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Things Are Finally Looking Up For Defense Attorney Mickey Haller After Two Years Of Wrong Turns, Haller Is Back In The Courtroom When Hollywood Lawyer Jerry Vincent Is Murdered, Haller Inherits His Biggest Case Yet The Defense Of Walter Elliott, A Prominent Studio Executive Accused Of Murdering His Wife And Her Lover But As Haller Prepares For The Case That Could Launch Him Into The Big Time, He Learns That Vincent S Killer May Be Coming For Him NextEnter Harry Bosch Determined To Find Vincent S Killer, He Is Not Opposed To Using Haller As Bait But As Danger Mounts And The Stakes Rise, These Two Loners Realize Their Only Choice Is To Work TogetherBringing Together Michael Connelly S Two Most Popular Characters, The Brass Verdict Is Sure To Be His Biggest Book Yet

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    The Brass Verdict is, I think, one of Michael Connelly s best books, and it reinforces the notion that in this genre, virtually nobody does it better It s Connelly s eighteenth book and is significant because it is the first to feature both his long time L.A homicide detective, Harry Bosch, and the defense lawyer, Mickey Haller It s principally Haller s book, but Bosch plays a prominent role.As the book opens, Haller is just returning to work after a prolonged absence At the close of the last book in which he appeared, The Lincoln Lawyer, Haller was wounded He then wound up addicted to drugs following his surgery and has been through rehab, and is now making a comeback He intends to do so slowly, but then another attorney, Jerry Vincent, is murdered in the parking garage of his office building Vincent and Haller were friends of a sort and occasionally pinch hit for each other Vincent had named Haller as his legal successor, and on the morning of Vincent s murder, a judge calls Haller to inform him that he now has in excess of thirty new cases, including a couple that demand immediate appearances in court.Among the cases that Haller inherits is an especially high profile murder case A major Hollywood executive has been accused of killing his wife and her lover The evidence against him seems fairly strong, and the trial is due to start the following week Most of Vincent s case notes have disappeared, along with his computer, and Mickey has no idea how Vincent planned to structure the executive s defense.Logically, Haller wants to file a motion to delay the trial so that he can get up to speed and plan a defense But his client seems totally unconcerned about all of this and insists that there be no delay He is innocent, he says, and wants his good name restored ASAP If Haller can t be ready to go, he will get someone who can Given no choice in the matter, Haller plunges in, determined to do the best he can.Meanwhile, Harry Bosch is investigating the murder of Jerry Vincent, which brings Bosch and Mickey Haller into contact and conflict Bosch suspects that there might be information in Vincent s files suggesting who might have a motive to kill him, but Haller insists on protecting the confidentiality of the clients he has just inherited Bosch suggest that by doing so, Haller might make himself a target, and thus the dance is on.Watching these two work their respective parts of the criminal system is great fun The case is an intriguing one and gives Connelly an opportunity to further develop the Haller character The legal maneuverings are interesting and it s always entertaining to watch Harry Bosch investigate a murder I found the combination irresistible and when I first read it, it immediately became one of my favorites of all of Connelly s books It s hard to imagine that there s any fan of crime fiction that would not enjoy it.

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    Michael Connelly has in his 2008 novel The Brass Verdict the opportunity to bring two of his most compelling characters together into one plot and he rises to the occasion, delivering a solid and very entertaining crime mystery.Connelly s benchmark detective Harry Bosch is joined by his motion picture legal thriller protagonist Mickey Haller in a suspenseful thriller sure to please fans.Everybody lies.This is the universal truth that Haller sets out as the book begins and this theme of deception and human frailty is returned to again and again.Mickey Haller has been away from law for a year But this was not just time off, he struggled through addiction and made decisions that have negatively impacted his closest relationships Though the drugs were off stage and in the past, Connelly vividly depicts the results in Haller s actions and priorities.When another LA lawyer is killed, Haller takes over his cases, including a high profile and deep pockets franchise case set for trial The dead attorney s murder is investigated by none other than Connelly headliner Harry Bosch, and the two will need to work together to solve one murder while Haller tries the other.As good as The Lincoln Lawyer and as impressive as the Harry Bosch series, this is a must read for Connelly fans and a damn fine book for any reader.

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    I am reading my way steadily through the Harry Bosch series and decided I would include this book which crosses over with the Mickey Haller series.I am not usually a fan of court cases but this one was pretty good and, of course, it helped that Harry Bosch was around to provide extra interest Mickey Haller is an okay character but not quite up to Harry s standard Having said that however Haller does very well in the court room He is cunning and very smart and knows all the psychological aspects of playing a jury along He is not necessarily a good person but he is certainly an interesting one.The ending presented an intriguing twist which I did not see coming, although a certain character was so unlikable I was happy he she no spoilers came to a sticky end.Now on to the next Harry Bosch

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    In this second book in the Mickey Haller series, the attorney defends a Hollywood mogul The book can be read as a standalone Criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller is The Lincoln Lawyer who instead of keeping an office works out of the back of one of his three specially equipped Lincoln sedans.As Mickey s chauffeur drives him around to meet with clients, interview witnesses, go to the courthouse, examine crime scenes, etc the attorney studies his case files, make phone calls, sends and receives faxes, plans his defense strategy, and so on Haller s second ex wife, the meticulously organized Lorna Taylor, works as his office manager from her home and Mickey s private investigator Cisco is a phone call away so it all works quite well.As the story opens Mickey has been on sabbatical for a year, recovering from a gunshot would and the painkiller addiction that resulted Mickey is ready to re open his law practice, but wants to start with a low key case or two to get back in the game Fate has other plans for Mickey, however, which he discovers in the office of the chief judge of the Los Angeles Superior Court The justice tells Mickey that his colleague, Jerry Vincent, was just murdered and Mickey is the designated heir to Vincent s law practice Thus Mickey instantaneously gets Vincent s thirty something cases assuming he and the clients agree on his representation Mickey hustles over to Vincent s office, to make sure detectives investigating his murder don t grab any case files which would violate attorney client privilege And wouldn t you know it, Mickey finds Detective Harry Bosch and his partner riffling through Vincent s papers There s a brief stand off and the cops leave, but Bosch insists the identity of the murderer is somewhere in Vincent s file cabinet Bosch isn t about to let it go, and initiates some cat and mouse games to try to get the information he wants Meanwhile, Mickey learns that Vincent was working on a variety of run of the mill cases and one REALLY BIG ONE The dead lawyer was defending Hollywood movie producer studio head Walter Elliott, a multimillionaire charged with killing his trophy wife Mitzi Elliott and her lover Johan Rilz Mickey is anxious to keep the lucrative, high profile case and quickly makes an appointment to speak to Elliott, who s out on bail and working at his movie studio Elliott agrees to keep Mickey on as his lawyer under one condition the trial, slated to start next week, CANNOT be postponed Elliott insists he s innocent and will be acquitted, and he wants the whole business over with Mickey reluctantly agrees, though he s puzzled by Elliott s confidence and certainty.Mickey and his private eye immediately start re investigating the Mitzi Elliott Johan Rilz murder so Mickey can prepare a defense and Bosch continues to look for Jerry Vincent s killer All of this leads to some surprising discoveries The novel contains gripping courtroom scenes, and the descriptions of jury selection, as well as the maneuvers of the prosecution and defense, are compelling It s fun to see Mickey lay traps for the prosecution, though it s not always easy to root for his client..who seems like a sly fellow.In his personal life, Mickey is trying to maintain cordial relations with his first ex wife Maggie, a fierce prosecutor and the mother of their daughter Hayley Pre adolescent Hayley acts a bit like Mickey s conscience, asking why he gets criminals off rather than putting them away like mom This book is a turning point in the Bosch Universe since Mickey and Bosch meet for the first time and form a kind of uneasy cop attorney truce I ve read books further along in the series and it s always a treat to see them work together.Connelly is an excellent mystery writer and this is a very good story Highly recommended to fans of suspense novels.You can follow my reviews at

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    A very entertaining read The breezy, cynical voice of Michael Connelly s lawyer Mickey Haller produces something much different and much lighter in tone than the Harry Bosch books, but it is something just as exciting and engrossing There s a bonus here as well Bosh appears as a minor, but important character.

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    Connelly does it again I love it when he brings his characters together this one has a bunch of them Primarily, this is a Mickey Haller story 14 The Lincoln Lawyer is told by him, but Harry Bosch is a major character Jack McEvoy 05 The Poet makes several appearances There is a reference to Cassie Black 09 Void Moon Mickey Haller s father that was fantastic The interplay between Haller Bosch was great since they re a bit at odds it had my sympathies volleying between them like an Olympic ping pong ball.As usual, it s a twisty tale of murder There are a lot of loose plot threads floating around, but they ll be woven in eventually It s a police procedural told from the defense bench as Mickey tries to keep his client out of jail The magic bullet of the defense was obvious early on, but it still unfolded well the court scenes were far interesting here than they would have been in real life The end When you get to about the 90% mark, make sure you don t have anything else on the schedule Once I hit that point, I couldn t stop Didn t dare Fantastic Obviously, I ll be reading in the series soon You can find the full reading order in my review of the first bookThe Black Echo here The Overlook Harry Bosch 13 , 200717.4 Father s Day 2007 in Angle of Investigation 2011 HB s first investigation 17.6 One Dollar Jackpot 2007 in Suicide Run, 201118 The Brass Verdict Harry Bosch 14, also Mickey Haller 2 , 200819 Nine Dragons Harry Bosch 15 , 200920 The Scarecrow Jack McEvoy 2 , 200921 The Reversal Mickey Haller 3 , 2010 Harry Bosch 16,21.5 The Perfect Triangle, 2010 Mickey Haller short story21.6 Blue on Black Harry Bosch Short Story 201022 The Fifth Witness Mickey Haller 4

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    It s been two years since Mickey was injured and a lot has happened After taking time off to get his life in order, he s suddenly handed a full practice load following the murder of another defense attorney whose clients he inherits Included is a high profile murder case involving a Hollywood studio head who is accused of murdering his wife and her lover, and it comes with some pretty impressive fees And for the first time, Mickey and Harry Bosch cross paths as he s the lead detective assigned to investigate the attorney s death.I really enjoyed this story as it had so many elements to sink your teeth into There s Mickey and his personal issues, the process associated with assuming another attorney s clients, the studio head s trial and, finally, Bosch and Mickey I got hooked from the beginning and enjoyed every minute of this story While my initial suspicions of who was probably involved were borne out, I still didn t know the whys and what fors and was caught flatfooted in the end The narration was excellent, done by Peter Giles who has a couple of past stories under his belt I ve looked forward to Mickey and Harry finally interacting and it didn t disappoint This one was a psychological battle and I m not sure who won.

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    Well, this was an interesting book, a good read and held my interest from the first I must say I wasn t as taken with it as with the first, but it s still good and I ve got the next waiting though I might try another Connelly character first as I have a Harry Bosch novel waiting to.Here some time has passed since the last book and Connelly used what I d call a plot device to reset Michael s character to a bad place He was injured as the last book ended Here we find that he went back to work too soon, had another injury and ended up addicted to painkillers This destroyed his relationship with ex wife onecaused him to lose co custody of his daughter and have only visitation He closed his practice and went to rehab.That s where we start here Michael is still a good lawyer and he has another high profile case, and he s still somehow looking at his soul, his conscious and his morals something really inconvenient for a lawyer to have.Recommendedgood bookenjoy.

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    This is the 4th mystery thriller I have started in the last several days It is the only one I will finish The others, all by authors well known who I will not name, were a mishmash of confusing scenes, unnecessary filler the price of having to produce a book every year , and reader unfriendly prose Connelly, who crafts just as complicated a plot, does so without confusion and without extra stuff He is a pleasure to read.The rest was as good as the beginning It is interesting to see how Connelly brings his two series characters together in this book.

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    The Brass Verdict is an excellent follow up to The Lincoln Lawyer The story is good with excellent courtroom drama Mickey Haller is turning out to be another favorite character of mine.On top of it, Harry Bosch is present in this story too W00t