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Raven Is Ready To Set Out On Her Quest For Revenge Against Her Brothers They Ve Stolen Everything That Should Be Hers And Now She S Going To Get It Back But First, She Needs A Crew Share The Laughs, Action, And Adventure As Raven Assembles The Fearless Crew Of Awesome Ladies Who Will Help Her Get Her Revenge

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    Well, this was a fun read Raven, who was set to inherit her father s pirate empire, has been betrayed by her father and brothers and is now on a mission of revenge But, before she can do anything, she needs a pirate crew.Book 1 follows Raven s adventures in putting that crew together and each character she collects is unique, talented, and amusing in their own way Though the writer is male, the narrative is very pro female and even includes jokes about mansplaining, etc, which I found highly entertaining.In addition to the positive female representation, the ethnic diversity is off the charts Raven is Asian Chinese , Jay is black, Sunshine is mixed race, Ximena is Latina, and so on I didn t find anything in the text that was overtly lesbian as I usually read lesfic but there was a hint here and there that it s possible We ll see.I m happy to continue the series.

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    read issues 1 3 amazing makes a not all men joke like you had me at hello.

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    I LOVED THIS SO MUCH What s not to love about a story about a group of kickass women with brilliant humour, wonderful characters and a fantastic plot My only issue with it is that it s far too short, I WANT MORE This was everything I didn t know I need right now I m going to need the next issue asap R.I.P my bank account.

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    Awesome Diverse crew of women pirates, seeking revenge This seems to be aimed at a slightly older audience than Princeless That one seemed middle grade, this one seems teen there s violence I loved the references that I caught Doctor Who, Avatar, a Kelly Sue DeConnick appearance I look forward to reading Full review to come at the Lesbrary

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    let me tell you the story of me reading this book friends so i biked over to my library it s on the far ish side, takes about 20 min at a normal pace and when i get there it s 15 minutes to close and i m a little tired so i figure, hey, why not chill on a couch and read the first chapter or two till closing and then head back homethat is mostly what happened however, i had failed to account for just how utterly delightful this book is and so when the librarians kicked me out instead of bundling up and biking home i elected to sit on the stone outside the library and read the rest of the book with the occasional break to warm my hands in my pockets before going back to flip pages againit s was 100% worth it Ddo i even have a favourite character i m not sure i do because i am so entirely delighted by all of them it d be like asking somebody what do you like better cheesecake or chocolate the only possible answer is all of the abovethe humour was great, there was a not all men joke and a carrie scene and if you ve ever been involved in any kind of social justice discussion on the internet ever you are going to laugh your head offalso i literally clapped my hands in joy at the ship options laid out so far if you were kind of sad raven s flirting with adrienne didn t go anywhere in princeless don t worry about it, she is def getting a girlfriend here and the only point to which i m torn is who i want her to date basically this is everything anyone could ever want in a comic, if you like pirates and action and kickass girls of colour and excellent flirting and joy come read this, i am officially giving it the Miss Susan Seal of Approval5 stars

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    This book made me so happy This book was fun and funny and had some of the best references My Cabbages I am really glad that I read this and I feel that it is important that younger women have access to books like this Seeing Women of Color in leading, action roles in a story is so very profound that it s hard to articulate just what it means.

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    4,5 I MISSED RAVEN SO MUCH Raven is out to get back at her brothers who manipulated their father to get her locked up in a tower as it is done to land princesses There s only one thing she lacks to do so the crew.And the crew she gets With many complications on the way, of course, but how else a pirate gets their crew, right And what a crew it is. I love the main five We have A Muscles DD Girl, A Blow Shit Up Girl, A Really Fast Jumpy Dancer, A Girl Who Knows Of Stars And Compasses, and our rightful Pirate Queen Raven.I like how the setting of Princeless is so different from our days but it still manages to call out many, many current issues and makes it sound so natural.Also, t h a t ATLA reference __________________________insta twitter blog booksirens duolingo

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    So hilarious that it made me tentatively over come my dislike of pirates as heros Because I m not into murdering, kidnapping and stealing as a career choice, but GOODNESS this had a delightful nerdy joke on every page.

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    I literally just finished this first volume and let me just say, I m so glad I stumbled upon this.The diversity in this comic is comparable to Rat Queens which is one of my all time favorites comic series , and it s just so so so refreshing Every single time I get to read something where there are diverse characters as in Not Just White, Straight, Cis, and Male , I swoon These girls are AWESOME This had me at Pirate Princess and All Girl Pirate Crew Gosh, so so good Also, there are not all men and misandry jokes, topped with call outs on the fetishization of asian women, fake geek girl turned fake pirate girl argument, and all around everyday sexism I m telling you, this comic is GREAT I m preemptively tagging this LGBT, but I m pretty sure I m right

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    I cannot thank Jeremy Whitley enough for the spark that has become the Princeless series, through his hard work and the work of all the other talented creators My favorite part of this book is the series of job interviews Raven holds with men who want to join her crew Whitley took every stupid thing guys say to women on Twitter and turned it into a scene that had me crying with laughter My tired feminist heart healed up a little bit reading it The only problem with this series is that Whitley can t write it fast enough to keep my household happy.