particularly when it comes to the YA genre But after reading Living Dead Girl, I have my answer it s yes Resoundingly, unequivocally, yes.15 year old Alice has lived with Ray since she was 10 Kidnapped from a school field trip and taken to Shady Pines Apartments, she lives among ordinary people who don t really see her or don t really want to Every day Ray cuddles her on his lap and forces her to submit to him, punishing her with his fists and his words if she does anything to displease him Her attempts to defy him including one botched escape are met with out of control violence until her resistance is completely beaten down This is not an easy book to read While it is not explicit, the terrible things that Alice is subjected to are not glossed over I ve seen some criticisms that the book goes overboard in describing what she is forced to do, but I disagree The reality is that there are children out there who have been and no doubt currently are subjected to this kind of torture, and the description and repetition of these acts helps us to understand in some small way what victims have to go through I never thought the descriptions crossed the line in terms of tastelessness or exploitation.The author does an incredible job of describing Alice s terror and confusion, as well as her eventual numbness There are many details worked into the story that have a ring of truth, including the dull repetition of her days watching tv, the anxiety when Ray comes home, the punishments meted out for small infractions, the attempts to keep her small and childlike, Alice s lank appearance and poor circulation from lack of nutrition, etc Most importantly, the author touches on the way abuse tends to perpetrate abuse and the awful resignation that Alice begins to feel to her plight I don t understand why my shell keeps living Breathing Why won t it listen to me, to the little part I have that isn t Ray, to that tiny once upon a time girl who just wants to close her eyes and never wake up again There were so many details that made me hurt with empathy for Alice, not only in relation to her sexual abuse, but also in relation to the way Ray starves her as a means to control her and to keep her from growing up The descriptions of her sharp hunger after days of eating practically nothing were heart wrenching Alice describes tasting a sandwich with not one, but two slices ofsalty cheese and slippery ham and cottony bread, so light in my mouth I could eat these forever, until the world ended and beyond I have a great deal of admiration for the author for writing about this subject with such restraint and sympathy This isn t a perfect book I thought the once upon a time device was repetitious and not entirely successful but it is a searingly memorable one that handles a difficult subject with great skill I don t feel that serious books that are primarily about kidnapping and imprisonment are enjoyable for the sake of pure entertainment, and that s the primary objection I have to the fictional books I ve previously read that deal with this subject I go into this in my review of the disappointing and much lauded Room, but suffice to say that what I hope to gain from reading about such unhappy subjects are some degree of insight into both the victim s suffering and the perpetrator s motivation as well as a great deal of empathy I got both in spades with Living Dead Girl.Recommended for adults or mature teens only.

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    Well, the book leaves scars I can definitely tell you that much I didn t know quite what to expect from this book, all I d heard about it previously was that it s a story about abuse and a very short read 170 pages, large writing in my edition I d heard reviewers describe it as disturbing , but I didn t dwell on that too much, I assumed that when you ve read a couple of Stephen King s books namely It, Misery, etc you d pretty much got your heard around disturbing.I was wrong The author draws you in with her unique and just plain strange writing style, despite being weird it s also very effective It takes us deep inside the mind of a person who has not only suffered extreme physical and sexual abuse though there s been plenty of that but has also been so psychologically damaged that her hope is only for death to come swiftly, she is so desperate that she is even willing to sacrifice a young girl to make her suffering end And, awful as that is, I couldn t hate her for it.I ve read a number of books where the first person narrative is by someone mentally damaged some work e.g The Bell Jar , most do not Scott s not only worked, but affected me deeply I could also see how Ray s past experiences of abuse and a loveless childhood had made him the monster he was, he was never meant to be redeemed, but perhaps understood to some extent The entire story was very fast, very horrifying and completely unforgettable My first thoughts when I put it down were I have to get someone else to read this now , despite it not being something I d normally go about recommending to friends with a casual enjoy thrown in.It s labelled a young adult novel, god knows why but it is This book would have given me nightmares a few years ago and it may well give me nightmares tonight I don t think for one second that this is particularly a children teenage story, in fact it s debatable as to whether or not it s actually suitable for them at all The writing itself is neither simplistic or teen child oriented, but deep and complex.I certainly won t forget this book, whether or not that s a good thing though, remains undecided.

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    Elizabeth Scott is a genius A literary genius I ve read some of Elizabeth s other titles, and I find myself wondering, how can these be written by the same person And I don t mean that in a Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn way To have that kind of diverse talent, it is simply effing amazing I read this book in one setting It is truly powerful The emotion sadness, despair it s so apparent it s freaky How can I say that I loved a book about abduction, sexual abuse, and suffering Why do you look out your car window when you drive by the scene of an accident, do you want to see a dead, possibly mutilated body But I did, I loved it It was a masterpiece And not because of what it was about, but because of how it made me feel It s gripping, enthralling and completely horrifying The most disturbing parts aren t even written, but left to the reader to fill in the sickening details I ve read suggestions that this book shouldn t be targeted to a teen audience Why Because ignorance is bliss Because we don t need to add to the things that teenagers are desensitized from Don t worry if you ignore the situation it will go away That s how our society deals with those things, right Just sweep it under the rug No one will have to know that the world is a dirty place Do you ever have one of those moments where you want to let out a good frustrated scream yeah, this is one of those times Elizabeth Scott you re my hero.

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    This book is amazing I picked it up on a whim, one of the few YA books we had enough copies of at work for me to borrow Living Dead Girl tells a chilling story from the perspective of Alice, a 15 year old who was abducted at age 10 by a man named Ray, who proceeds to spend 5 years molding her into the perfect object of his desire, both physically and mentally.The book is incredibly disturbing as it should be I wanted the entire time to just run to where she was, break the door down and get her out of there I think what makes it so intense is watching Alice go from complete despair to find a thin, tiny thread of hope and what results.It is chilling to watch her helping to plot the abduction of another girl even younger this time she is SO willing to help commit another terrible act just to get her abductor s attention away from her.The end is scary, dramatic, disturbing, triumphant all rightfully so, and brought a jarring close to the story of Alice And yet, I m happy for herIt s hard to say who I d recommend this book to, exactly It s definitely very difficult, disturbing subject matter I would mostly say adults should read it rather than teenagers I think it is a cry for help for ALL children trapped in this kind of situation It s a cry for everyone to pay attention to what is going on around them, ask questions, don t just shrug off your suspicions People in these situations often cannot fend for themselves, or make the move to free themselves, so others need to be proactive in watching for the signs.All in all, this book greatly affected me, and I d definitely recommend it.

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    I look wrong I look dead I m not, though I m only partway there, a living dead girl I have been for five years Alice is a 15 years old girl who was kidnapped when she was 10 and taken to Shady Pines Apartments She lives with her captor, Ray, who pretends they are father and daughter But Ray doesn t treat Alice like a daughter He abuses her in every way possible, calling her his little girl , demanding to be a good girl for her daddy Alice learnt the hard way that she s alone in all this Her neighbors choose not to notice there s something strange is going on in their home or that Ray is a sick psycho No one sees her Alice accepts all this because she wants to protect her parents She wants them to stay alive, to have a life However, she tried to escape once, but her situation got worse, Ray becoming abusive This was a dark, gritty, disturbing read and I definitely not enjoyed it It felt real than other reads since we all know things like this happens all the time My heart broke for Alice She s so psychologically damaged, so afraid and so confused at times She s only 15 years old, but at times she felt mature than that Well, I guess all the abuse she suffered over the years changed her She wants to be free so badly that she agrees at some point to help Ray to kidnap a little girl She wants to survive and she s ready to do anything to stop her suffering The internal conflict is done well and despite everything I really understand Alice She only wants to survive The writing style was unique, the story fast paced and gripping, yet gut wrenching and haunting.Overall, a great read I thought living dead girls couldn t feel pain, thought I was emptied out but I m not, I m not

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    Well, people who have told me that Living Dead Girl was a horrifying book were absolutely correct This is definitely one of the most depressing and scary stories I have ever read Basically every sentence of this novel is a painful assault on your psyche The descriptions of daily physical, psychological and sexual abuse are almost impossible to bear.I have to give Elizabeth Scott kudos for creating a very realistic in its atrociousness story that won t leave anyone untouched The despicable routine of Alice s existence is mortifying her complete defeat and her willingness to put another child in her own place just to get some peace even if that peace equals death are awfully terrifying and yet strangely understandable the portrayal of Alice s abuser with his broken childhood and his twisted view of love rings true as well It is obvious Scott has done her research and got a great grasp of psyches of both the abuser and the abused However if I were ever to talk to the writer of Living Dead Girl, I would tell her that if you create a disturbing story like this, if you take your readers on such an emotional roller coaster, you d better come up with a better ending than the one we were offered If there is no hope or inspiration, such a tale becomes simply a horror story with nothing to learn, an exercise at psychological manipulation if you will But my major problem with this book is that it is written for young adults I don t quite understand the purpose of subjecting kids to this kind of story It is definitely not a cautionary tale as it might be for adults as they would be too old for that and it sure doesn t teach them any lessons The only thing this book will achieve is to scare them out of their sleep due to endless depictions of various assaults which in spite of their vagueness are quite graphic.Overall, Living Dead Girl is a memorable albeit painful read Not the book I would widely recommend and certainly not the one for younger readers.

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    UGH I never had any intention of reading this book until Bitch Magazine posted a list of Feminist YA books on their website this weekend and, much to my surprise, this was on it I questioned its place on the list, a staffer said they d look into it, and I second guessed myself Turns out I was right the first time this isn t feminist at all What s , I d say that this is the literary equivalent of torture porn, except worse than anything you ll actually ever see on the big screen this book has no redeeming social value whatsoever Edited a week later to add some thoughts I ve better developed since discussing with librarian buddies who both love and hate this book I can t deny that this book will appeal to horror hungry teens, and as a librarian I have to give it credit for that But frankly, it is ONLY as a genre horror novel that I can give it credit Same way I don t want to watch Hostel, I don t want to read books like this Clearly some people do, so however much I personally might have hated the experience of reading it, I can accept that this is a different strokes kind of thing But I have a real problem with this book being marketed as anything other than horror It SHOCKS me that anyone could call this a feminist work Does it make sense to say that the bleakness of this book makes it pointless I just wonder, what does a teen reader, or any reader, have to hold onto at the end Kyla is already apparently damaged beyond repair when the book begins, completely broken and tragic, but well on her way to monstrous, too using her own sexuality to control others who she perceives as being weak viciously mean when she has the opportunity to be positively gleeful over the thought of freeing herself at the cost of another girl s freedom It seems to me that with the ending she gives us, Scott lazily skirts around the possibility of recovery, of any possible empowerment or justice And I m not someone who thinks every book should have a happy or even optimistic ending, I just think that THIS book becomes pointless without one There s no story here this is a completely bleak and voyeuristic snapshot of horrific abuse and NOTHING ELSE, merely something you tell little girls to scare them into submission I think, in the end, a reader has nothing to gain from this book except for a good scare which it certainly delivers , and I think that does discredit it, pretty much entirely, as a piece of serious literary fiction I will say that I thought Scott s writing was much, much better here than in the very boring and awkward Perfect You except for the dialog, which this author cannot write at all But all in all I was happier person before I read this, and the world was probably a better place before it was written Yuck A million yucks I want a shower For a better, smarter captor captive book, try Room For a better, smarter abuse book, try Push.

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    Find all of my reviews at I decide everything Remember that God and monster all in one, and mine to worship. First of all Well, minus the crying This was rough, but it takes than a brutal storyline to get me to squirt some tears specifically, my period Living Dead Girl is about here I ll just let the book tell you Once upon a time, I did not live in Shady Pines Once upon a time, my name was not Alice Once upon a time, I didn t know how lucky I was When Alice was 10 years old, her class took a field trip to the local aquarium Alice got separated from everyone after being disappointed in the lack of dolphins and opting to go see the penguins on her own It was there that she met a gentlemen who informed her that her class was now watching a movie and he would show her to the theater Five years have passed since that day Five years since Alice has seen her mother and father Five years since she last saw her house at 623 Daisy Lane Five years of living with Ray You can get used to anything You think you can t, you want to die, but you don t You won t You just are I had never even heard of this book until over the weekend and I ll be damned if I can remember what if you liked this, you should try THIS list it popped up on over at the Faceplace, but I am completely blown away I haven t seen it over and over again on the Banned Books Week suggestions To whoever decided to market this as a Young Adult selection, I give you mad props because you must have balls the size of watermelons I can only assume the pitch was something of a think of this like a modernized after school special Living Dead Girl is definitely a story each parent will have to decide for themselves if they think their child should read and I encourage parents to read this first before allowing your kid to check it out While there are not necessarily specific details given regarding the abuse Alice suffers, that does not make the story less graphic and two and two is easily put together regarding all of the goings on As the story progresses there s a solid chance questions will arise about some of Alice s behaviors and what she is willing to do in order to no longer be the focus of Ray s attention Not to mention that, much like in real life, a tale like this cannot have a happy ending Assuming my children would actually read on their own voluntarily, I would probably attempt to keep this one off their TBR until high school Highly recommended to anyone who thinks they can handle it and zero judgment for anyone who knows they can t.

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    I struggled with how to rate this book from 1 star, to 5 stars, to no stars There is a part of me that regrets ever having picked up this book, and definitely a part of me that for better or worse will never forget reading it My first visceral reaction to it was that Scott had penned an outrageously exploitative, gratuitous book, one so gruesome in parts, and so fully realized, that I felt like an accomplice, aiding and abetting Alice s abductor The book left me reeling from shock and revulsion Yes, it s that graphic I will say what I said after reading Jerzy Kosi ski s The Painted Bird Can people really be that cruel and savage towards one another Of course they can, I just don t like to be reminded of it especially by a writer with such obvious talents And Elizabeth Scott is a very talented writer, and in her hands, this story will not just haunt you, but hurt you Having said that, this is an important book, one that throws a spotlight on a taboo subject we all wish didn t exist But it does exist, for countless abducted children, and for countless children victimized by family or friends I had a friend explain to me why she thought this book is so important, and I had to agree with her this book doesn t make us an accomplice, but rather a witness in the reading we are bearing witness to such awful, indescribable crimes, much as we would when reading a book about the Holocaust You bear witness so that you won t ever forget all those nameless, faceless victims We bear witness so that maybe next time, we will recognize when something s not right , we will identify the child in distress who cannot ask for help I did not enjoy this book it ranks as one of the most difficult and assaulting reads of my life But Scott has told an amazing story, giving voice to a voiceless victim, restoring humanity to a young girl who thought she had every bit of hers ripped away.