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More commentary from me on what a Christian novel SHOULD be like In real life, Christians have daily struggles in living out their faith This book completely failed to address any of those struggles, even when they would have entered the plot very easily Here s a conflict that Billerbeck set up Natural health nut Christian girl meets hot Christian plastic surgeon There s definitely chemistry, but girl hesitates because his unnatural concepts of health and beauty clash with her own She doesn t seem to notice the fact which is glaringly evident to the reader that he doesn t act at all Christ like Then she falls in love with some other guy who isn t at all into her health thing either, whose faith goes completely unmentioned, and who buys her a diamond ring the size of a golf ball She goes for the latter Really obvious Christian novel conflicts present themselves Girl meets boy, there s chemistry, but he doesn t live out his faith, so she has to decide if he s really a good guy for her Or, girl falls for both a wealthy, worldly guy and a poorer, Christ like guy both of whom are quite dashing and has to do some serious thinking about what she s looking for in a man Anyway, all that being said, I ll probably go back to the library and look for the other book in the set Sigh I m like that. Silicon Valley Chiropractor Poppy Clayton Is As Calm, Cool, And Adjusted As They Come Or Is She Known For Her Bad Fashion Sense, A Love For All Things Natural, And The Inability To Get A Second Date, Poppy Is Beginning To Wonder If She Might Be Misaligned HerselfPoppy S Route To Self Discovery Will Be An Unnatural One Involving A Plastic Surgeon Of All People , A Condemned House In Santa Cruz, And A Wedding Date From The Dark Side It S Enough To Send A Girl And Her Gal Pals Running For Their Favorite Spa This book was difficult for me to trudge through I did not like the character development at all I realize that this is chick lit, but normally Kristin Billerbeck is a fun easy read I just didn t enjoy this book.The main character, Poppy, really annoyed me She couldn t get her life in order and didn t understand why There were lots of times of disconnect in the story that just didn t make sense.I will say that between the two guys I didn t have a clue who she would choose I was surprised at the ending and her choice.This book isof a day on the beach book. Ms Billerbeck went backwards again with this book As with the first book in the Spa Girls series, this book focuses too much on the main character s obsessions, not enough on plot or proper storyline building The focus of the book even contradicts itself in several areas again feels like a novel written, then some Christian elements added for good measure All in all, I will not be recommending this series Christian fluff is my final word on these books Disappointing. Oh, so sad that I just finished this last book in the series I love Kristin Billerbeck and she needs to writebooks This is a great series, clean, fun, and tear filled happy tears. Loved, loved, loved Kristin Billerbeck is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite authors Can t wait to read the rest of the Spa Girls books A great way to end the series Im not a huge fan of Poppy, the main character, but the story and plot did leave you with a great feeling, and sad the series had ended. I have no idea what to think about this book I think Poppy realized that what she was doing with her life was not fully what God wanted her to do, but that was not clear enough for me This book felt like Poppy was explaining everything in her head, except it also felt she thought you were a mind reader and could piece together what she was not saying I think I got the gist, but I would have liked it to beclear My biggest complaint about this book had to be the love interest We are introduced to two guys One guy we get to hearoften in the book, but we are told that Poppy cannot see herself with him The second guy we know had chemistry with Poppy and they know each other for three years, yet we did not see him that much in the book Since I really like the second guy, I want Poppy to be with him, but I feel we do not see Poppy with him that much to make the claim that they should be together Conclusion It is an okay book about how to have a balance Christian life with a dash of romance. This is my favorite in the Spa Girls series It is by far the most relatable to me and I find myself re reading it the most. 2.5 stars With her other Spa Girl friends Morgan and Lilly married or nearly married, Poppy finds herself the only single girl in a sea of couples Her eclectic personality doesn t allow much wallowing, however, because chiropractor Poppy isconcerned about body fat percentages, healthy eating, exercising, and natural healing than she is about trivial things like love relationships Or is she really Poppy is torn between an attraction to a patient with a dynamic personality and the gorgeous plastic surgeon in the office next to hers And these interests don t stop Morgan and Lilly from trying to set Poppy up with a man they know is absolutely perfect for her Poppy s friends also think that she should get out of the past and start wearing modern day clothing rather than skirts her mother wore in the 70s To complicate matters even further, her father decides it s time to move from the house Poppy grew up in, and dumps the whole mess of a falling down home into Poppy s lap to deal with All of these trials don t mesh well with Poppy s ordered, controlled life Is there a way she can choose which man if any is right for her This is the third book in the Spa Girls series Since the characters continue from one book to the next, so for maximum enjoyment readers should start with the first book Enough background is provided so that new readers won t be too lost though Poppy is an interesting character, probably the most interesting of the three women in these novels Her Christian approach to natural healing is quite unusual I never did get a true sense of how she meshed her faith with her work, but that didn t seem to be a main focus of the story Although these novels are marketed as Christian chick lit, the faith storyline never takes center stage Even when Poppy s friends are trying to get her to realize that she can t be in control of everything in life, God is given only a cursory mention and Poppy never really comes to realize what she s doing and how she needs to let go and trust God.There s a great deal of humor sprinkled throughout Calm, Cool Adjusted which makes the book delightful to read The suspense of wondering who Poppy will choose is fun And the storyline about Poppy confronting her past makes the whole book worthwhile It has been great getting to know these characters over the past three books Kristin Billerbeck is skilled at character development and carrying a story through to completion Fans of chick lit looking for wholesome, yet not preachy, novels need look no further than this enjoyable series.