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Sebastian Hamilton is ready to get away from it all especially Christmas But when his flight to paradise is canceled and he's stuck in his office with his hot assistant temptation takes over But is it enough for the Scrooge to find some Christmas spirit?Annabelle DeRosa just wants to go home Unfortunately she's stuck in her own personal hell her office building with her boss But when things take a turn for the steamy will Annabelle play along or will she still be wishing to get home for Christmas?Their attraction is against everything they believe in but will the power of Christmas help them fight their fears and bring them together?

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    275 stars Way to short to connect with hero and heroine but it was sweet and hot I was interested in Knox's book but he is a manwhore and the heroine is a stripper nothing against that but I don't want to read about her putting her ass in a guys face so I guess I won't be reading it lol this one is totally safe but in the sample in Knox book the hero is in a strip club with his buddies

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    This was cute but it is SUPER short like 64 pages short so it's basically a wham bam thank you ma'am type of dealI enjoyed the writing and we get a peek at Knox's book but the H is a manwhore MMA fighter and the h is a stripper so not sure I am going there lol

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    Too shortToo short The story was not developed enough I want to know about Annabelle and Sebastian 's story What happened after they got to New Jerseyand later? Any ups and downs how'd the visit to the cemetery affect Sebastian What was Annabelle's reaction to his emotions? ???

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    Mr Hamilton is a workaholic that's not a fan of Christmas He would rather skip the holidays and wants nothing to do with celebrating Getting away from all of the cheerful holiday spirit is all he wants to do But he's got to finish this last thing before he can leave This of course means his assistant must stay late with him not that Annabelle is keen on the idea All she wants to do is get together with her family Sebastian is highly attracted to Annabelle but crossing the line between work and pleasure Annabelle finds him sexy but his Scrooge McDuck attitude leaves a sour taste in her mouthBut after working later than planned the storm has moved in and stranded the couple in their office building And the heat that has been building between the two comes to a rapid boil But after all is said and done does this mean a start of something wonderful or should Annabelle start looking for another job? Only time will tellThis is a fun and exciting holiday read Sebastian's reasons for wanting to skip the Christmas hooray will tug at your heartstrings And you'll just love Annabelle's feistiness spunk tenaciously I loved their banter and getting a little insight into Knox from Marie's Las Vegas series Naughty is definitely a perfect uick little holiday pick me up story

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    Annabelle and Sebastian are stuck together in the office due to them working late and a blizard Things get steamy in the office and things start to heat up After thinking that hooking up with her boss was a mistake she overhears a converstation that details the reason why Sebastian lacks the holidaY spirit Annabelle therefore tries to bring Christmas cheer back to Sebastian after deciding to see where the relationship will go with SebastianI felt that it could have been a little longer as it felt things were only getting started