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This book is specially designed in 's fixed layout KF8 format with region magnification Double tap on an area of text to zoom and read An artist’s uniue take on the museum experience peoplewatching   Author and artist David Prudhomme meanders through the Louvre feeling as if in the panels of a giant comic while he himself is creating his own is this graphic novel In this institution all manner of people from all over the world rub elbows uietly So Prudhomme decides to cruise through the museum not to look at the world famous art but to observe the people and their interaction with it As he wanders he discovers a group of students somehow stuck together just as in the shipwreck on the Raft of the Medusa; a man standing behind the Seated Scribe as if attempting to read over his shoulder; and in the hall of antiuities a woman placing her head in a lion’s mouth This work presents readers a strange silent and casual choreography danced in the midst of one of the most prestigious museums in the world

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    A kind of advertisement for the Louvre they seem to have invited him or paid him not sure which is fine about a comics guy David Prudhomme wandering through the Louvre watching people watch art which is the thing he likes best about art museums It's not really a narrative except the boring one of his trying to find his partner from who he is separated for a time For an ad it is at least about an interesting place where great adventures can be had as we enter into the various worlds of the art But he just wanders and talks about stuff kind of randomly Prudhomme's Rebetiko own art of the art there and of people looking at the art is pretty great But I see there is a Kindle edition of this which is interactive where you click on pages and it actually takes you the actual room at the Louvre I think that version would be interesting than this one

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    La traversée might initially be off putting since preliminary conclusions lead to something like it's an ad for The Louvre which commences with no plot whatsoever other than some strange rambling man toodling around the halls on his cell phone Closer reading reveals that although it is indeed a textually sparse ad for The Louvre there is a deeper story going on one where the audience becomes the art and where observing the audience becoming art becomes art and The Louvre is examined as a place to float off into the clouds of wonder joy mystery and life's reasons great and small La traversée finishes by reminding us that art is everywhere and that art galleries and the lessons learned therein can have an ever lasting influence on our lives This is beautiful art and the art of art although I don't always care for the artist's use of light blue and pink on audience faces ArtTrue Rating 38 Stars

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    Spent a very very happy afternoon at the library cozied up reading this book and delighting in every single page Find a copy where you are I promise it's worth it

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    25 I enjoyed the idea that walking through an art museum is similar to reading a graphic novel Each painting is a scene and the author is walking through a life size story My favorite bit was the moment where he is in a room with a crowd of people staring at the Mona Lisa and he wonders What does she think of all this? What does she see?

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    Amusing brief graphic novel about the artist wandering through the Louvre ostensibly searching for his girlfriend and also seeking inspiration on how to convey his visit in a graphic novel It's a bit meta and a bit cryptic but somehow that works especially in conveying the strange ways that art interacts with us as much as we interact with it

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    Perfect for art teachers The dialogue is a little abstract and at times forced in order to form a narrative but the images are creative and reuire reflection they are observations of visitors and how they interact with art in the museum from selfies to contrived poses to random mirror images and similarities uite clever at times The facts appended about the Louvre are fascinating

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    Borrowed this book so I could see the Louvre again not sure when I’ll be able to go again considering the pandemic It’s uite a uirky little book in that it has little direction That works at times but ultimately is to the book’s disadvantage I thought this book would be about the protagonist looking at some of the works at the Louvre Maybe a little analysis on why some works are popular than others I wondered whether this book might be about the artworks analyzing the people or at least the protagonist author studying visitors I also thought it would be a little mystery set at the Louvre This book is all of those and none of those The author looks at the people around him ponders on what the Mona Lisa sees and is driven by the mystery of finding his partner who has got separated from him in the museum But none of these plot points are dissected They just happen to be part of the book so there’s not much we can take from the experience of reading itThis ended up being some light reading but I wanted something deeper something that took me to the Louvre and kept me there I breezed past the pages when I wasn’t trying to recognise the art I did like the art and the effort put in to recreate the galleries That must have taken an enormous amount of research and time But I didn’t get the experience I wanted from this book so that’s a bit disappointing

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    This was enjoyable but decidedly on the light and inconseuential side The title pretty much sums up the book A man spends the entire book wandering through the Louvre trying to find Jeanne who is either his girlfriend or wife or at least a woman of some significance in his life Throughout his meanderings we get glimpses of the different ways in which people behave in art museums Prudhomme has a nice eye for human behavior I've never been to the Louvre itself but I've been to a few museums in my day I've definitely seen these people before and even been some of them myself There are also some moments noting resemblances between the art and the people looking at it And that's about it The artwork is lovely Prudhomme has a cartoony style that would be at home on the pages of the New Yorker He has a nice sense of color that manages to be bright without overwhelming the pages This is neither a great book nor a terrible one It's light and trifling but pleasant enough in its own way

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    This graphic book was very interesting It is exactly as the title describes David Prudhomme depicts a character wandering through the Louvre Museum in Paris The art which consisted of pencilcolor pencil drawings were uite beautiful in my opinion The paintings themselves did resemble the original famous works such as the Mona Lisa and Rembrandt and Eugene Delacroix's La Liberte guidant le peuple I liked the book itself though I was a bit confused as to what happened to Jeanne the character whom David so desperately tries to find and contact in the Louvre But overall the style of the artwork was what really made this book it enjoyable

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    what a piece of artwork itself the pastel like touches are really beautiful