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The First Twelve Books In The Popular Christy Miller Series Are Now Available In Four Treasured Volumes Bestselling Author Robin Jones Gunn Packs Each One With Enough Action, Romance, And Drama To Keep You Reading And Wanting It All Starts The Summer Christy Vacations On A California Beach And Meets Two Friends Who Change Her Life Forever But After Moving Across The Country With Her Family, Christy Must Begin Her Sopho Year Of High School Uncertain Where She Ll Fit In A Red Headed New Best Friend, A Try At Cheerleading, A Job At A Pet Store, And Expectations For The Prom Fill Christy S High School Years With A String Of Laughter And Tears Moments Fireball Katie Keeps Everyone Guessing What She Ll Do Next, And Surfer Todd Keeps Showing Up While Popular Rick Has Determined To Get Her Full Attention As These Memorable Years Unfold, Christy And Her God Loving Friends Find Out What It Means To Be A Peculiar Treasure Follow Christy Miller As She Stays True To Her Identity In Christ, Drawing Closer To God For Help In Realizing Her Dreams And Dealing With Her DisappointmentsBook Details Format Box Set Publication DatePagesReading Level AgeAnd Up

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    OH MY GOODNESS SO MANY THOUGHTS FEELINGS ON THESE THREE BOOKS THAT MAKE UP VOLUME ONE.I got the book and read all the synopses first from the back cover the last pages Which meant I read the summaries of all 12 books in the series and was like, ummm yep we know where this is going And guess what IT S ALL SO SPOILERY ABOUT THE OUTCOME OF THE ROMANCE Any romantic tension there was supposed to be is now DEAD Let s begin by talking about the good things before I start ranting and offend some fan I am obviously not the target audience, which might explain why I didn t enjoy it as much as I should have I m too old, too mature haha Look at my self praise for this main character I think the book would be best for 12 13 year olds who love a generous dose of clean romance important life lessons for girls about friends peer pressure making good choices Christy deals with things that I assume most girls would have to face at some point friends, peer pressure, trouble that others teens get into, crushes, insecurities about looks, adults meddling in her life, etc I have been super sheltered in a good environment for my whole life learn stuff the easy way aka NOT from experience so I m mostly like, is this what it means to have friends Cos I never had any friends So yes I THINK YOUNGER GIRLS IN THE RIGHT AGE GROUP COULD LEARN GOOD STUFF FROM HERE. I really like the settings vibes California, beach, fancy house, shopping malls, small town, big church, school, restaurants and cafes etc All felt really ordinary beautiful easy to imagine It was attention holding, I must confess I read through in three days and was really interested to know what happens next I laughed a lot But not necessarily over the good stuff The characters were nice I mean other than Christy being immature and Todd being perfect and Rick being a questionable red herring, everyone else was really fun Sure there were some jerks stupid kids annoying adults but they really were colorful and varied and I enjoyed reading about them They all had struggles conflicts to work through and no one was perfect ya know, other than Todd.Ok now for the bad stuff HAHA HERE WE COME. Christy was so immature Like literally, I quote They waited and waited Finally, at seven, Uncle Bob started suggesting why Todd was late Maybe he chickened out Tears filled Christy s eyes I mean, MY DUDE, don t you understand a joke when you hear one Christy starts out at fourteen Too worried about her looks, too whiney, too jealous, too naive, too inexperienced in every way for the plot of how she gets a boyfriend.Now, I think a lot of us can agree 14 is too young for a boyfriend Hmm But let s just say for critical purposes that we agree kids can have boyfriends at 14 if they are ready for it.CHRISTY IS SO SO SO NOT READY.The one time one of the guys acts like a boy in joking laughing being loud all she can say is, ugh why is he acting like such a brat And spoiler she doesn t ACTUALLY get a boyfriend in these books, but the entire plot revolves around her thinking crushing on these couple of guys and wondering if they like her trying to spend time with them trying to make them like her.Which brings us to point two. THESE GUYS ARE LIKE TWO GRADES ABOVE HER.I was complaining about this to my mom who said, maybe it s a case of girls maturing faster than boys And I was like HAR HAR I see no evidence of that whatsoever.Did I tell you how immature Christy is Well lemme say HER TWO BOYFRIEND CANDIDATES ARE SO UGH PERFECT.Which means, ummm yes they act all mature caring Todd is like the idk same as every other boyfriend I ever encountered in fiction Tall, so handsome, blond, friendly when no one else is, super sweet and kind and gentle and funny and caring, and OOOHHH A CHRISTIAN Extra points stifles growls While you read, he makes you go, awww, but as soon as you re done you re like, ummm can we call this enormous spider walking around the house Todd cos I wanna yell at him That was me, literally Then there s Rick Low key jerk He seemed nice enough but he knows Christy can t date till she s 16 so WHY THE HECK ARE YOU TRYING TO GET SO ROMANTIC WITH HER MY DUDE WHY Spoiler, Rick is not the one Oh yeah and did I tell you she meets Todd in chapter four Yeah, so unique And she s praying I want a second chance with Rick I want everything with Todd to be exactly like last summer Which part of running after two guys do you not understand Christy I hate love triangles in which we all know which guy is the jerk I doubly hate the love triangle in which the girl is running after both of them and THAT IS CHRISTY.There was this one part in which a friend says, why don t you try to make Todd jealous And Christy is like, idk, but she accidentally DOES and Todd gets mad and I m like, wow I ll just sit back and enjoy watching you suffer these consequences for a little while And her parents tell her she can t date till she s 16 SO TELL ME MY DEAR, WHY DON T YOU STOP THINKING ABOUT THESE GUYS ROMANTICALLY UNTIL THEN. Yeah I had major problems with the romance in here. I also feel like the books could have explored other things so much Like her relationship with her brother She thinks he s a brat And when Todd starts teaching him to surf she s whining like oh why is he playing with me bro and isn t spending time with me Christy dear, let me tell you something Of all the impressive things Todd could do this is a top notch quality DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH OTHER PEOPLE S LITTLE SIBLINGS If I ever see a teen who can hit is with kids my opinion of them goes up threefold. Also her parents Family life was sorely lacking We suddenly find out in book 3 that things started to get better when they started going to church SO WHY WAS IT NOT MENTIONED BEFORE Christy has very average relationships with her parents, and while it began to improve in book 3, WHERE ARE THEY HALF THE TIME And yeah this has Christian messages themes but really not in an outstanding way Christy has not been reading her Bible or talking about Christian things with Christian friends and she only prays when she has some sort of conflict and still she says, JESUS IS LIVING INSIDE ME AND IS AS REAL AS ANY PERSON I KNOW I don t see much evidence of that In my experience the time you spend with Jesus the he ll be alive to you and I don t see Christy doing that I MEAN, YES, WE ALL STRUGGLE LIKE CHRISTY We struggle to grow closer to God and to follow him above all the other drowning voices but from a Christian book that has SO MUCH TIME to focus on romance where was the time to make Christy grow a little as a Christian as a good family member SO YEP RANT OVER.To some tweenage girls who ask, can you recommend me a Christian romance book about young girls I might say, try Christy Miller Though you ll probably be better of not reading romance at all The thing is, I am still super hesitant to recommend this to anyone especially YOUNGER girls because reading about Christy s constant thoughts about guys might influence similar thoughts in readers So I can t say I really recommend.I LOW KEY ENJOYED READING THESE FROM MY MATURE PERSPECTIVE but I don t know if I can put up with nine books of Christy the love squares that are certain to crop up.

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    I can t believe I liked these books when I was younger Christy is annoying.Todd is flippant.The whole book is problematic Also, I m a very insecure person, I don t read books to read about insecurities, especially those that aren t addressed.

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    I LOVED this series I myself, am an avid reader, so I read the books in the time span of about three months Before I found this book, I had been in this sort of, slump if you will, where I thought that all the books I was reading, all had the same type of plot, the same sort of sappy love story etc and I was growing especially tired of reading the same thing over and over again Then one day at the library, I found the first volume of this series, and thought, Hey why not, the synopsis looks pretty good, it contains the first threee books in it So I checked it out and went home, only to read the book in less then three days, to return to the library aferwards to check out the second volume and so on I even went so far as to put a hold on some of the copies that my library didn t have, which is a whole new experience for me Any Christian teen, looking for an uplifting story, good morals, holding out for a hero, and the importance of centering your life on Christ, this is a must read

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    Welcome to Teen Week Every quarter we re going to try and do a Teen Week A week where every weekday has a new review of a Christian book written just for teens This week will be a little different with a new review and an updated review on Friday You re reading the third one of this quarter s Day 1 Here Day 2 Here About this book Bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn packs each one with enough action, romance, and drama to keep you reading and wanting It all starts the summer Christy vacations on a California beach and meets two friends who change her life forever But after moving across the country with her family, Christy must begin her sopho year of high school uncertain where she ll fit in A red headed new best friend, a try at cheerleading, a job at a pet store, and expectations for the prom fill Christy s high school years with a string of laughter and tears moments Fireball Katie keeps everyone guessing what she ll do next, and surfer Todd keeps showing up while popular Rick has determined to get her full attention As these memorable years unfold, Christy and her God loving friends find out what it means to be a peculiar treasure Follow Christy Miller as she stays true to her identity in Christ, drawing closer to God for help in realizing her dreams and dealing with her disappointments Whether you re meeting her for the first time or have known her for years Christy Is a Forever Friend Series The Christy Miller series A total of 12 books are in this series, but this series also has spun off four other series and have a few other connecting books Summer Promise by Robin Jones GunnAbout this book Fourteen year old Christy Miller has the dream summer ahead of her in sun kissed California, staying with her aunt and uncle at their beachfront home Aunt Marti loves to shop, and those surfers are cute especially Todd Christy promised her parents she wouldn t do anything she d regret later, and some of her beach friends are a little wild But Todd and his God Lover friends are giving Christy a new image of all things eternal Can this summer live up to its promise Spiritual Content Prayers A handful of Scriptures are read, quoted mentioned Many, many, many talks about God Many talks about what it means to be a Christian H s are capital when referring to God Mentions of Church going Witnessing Christy wonders about Heaven Hell A funeral Spoiler view spoiler Christy asks God into her heart hide spoiler

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    gawkes this was so gooooood.

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    I adore this series It is really the reason I m a Christian today I was losing faith when I read this book and Christy spoke perfectly of my situation.

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    My almost teenaged girl read this and loved it because she said it was very real and, although a Christian novel, didn t force the Christianity into the story, but did it in a very natural way I was intrigued and wanted to read it for myself The author does a really good job of developing the characters and capturing the turmoil and emotional insecurities of growing up While the protagonist is exposed to much than my daughter has ever been exposed to drugs, drinking, sex, and in later books, eating disorders it is done so in a way that shows the merit of Christy s good choices to not engage in these behaviors, and produced ripe opportunities to have conversations on these topics with my daughter I have to admit, I couldn t put it down, and we have since ordered volumes 2 4 I can t prevent my little girl from growing up, but I feel good that she is reading books like this that will give her a solid perspective of what good friends really look like and the negative consequences of bowing to peer pressure.

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    Christy Miller Volume One ReRead 2019 4 stars First Book 4.5 stars.Second Book 3 stars Third Book 5 stars OHHHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

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    I enjoyed parts of this book, but found myself inwardly cringing through much of it, unable to do anything but watch Christy make one mistake after another Christy pretty much drove me nuts She is EXTREMELY moody One moment she s falling in love with Todd, the next she s completely flipping out, yelling and chucking her sandals at him She obsessed over him and would blow up over dumb stuff and make an idiot of herself But there were times I have to say I understood Christy s frustration with him He sometimes left ME wondering He was soooo nonchalant about EVERYTHING including his friendship with Christy It s like he liked her, but half the time acted like it didn t really matter or something He could take it or leave it Which is why I woulda just been like Kay, call me if you ever decide you really like me or not,bye And tried to forget about him.I mean, I guess Todd just didn t want to jump into a serious relationship too quickly He wanted to take his time and become good friends first, which is smart and all, but it seemed like he went about it the wrong way It often came across like Christy wasn t all that important to him I guess that s just his personality, I don t know.Honestly I don t even get what Todd See s in Christy She s crazy Like I said, at the beginning of the book, she barely knows him and is already obsessing She easily gets jealous, she s whiny She s so immature in the way she handles things, I m just like STOP BEING RIDICULOUS And okay, she s only fifteen, but still After the blow up over the nothing between him and Tracy, and then the Disneyland incident, I just don t get why he s still interested He should run far far away as fast as he can in the opposite direction Despite all that, I have hope that as Christy grows as a Christian and matures, she ll stop being so annoying and so I do plan on reading volume 2 of the Christy Miller series I ve heard too many good things about this series to give up on it yet I have to say though that I think if I d read this book several years ago I would have loved it I m thinking this series is probably best for younger teens.

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    This book is a three books in one volume, so I ve given an overview of each story below I think these books are great They follow fifteen year old Christy Miller as she struggles through her teenage years They are well written and fun Christy is an endearing character who gets into a lot of mischief just trying to live life I highly recommend this series to teen girls of all ages.Book 1Summer PromiseChristy Miller is thrilled to spend the summer with her aunt and uncle in Newport Beach, California But Christy doesn t fit in Her skin is pale and her swimsuit is old and green Aunt Marti gives her a makeover that includes a new hairstyle and wardrobe Christy s hair is so short, now, and the clothes might not be her favorite styles, but she does feel older and sophisticated She decides that she likes her new look.Christy also likes a cute surfer named Todd, but she isn t sure he likes her back She s invited to a get together one night and hopes that Todd will be there Instead, she discovers a wild party with deadly consequences Christy struggles to understand what s happened and how to move forward Can Christy find her true self without breaking her summer promise Book 2A Whisper and a WishChristy s life is changing Her family is moving to California, but before Christy can get too excited, she discovers that her family won t live in Newport Beach like Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob Christy s dad gets a job in Escondido, an hour and a half away from the beach and Christy s friends Christy has to start over making new friends She doesn t have as much freedom with her parents as she had with Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob There are a lot rules to follow at home And a brush with the law on a trip to Palm Springs won t help prove to her parents that she s growing up Can Christy do what s right and still obey her parents Book 3Yours ForeverChristy can t wait to spend Christmas in Newport Beach Not only will she see all her beach friends, but Todd has moved to Newport Beach permanently Christy is confused about her relationship with Todd He never says anything to help her understand how he feels Her friend, Heather, talks Christy into flirting with Doug to make Todd jealous, but this only seems to make everyone mad at her Why are relationships so hard Even Aunt Marti isn t speaking to Christy Again, I highly recommend this series for girls ages 12 and up Christy is a delight to read and she struggles with a lot of tough things in this series There are four, three book volumes in the re released series, and a college years volume.