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Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This Edition Can Be Found HereAnthony Award Winner For Best First Mystery Novel The Debut Of The Philadelphia Set Amanda PepperseriesAmanda Pepper, English Teacher At Philly Prep, Does Not Hate Her Life But When A Fellow Teacher Who S Engaged To A Senate Candidate, Begs For Rest On Amanda S Couch, Then Dies, Things Could Be Better Then The Police Suspect Her Of Murder, She Begins Her Own Investigation, And Ends By Teaching A Certain Blue Eyed Cop A Thing Or Two

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    Recently I have been re visiting a book journal I kept all through the nineties and I decided to see if Caught Dead in Philadelphia which I first read and wrote about in my journal over 20 years ago is as good as I remember It is not only as good as I remember it, but betterdelightfully written, laugh out loud funny and very engaging I am not as big a mystery fan as I used to be, but I would be so happy to see Gillian Roberts with new mysteries out today She is phenomenal

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    I want to know his name What does the CK stand for Amanda Pepper must have guessed at least a dozen C names, not hitting on the right name for her detective I don t think I could have come up with the assorted names that she did I wonder if his name is Clifford or Christopher or Conway Does the name game continue through the remainder of the Amanda Pepper series Other than the mystery of the great detective s name, there was also the little trouble of who killed Liza, the sometimes teacher at Amanda s school Amanda makes a great amateur sleuth because she doesn t quit her day job as English teacher extraordinaire She doesn t appear to rattle too easily, yet has the same fears as most normal people She doesn t stick her neck out too far to try and find clues, but stumbles over pertinent facts that she passes on to her new found interest, CK I m looking forward to reading of the Amanda Pepper mystery collection by Gillian Roberts Maybe the detective s name is really Clayton

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    I really enjoyed reading this book as I think the author has a wonderful sense of humor and some of the one liners had me chuckling Amanda Pepper is a fun character to know and seems to have a good, if tentative, head on her shoulders by not rushing foolishly into danger and thinking things through.What I didn t like about the book was the apparent rushed ending with some dangling threads Plus the how and the why of the criminal crime along with capture was justphfft And I didn t really care about the detective on the case, he never really had a separate personality from the detective in himself I will look for the next in the series though as I enjoyed my time with this book well, till the end.

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    The story really dragged on Not much happened except Amanda and her boyfriend the detective rehashing the details without getting anywhere I didn t care about any of the characters and thought there was no chemistry between Amanda and C.K Surprisingly, the whole murder plot could have been interesting, but the story was choppy, the dialog was stilted Just not well executed, in my opinion.

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    I really wanted to like this book It started off very well and it definitely had some funny moments However, for the most of it, the book dragged Despite being a really short one, it dragged There was nothing happening and that annoyed me most of all I like my detective stories with some kind of action it could be either physical or mental, but this one disappointed me on all counts There was no brilliant deduction and neither was there any physical search for evidence it was all one big bumbling and stumbling, literally The end disappointed me completely Firstly the detective stumbles upon the murderer and then well forget it, I don t even want to talk about that end. totally disappointing and without any meaning As for the characters, well I really want to say that I liked Amanda Pepper but honestly I can t Oh yes she had some brilliant moments with her wit etc but for most part, she was one whiny character who did not know what to do or how to react I hate the damsel in distress routine and she seemed to have it done to perfection As for C.K Mackensie, he was an idiot Firstly, I don t know what is the big deal about the mysterious first name and why it should even be part of a murder plot I understand its a cozy mystery but still there are some things best left until later As for the chemistry between Amanda and Mackensie, it felt so forced and out of place that I was literally gagging throughout the whole thing It had no place in the story, other than to add some frivolous element to the tale.All I can say is that the plot could have been dealt with in a better manner, for as a plot it was good However, it wasn t and the end result was a mess, something that can be avoided It s part of a series but I don t think I am going to continue this one

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    What does it say that a story set and written in the 1980s is a period piece The 1980 s were not an era they were shoulder pads and hairspray I started to enjoy it when I considered the narrator in a setting similar to Kinsey Millhone of Sue Grafton s alphabet series Then it became fun No calling 911 or Googling basic information.

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    Surprisingly fun Predictable in the usual whodunit fashion, but it s not too obvious right from the beginning, and the whole story is really enjoyable Humorous, not too grisly, interesting love story, and a good twist to the storyline I liked it and plan to read from the same author.

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    This book was thrilling and had me at the edge of my seat for the whole book It s always predictable that she makes it out alive, because there s books, so I knew she would live But it s still fun reading how the author makes the book come to life

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    I have read these before and enjoyed them Look Now there are , so I am starting the series again as my light in between reads Amanda Pepper is a one liner Queen of Sarcasm Great beach read.

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    One of my all time favorite mystery series The height of the in between reading genre.