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New York Times bestselling author Hazel Gaynor captivates with a beautifully rendered short story about the strength of a mother’s love as the Great War comes to an end at last As the final moments tick down to the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month signaling the end of fighting midwife Annie Rawlins is doing everything she can to save an infant’s life Too many have lost too much and Annie prays that the time for sorrow has passed Meanwhile across the fields of France her son Will is on patrol one last time clinging to thoughts of home and doing all he can to make it there As the Armistice bells ring out Annie and Will must fight one last time to grasp the hope of a new life and a new dayOriginally published in the moving collection Fall of Poppies Stories of Love and the Great War this e book also includes an excerpt from Gaynor’s new novel The Girl from The Savoy

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    As I loved the first story in this collection just the same I loved the story that concluded it I loved how this story juxtaposed the lack of air and uiet on the battlefield with the same experience in the birthing room The manner in which it is written and how it moves seamlessly back and forth between the two settings brings the home front and the battlefield closer It also addressed the experiences of being a postman during this time which is not something I would have wanted to do at the time as well as those who remained at home due to dissenting from the war An excellent inclusion in the collectionThis was read as part of The Fall of Poppies collection

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    A lovely little short storynovella Hazel writes historical fiction very well

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    This is an emotional short read that tells the story of Annie Rawlins a midwife who is trying her best to save an infant's life as the final moments to mark the end of the Great War on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month is approaching Hush gives us a glimpse of how this war affects everyone from soldiers on the battlefield to their families and even the postman who constantly has to deliver ominous news to the soldiers' families Despite the length of the story I find that it is well written and I enjoyed this beautiful story

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    Just a Hint of WarLife and Deatha small British burg is affected by WWI the husbands brothers and sons sent off to war But now after loss comes victory and the Armistice has arrived In the mist of the last few days a child is born and a son survives Once again Hazel Gaynor has brought us one of her best

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    This was disjointed I'm glad it ended happily but it was not the best story of the book