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When things in the land down under start to heat up murder steps in Nikki and her boss turned boyfriend came to Australia to visit the Hahndorf Winery but it seems they've also walked onto a movie set And when lead actress Lucy Swanson is found dead in her trailer bitten by a poisonous snake Nikki must comb the vineyards of the valley to catch a killer with a venomous streak before she's struck herself

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    I couldn't like anything about this DNF

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    An escape back into a cozy series I started years ago in this installment Nikki has recently chosen her true love and she follows Derek on a trip to visit an Australian vineyard he plans to partner with for his Nappa Valley winery They walk into a movie set at the vineyard and when the leading lady is killed was the poisonous snake in her trailer an accident or did someone murder her? Nikki steps in to the leading role I know this is fiction but I found that highly improbable Nevertheless a fun read including some wine and food pairings to delight the taste buds

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    Another great Nikki Sands mystery Derek and Nikki finally connect or do they? Another set of complications put this budding romance on the back burner again Nikki finds herself in Australia with Derek and Derek's brother Simon and another suspicious death Murder? You bet A great light read

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    A pretty breezy read but with a different location which was a nice change of pace I enjoyed getting to know Derek's brother Simon a little better in this installment too He was a nice addition to the story

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    Not my cup of tea or rather glass of wine Too much suspension of disbelief reuired

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    The first and the last of the book left a lot to be desired unless you enjoy the lusty couple filler of a good mystery The middle section was the story line An actress is killed although most people feel it was an accident However; the amateur sleuth who replaces the actress in making the film is convinced it's murder She begins to inuire with probing uestions to find an antagonism arising toward her The boyfriend is gone checking out a winery during this Their thoughts and emotions are very good through this time The boyfriend's brother who stays with her is a hoot The book was alright I know sex or the underlying thoughts that continue to go toward itis a fact of life and some people feel it adds color to a mystery I am not one of those people It takes away from a good story If I had wanted a lusty romance I'd have bought one I should give her the benefit of the doubt that some of her books may be different I just do not know if I want to read any I gave it a 3 The good parts were good The conclusion of the mystery has a real twist to it that's fun I did not even guess it until she spelled it out And she does have some excellent recipes in the book of an elegant nature

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    Another reviewer called this a mindless summer read; yet another called it fluffy It is both While I ultimately enjoyed this book I found myself being annoyed with the heroine Nikki Sands and her boss now boyfriend Derek the owner of the winery she manages that I almost wanted to slap both of them in the face and told each to grow up Both could be so childish and annoying at times; and Nikki really really skates the line on being a TSTL heroine She is just too too nosy and really doesn't seem to have any clue that she is reckless and foolhardy in her attempts to solve the mysteries She is intrusive impulsive and just plain stupid at times While Derek probably should have patience with her and a better understanding of her personality and character if he loves her she seems to be so totally self absorbed that she can't respect and can't accept his warnings and his frustrations with her impulsive investigations I'm not sure I can go on On the one hand I'm invested and I like the characters; on the other they can be so annoying I can't stand it at times

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    The 4th in the Wine Lovers' Mystery series Cute seriesgreat for a mindless summer read Main character Nikki Sands plays actress turned wine connoisseuramateur sleuth when she becomes entwined in yet another murder scene this time in Australia When a drama ueen actress is found dead from a poisonous snake bite Nikki is not convinced that it was an accident Not only is she asked to step in as the leading lady in the movie she also has to juggle playing detective AND figuring out her romantic or not involvement with Derek Malveaux the hunky owner of the Malveaux Winery in Napa Valley Not too easy to do especially when they are sharing a room with Simon Derek's half brother who has been inconsolable since he has been dumped by his Italian lover

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    It was a uick read And enjoyable as well I have read a couple of the other books in the series and was happy that Nikki chose Derek I was rooting for them Back to the book I found that everything went smoothly until Nikki was offered the part in the movie It wasn’t a surprise considering the blurb But Derek’s reaction wasnot the initial one the one after I didn’t see that coming Nikki was her usual curious self wanting to investigate and wanting “to help” to detective in charge With all the drama that was happening the scene stealer was Simon I just love himI was surprised on who the killer was it just felt strange I’m usually pretty good on catching them early but not this one Oh well maybe next time

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    This is a light uick read The storyline and the characters are easy to follow and there is enough suspense to keep you turning the pages I do like the idea of this series and may check out others Numerous chapters end with actual recipes from the dinner in the story and wine pairings I found those interesting Even though most of the them are meals I would never make it was still interesting to read through the ingredients All in all it was an enjoyable read