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Maybe I m not the target audience for this bookbut I still enjoyed it Ever Felt Like The Last Item Left On The Clearance Rack As A Successful Patent Attorney, Ashley Stockingdale Has All The Makings Of A Perfect Catch The Looks, The Brains, Even A Convertible But At , She S Beginning To Wonder If She S Been Passed Over For Good Deciding To Adopt A New Attitude, Ashley Suddenly Becomes The Romantic Interest Of Three Men Within A Matter Of Days While Her Heart Enjoys Turning The Tables On The Dating Game, The Rest Of Her Previously Predictable World Is Being Turned Upside Down Is It Than Ashley Can Handle Or Is It Exactly What She Wants Award Wining Author Kristin Billerbeck Combines Comedy With Spunk To Create A Memorable Story In What A Girl Wants An All Too Realistic Picture Of A Single Girl S Search For Being Content With Who She Iswith Or Without A Man This is a Christian chick lit love triangle story about a 30 year old, successful woman trying to find romance However, the best man did not win One thing I like to do when I read these types of books is put myself in their shoes That way I become emotionally involved with the characters Ashley, the main character, has to choose between Seth, a long term friend who she crushed on for years and Kevin, who dated a friend of hers and that she later bumped into and they went out on a date.I found her love interest, Seth, to be rude, mean and boring I mean how many times can someone watch The Matrix Even the way the author described Seth made him seem unattractive Seriously, I m reading to escape reality heremake the guy attractive Then there was Ashley s other possible love interest, Kevin, who, she herself described as the perfect gentlemen He was charming, sweet, attentive, fun, etc He even went so far as to bail her out of jail He should be nominated for the Whatta Guy Award I mean all in all Seth was there for her too but in an awkward sort of wayIn the scenes where Seth is trying to be romantic, he fell waaaay short I couldn t tell if he was being sarcastic or his attempt at romance was lame.In the end Ashley and Seth are at her brother s wedding where he tells her he would like to have a relationship In front of her family they start hooking up Tacky especially for a Christian Now this is what really gets me The reason she doesn t pick Kevin is because Kevin is not a practicing Christian Give a guy a chanceKevin did begin to embrace the faith and started to practice.On the plus side, this book was a quick, easy read with just enough description to visualize what was happening with out being over bearing I could easily sit down for a longer period of time with this book It was a good airport read, which is where I got most of it done.I hope in the next book of this series Ashley comes to her senses and Kevin gets resurrected. This first book in the Ashley Stockingdale series is a book that will resonate with many single Christian women who are trying to have a career, keep their faith, and have a relationship This book certainly falls into the chick lit genre and therefore should not be taken too seriously, but the characters do develop over time and display flaws of character that make them relatable Ashley is a patent attorney who is looking for love, but can never seem to get it with the right guy at the right time Seth, the guy she has had a crush on for a long time, can t seem to commit to a relationship with her and Kevin, the interested new guy, isn t a Christian In the midst of a series of dramatic life changes, Ashley has to figure out what direction she wants to take with her life. I found this book by accident and ended up loving it although I would definitely categorize it as ChickLit with a Christian theme The characters in all three of this series are great and I think they are wonderful beach bathtub reads. This was a quick light read, but it didn t make enough sense story wise for me to really connect to it Way inconsistent with the characters versus what we are being told to think of them Brea s the best friend ever except she s flaky and totally attached to the new husband that Ashley can barely talk to We are told how boring Seth is but then Ashley is randomly attracted to him and even after they kiss, totally bored by him herself Brea tells us there was history between Ashley and Seth but Ashley herself doesn t even remember it, let alone give it any meaning I would have sooner believed they had just met than that she and Seth were really friends at all before the book Ashley seems to act like she s broke but actually has plenty of money she goes shopping with She worries about being too materialistic and then totally judges Kevin for his sad Datsun date car I was getting frustrated with her vacillating daydreams and I do not understand the beach scene with Seth Seriously He finds her, kisses her, she acknowledges the emotions and then he says he s moving to Arizona and she lets him leave he s made his decision and she s made hers What decision Who cares. Great book Ashley is an over thirty patent attorney that feels like her season has past and is hoping she isn t single forever Then she hasthan one man interested in her at once and she must find what God s will is for her life It is easy to relate to Ashley She has to learn to balance her relationships, friendships, her demanding job and her faith all at the same time. I absolutely loved this book This is written by a Christian author who did a wonderful job of telling what most single girls want and how they feel It was funny and inspirational at the same time. What a fun book The main character is very funny and likeable Although there is alot of christian references and that could make it really sappy, it really isn t Perfect beach summer light reading. Fun summer read Just what I neededpretty hilarious and true.