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This is a book that I will read over and over throughout my life The stories are simple, but they contain profound teachings Derek Lin s commentaries on the stories are very helpful as well This was a wonderful book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to begin following the authentic time tested methods of Taoism The author speaks and writes Chinese and English fluently, so is conveyance of ancient Chinese wisdom can be trusted to be accurate for any English speaking individual who does not know Chinese, but wants to learn about Taoism. A simple introduction to eastern philosophy, with an emphasis on Taoism and Buddhism Notions such as impermanence, subjectivity, interbeing, etc are presented in terms of Taoist fables and short quotations from the Tao Te Ching.Probably not useful for intermediate students of eastern thought. The Perfect Book For Readers Who Are Interested In Taoism And Want A Little Daily Inspiration The Tao Of Daily Life Combines Ancient Eastern Wisdom With Practical Application Perfect For Busy Western Readers Derek Lin, Taoist Master And Expert In Eastern Philosophy, Brings His Deep Knowledge Of This Time Honored Chinese Spiritual Thought System Into The Twenty First Century There Is One Simple Reason For The Tao To Have Survived Through The Ages Intact It Works, Writes Lin The Principles Of The Tao Are Extremely Effective When Applied To Life The Philosophy As A Whole Is Nothing Less Than A Practical, Useful Guide To Living Life In A Way That Is Smooth, Peaceful, And Full Of Energy Using The Powerful Medium Of Stories And Short Dharma Talks, Lin Illuminates The Taoist Secrets And Engages The Reader In Their Inherent Wisdom As A Result, The Reader Of The Tao Of Daily Life Will Notice Certain Changes, Including Being Composed And At Ease In Various Situations Being Able To Handle Challenges And Difficulties With Less Effort And Achieving Better Results Experiencing Greater Power And Clarity In All Areas Of Life The Spiritual Journey, As Described By Derek Lin, Becomes The Most Worthwhile Exploration Anyone Can Take I enjoyed it, a lot of useful ideas Though his ideas about Karma and the afterlife where a little out of character for Taoism I thought only Hindu s believed in Karma I will have to investigate. Incomplete sampling of some of the stories of the tao The descriptions and explanations are good. Excellent book to read that you can apply to different life situations everyday Simple yet profound like another reviewer mentioned Will re read multiple times. Here is a book a teen should read The Tao of Daily Life by Derek Lin is a book about a Chinese Philosophy A Philosophy is a way of life or view point The Tao means The Path or The Way The Tao dates back 2,500 years to eastern Asia The Tao of Daily Life shares ancient Eastern Wisdom.The Tao is different from other books that I have read this year Books like A Separate Peace, Catcher in Rye, and Bamboo People, for example, were about young people in different ways and these books are fiction The Tao is non fiction It is a book about advice and tells us how to live our lives The Tao of Daily Life is a book with 34 short chapters and each chapter starts with a story that tells you about the teaching of the Tao The Donkey, for example, is a chapter about trying to keep your head held high The reason I liked this chapter is because it teaches us about courage and we should never underestimate others The donkey falls down a well and then the people try to bury him because they can t get him out But he gets himself out by shaking the dirt off and climbing out The lesson I learned is that when you get dumped on you shake it off and keep on trying The Giant Peng Bird is another chapter about we as individuals and how we can reach our full potential Potential means having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future This concept is sometimes very hard to understand but in the future we may be able to find out what it means In conclusion, this book taught me to never under estimate myself This book gave me a lot of advice and it taught me a lot as well I recommend this book to people that our concerned about their lives, which is just about everybody. The teachings that this book provides are genuinely a great way to live But because of my Christianity, the part about heaven an hell would not be something that I could go by I do believe in God but found the book all in all educational It s a great way to understand why people believe in the way they do It shows that people are different and no one person that has a different religion is necessarily evil but they we are all human beings on a quest to understand life, live our life to the fullest, and live in peace There is so much hatred in the world but when people realize what they are doing then its easier for them to change Harmony isn t easy to come by but through Christ, I find it possible But through learning how to think about things like the Tao represents and what to do to be able to bring harmony to your life then your life will feel fulfilled It teaches how to be a peaceable human being I still believe in God, even though I read the whole book But some of the teachings could benefit anyone regardless of their religion. how can something be so simple and so profound at the same time well, this book certainly is i felt awed, inspired and i literally had goosebumps occasionally when those seemingly simple stories got unfurled to give deeper meanings now, trying to practice tao in my daily life too. A great, easy to read introduction to Daoism Derek Lin boils down the text and anecdotes of Daoist masters for the general reader As far as the lessons in the book, I hope to adopt most, if not all in my own life.For those not interested in Eastern philosophy, I think this book could get you hooked or at least curious There are no cryptic riddles or poems here Everything is accessible and explained clearly There are also some mentions of Buddhism, Zen, and other faiths or philosophies but the primary focus is on Daoism It needs a reader with an open, curious mind.For those wanting in depth or intensely philosophical discourse, this book is not for you There are plenty of mid level and graduate level texts on Daoism I would recommend one of those for advanced readers.