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Edit 2020All parts of the Las Vegas serial have been edited with tons of new content and combined into one full length novel Hooked on You will be available April 29 2020 Knox MacArthur has overcome many obstacles in his short time on this earth But Mila may kill him He's keeping secrets from her but what will happen when she finds out he knew all along?Mila is still trying to hold on to her determination She doesn't want to need Knox and doesn't want him to want her in return Will she finally see that this boy is the one for her?The second book in the Las Vegas series is sure to attract Fights wins losses love hatred and secrets await you

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    This is 2 book in Las Vegas series and well I didn't like it I hate Mackenzie she is Mila's sister and wow tha girl is real ungrateful little bitchMila is the good sister who drop out of school just so her and Mackenzie can have food and roof over her head but hey that's not enough for little princess gah Relationship beetwen Knox and Mila is okay but I need I don't know I just miss something and well I don't even know if I'm gonna read next book

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    Holy Smokes Marie does it againJab picks up where Hook left off Knox is stunned when he sees the dancer on the stage; she's not even old enough to be in the club so why is she? He's actions go above and beyond any normal person would do and that puts him in hot water But he's not ashamed of his actions he acted with his heartExplaining his actions to Mila is going to be difficult he's made a promise and he'll do everything he can to keep it as long as the other person keeps their end of the bargain The time Mila and Knox spend together the Knox wants to be with her Mila loves spending time with Knox but she's beginning to feel that she's not the one for Knox She keeps trying to push him away while Knox is trying to convince her that she's the one he wantsAnd one Knox finds out a secret he thinks he's found a way to prove to Mila that they have a lot in common However Mila does and says things that shock Knox to the core Can she make things right with him? And can he forgive and forget? Especially after her actions cost him than just his heartThis was a heart pumping jaw dropping second book of the series We learn about both Knox's and Mila's past and why they built the walls they have And the ending? Oh my goodnessI can't wait for book three Mila is going to have a lot to make up to Knox But Knox will have some explaining to do with why he didn't tell her about Mackenzie This is such a great series that I highly recommend it

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    This installment picks up right where Hook ends with Knox learning about Mackenzie's job I don't think it was wise of Knox to withhold that information from Mila that is definitely something she needed to knowSpeaking of Mackenzie that is someone I would love to put the Vulcan death grip on Her attitude is beyond reprehensible I'm surprised it took Mila that long to snap We learn who Zoey is to Knox and what happened to her; since Sebastian had his own separate book I wasn't able to tell if there was any romantic feelings between him and ZoeyThe relationship between Knox and Mila seemed to happen at warp speed but it felt like we didn't really get a chance to see how their relationship developed Although I will say that the possible development for Mila was expected mainly because of how things were going down between her and KnoxI can't wait to find out why Mila and Mackenzie neglected to mention Matthew but the last time Mila spoke with Knox was unnecessarily cruel but I can't wait to find out what's going to happen between Mila and Mackenzie now that Julius let the cat out of the bag ARC provided in exchange for honest review

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    I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this from the author for an honest review and lets be completely honest I thought book one was so hot but then along came book two and things get hotterBook two picks up right where book one left off Knox still wants Mila and Mila wants nothing to do with Knox In this book we see some into Knox's past and see why he is the way he is I am hoping on book three we will see Mila's past and find out why she is so guarded with her feelings But when things finally start to settle down at home Mila slowly lets her walls down if only Mila knew why her sister is suddenly behaving the secrets that Knox and Mackenzie are keeping from Mila but like all secrets its bound to come and Knox and Mila things are going great till Mila has a scare that sends her walls right back up again The sexual tension between Mila and Knox is enough of reason to read this book this is the second book in the series and book one must be read before this one

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    ARC provided by publisher for honest reviewJab Hit Right to the Gut This book delivers one blow after another Poor Knox you hope to have a man willing to put it all on the line and take a chance for you He does that he just lays it out there being the silent hero in ways than one and he ends up being knocked down But I have faith our man Know will just keep clawing and fighting until he has it all He is 100% loyal and determined to have is HEA I believe it will get there I love the way this is written his fight scenes the emotion with Mila you are so captured by the characters it is a hit right to the gut when the cliffy comes “Hey I know you” Oh man you could feel it You wanted to back away from you kindle an shake your head “no no you don’t” I cannot wait to get the next one will his fighting career be bolstered again? Will Mackenzie straighten up? Will Mila tell us the answer to her looming uestion? Will we see a happily ever after from this?

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    I received this in exchange for my honest opinionMan just when you think you have everything figured out something happens that makes the story that much better Jab is the second book in the Las Vegas series by Marie York As always Marie knows how to keep a reader on his or her toes The storyline continues in this book and she doesn't let you down at all I was reading as fast as I could but then soon realized that the book was over and I would have to wait for the third installment There is action and romance in this installment I love the chemistry that Mila and Knox have for eachother It is strong and unbridled Marie never ceases to amaze me She knows how to write a great series She knows how to keep you guessing at what is going to happen If you haven't read any of her books yet you are missing out You need to start

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    Oh Knox who doesn't want a man who would do anything for you? Mila is guarded and has her reasons for it Knox is overwhelming and thanks to what she has to do to make ends meet to take care of her sistershe knows Knox deserves than just a high school dropout stripper He would do anything to make her happy including going to jail for her sister McKenzie is a mess and a handfull she cares only about herself but that is gonna explode when her lies and the help Knox provides blows upI can not wait for the next part