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    The authors of these essays have nailed us us being the white Minnesota Nice majority Turns out our niceness masks a clueless indifference that in some ways is worse than the Confederate flags of the South And it's not just black Minnesotans holding up the mirror in this volume Asian Native and mixed race people of all origins are also yearning to have their identities and struggles acknowledged This is fascinating but often painful reading Nearly every author recounts an experience of breathtaking insensitivity or outright cruelty that made me cringe even cry to read about it If you've never understood how our racially divided society and privileged attitudes can be holding all of us back this book is a fine place to begin a search for answers

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    Having read listened and learned about experiences of people of color in America and knowing that racism is alive in MN I was still challenged by these phenomenal raw and moving essays of the experiences of Micro Aggressions for someone living in MN and being a person of color Especially in situations and institutions that seemed like there should be a better understanding of race and racism like the English Dept at the U of M Highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone especially white people

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    45 stars Collection of personal stories about race in Minnesota across racial lines MN nice isn't always so nice One author Taiyon Coleman visits Alabama for the first time for a college interview and is shocked and disturbed by the Confederate flags everywhere Yet after enough microabrasions in MN she longed for the Confederate flags of the South because at least the South has clear lines of demarcation and warning Thought provoking

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    I appreciated Taiyon J Coleman's insight about how one's perspective changes when one ceases to be the only person of one's demographic in a space Like a flat balloon inflated by air together we helped each other take shape and form I was struck by Heid E Erdrich's theorizing a connection between the concept of owning land and the concept of owning other human beings and between both these concepts and the concept of standing one's ground David Lawrence Grant's contribution to this collection includes not only unsettling and thought provoking testimonials about his own personal experiences but also an important deep dive into Minnesota history noting the practice of slavery at Fort Snelling through the 1850s a 1920 Duluth triple lynching and the 1920s arrival of the Ku Klux Klan as well as obscure facts I'd previously never heard about how in 1910 Minnesotans tried to keep out Finnish immigrants by arguing in court that Finns are Mongolian and therefore encompassed by Chinese excluding immigration laws for example Diane Wilson's paradigm rocking piece dissects the differences between indigenous and settler value systems and food systems in terms of health outcomes environmental sustainability and and probes the devastating conseuences of viewing the environment as commodity rather than kinThe essayist with whose journey I identified the most despite our belonging to different generations was David Mura Mura writes about how in his 1970s student days an African American classmate who happened to be the poet Marilyn Nelson gifted him an Asian American literary anthology I put it on my bookshelf and did not look at it for several years To call myself a writer of color would be to relegate myself to a literary ghetto I was so afraid of being tainted by the literary ghettothat I never went near such works Although his life as an Asian American in Minnesota at that time had a surreal uality Mura initially could not conceive of using this as subject matter in his writing having been brought up to believe that Minnesotan literature must revolve around snowy fields or horses in a farm field outside of Rochester as in James Wright's or Robert Bly's poetry Whereas Bly and Wright have always been celebrated as Minnesota writers Mura notes his own books are never in the local authors section I will never really ever be considered a true Minnesotan I have long been uneasy with classifications like Midwest writers New England writers etc for this reason that their use often marginalizes certain kinds of writers including Asian American writers who are seen as perpetual outsidersforeigners Mura observes that when compared with the American South white people in Minnesota tend to be less likely to acknowledge race as a central issue in their history and he speculates on how this might play into persistent racial disparities in the state He ends by saying that while he sometimes feels too assimilated In many ways I am still the asshole yuppie The part of me that has always lived in the white worldstill wants that comfort he knows he must keep working to move beyond that

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    Excellent eminently readable collection of thoughtful thought provoking essays

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    It's easy to take the moral high road on a social issue when your personal commitment to the principals you espouse remains largely untested It's easy to point a finger at the egregious violation of basic human rights going on elsewhere in the country and ignore the widespread if less obvious violations going on in your own backyard Contemporary Minnesotans are often genuinely shocked to hear that there was active ongoing slavery at Fort Snelling from the 1820s through the 1850s and that as recently as the mid 1950s black residents and visitors to Minnesota were refused service at restaurants and hotels even in the downtown Twin Cities Housing and job discrimination were as prevalent here as they were anywhere else in the country White Minnesota is part and parcel of White America after all and is profoundly influenced by the same prejudice and bigotry that has been so omnipresent in the rest of the country But up here in the cool blue North there was no long bitter history of blood on the soil between black and white no multigenerational saga of mutual hatred and violence David Lawrence Grant People Like Us As a white person in Minnesota this is necessary and difficult reading I am justly proud of my state We are L'etoile du Nord I tell people Set your compass by us We are urban and rural but progressive We are home to the largest Hmong population outside of Laos and we have opened our boarders and our hearts to immigrants and refugees from all over the world But because I am white I am blind so blind to the hardships faced by people of colorThis book is a glimpse into the racism that bleeds into even my beloved state We are not perfect We have a lot of work to do reaching as far back as our relationship with our native populations namely the OjibwaAnishinaabe and Dakota people that were here before us who's trust in white settlers is continuously violated I see you Standing Rock and I stand with you We have a lot of work to do to include our blackAfrican American neighbors and of course newcomers to the US from Somalia from Syria from any number of places We have work to do with our Hispaniclatinx neighbors More still work to do with our neighbors from Asian cultures a blanket too big to properly describe the diversity that means India China Japan Korea Laos Vietnam the list goes on and on This is a hard book to read I went slowly chapter by chapter absorbing as much as I could I sat with my own discomfort reflected on my own experiences with people of color I understand that no one voice can represent their entire community so I feel called to listen to learn to act on what I have learned so far But mostly I feel called to elevate these very diverse voices This book hit me hard after a difficult election I'm glad I read it when I did Though the weather here is very cold my heart is warm and it is open I will do my best in the next four years and beyond to listen learn and act

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    This is an important book that everyone should read even if you're not from Minnesota Many painful experiences are recounted The essay People Like Us by David Lawrence Grant was written with a keen insight into the dominant Minnesota culture and offered a path forward for bridging various cultures

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    Such a powerful book and should be reuired reading for every Minnesotan I feel like the struggles we have in our state exist throughout the country As Taiyon J Coleman said there are Confederate flags everywhere even in places where we can't see them Do yourself a favor and read this book You won't stop thinking about it

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    This was devastating to read to know what the experience of living in MN has been for people of color It included varied experiences from many different ethnicities This is a wake up call to me and my privileged class A must read

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    Peeks past the surface of Minnesota Nice and reveals some of the too often unspoken pains and tensions beneath