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Presenting a dazzling new historical novel The Girl From The Savoy is as sparkling as champagne and as thrilling as the era itself Sometimes life gives you cotton stockings Sometimes it gives you a Chanel gown Dolly Lane is a dreamer; a downtrodden maid who longs to dance on the London stage but her life has been fractured by the Great War Memories of the soldier she loved of secret shame and profound loss by turns pull her back and spur her on to make a better lifeWhen she finds employment as a chambermaid at London’s grandest hotel The Savoy Dolly takes a step closer to the glittering lives of the Bright Young Things who thrive on champagne jazz and rebellion Right now she must exist on the fringes of power wealth and glamor—she must remain invisible and unimportantBut her fortunes take an unexpected turn when she responds to a struggling songwriter’s advertisement for a ‘muse’ and finds herself thrust into London’s exhilarating theatre scene and into the lives of celebrated actress Loretta May and her brother Perry Loretta and Perry may have the life Dolly aspires to but they too are searching for somethingNow at the precipice of the life she has and the one she longs for the girl from The Savoy must make difficult choices between two men; between two classes between everything she knows and everything she dreams of A brighter future is tantalizingly close—but can a girl like Dolly ever truly leave her past behind?

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    I absolutely fell in love with The Girl from The Savoy This story takes place in the early 1920s but it does reach to 1974 with the epilogue as it follows the lives of these three beautiful characters Readers get three points of view Dolly Loretta May and Teddy We get to see their hopes dreams and heart rending loss of their lives during this time—the time of World War I or The Great War—of boys who before this war were fun loving with dreams of marriage to girls they loved only to come back as broken men with no dreamsif they came back at all It was the women that had to hold on to the dreams without the men they lovedIt's 1916 and Dolly's heart is breaking as she says her goodbye to Teddy when he’s called to war Teddy promises to come back to her along with promises of marriage of children of a life with him Teddy’s the boy who’s been Dolly's best friend and the love of her life since she was eight years oldIn 1923 after the war and like any time after a war it's time to start a new beginning And the theater ragtime jazz and all the glamour of a life as an actress and the gallery girls is what Dolly has dreamed about When she gets a maid position at the Savoy hotel Dolly sees her chance at her dreams to finally becoming realLoretta is an actress of the stage She’s also a disgrace to her father who is an earl Loretta rebelled against her parents’ way of life and the life she was supposed to live as a respectable daughter of an earlWe see both Dolly and Loretta’s struggles One who is striving to become an actress and the other whose days on the stage as an actress coming to an end and the brokenness for the men they loved that war has cause And the struggling musical composer Perry that becomes the thread that entwines their lives together The Girl From The Savoy is an amazing story and I know I didn't give you insight about Teddy but I feel like it's meaningful for you to discover his part in this beautiful story for yourself The ending of this novel left me a blubbering mess of tears These two amazing ladies’ story was not what I expected by the end with the man they love But it's an ending that both broke my heart and made me swoon for Dolly and Loretta You don't want to miss out on the emotional depth of Dolly and Loretta's story I highly recommend as a must must read

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    Find this and other reviews at Gaynor is not a new author for me I had the privilege of reading Hush her contribution to Fall of Poppies Stories of Love and the Great War in December 2015 and was so impressed with the piece that I made up my mind to read at least one of her full length titles during 2016 I own a copy of The Girl Who Came Home but it was The Girl from the Savoy that I ultimately picked up I wish I could say something intelligent about the subject matter piuing my interest andor imagination but the shameful reality is that I am cover slut and the volume has an absolutely gorgeous jacketGenerally speaking I liked the premise of Gaynor’s book but the structure and format confused me I felt protagonist Dorothy 'Dolly' Lane an intriguing young woman and I liked how her experience paralleled that of fellow narrator Loretta May I felt their ties a little coincidental but when push comes to shove fiction is chock full of such twists and there was nothing overtly annoying in the connection these women shared I’d have been uite happy if the novel had centered on Dorothy and Loretta alone but the inclusion of third narrator Teddy Cooper left me scratching my head The character had enormous potential but his role carries little weight alongside Gaynor’s leading ladies and while I enjoyed his scenes and the ideas they inspired I couldn’t help feeling his perspective superfluous to the story at handI felt Gaynor’s descriptions of life at the Savoy brilliantly imagined but the hotel is not a character in and of itself The comparison to Downtown Abbey is inevitable given the time period Goodreads reviewer Sheena Lambert actually made it in her review but I feel the television series only emphasizes what the novel lacks The house is an integral part of the show and most of the drama is tied to the mansion what it represents and the lives lived within its walls Gaynor’s Savoy is colorful but it does not factor in the story the same way It is one of many backdrops on which Dorothy’s story unfolds but it is not fundamental to the drama of her experience which I found disappointing in light of the novel’s descriptionIn terms of pacing I felt Gaynor spent too much time laying her groundwork There are many inspired moments in the first two thirds of novel but the narrative took so long to find its feet that I was bored by the time I really took interest in what was happening The concept of life after loss especially during the Great War held a lot of appeal for me and I thought the diversity of Gaynor’s illustration intensely creative but its delayed delivery left me frustrated and only partially satisfiedWould I recommend the novel? As usual that answer depends on the reader The Girl from the Savoy is an emotional piece and I think it touches on a lot of intense and deeply compelling themes but I found it difficult to appreciate the style and tone of the narrative and offer caution to those readers who reuire instant gratification from their fictional experience

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    25 starsI really wanted to like this book than I did I loved The Memory of Violets so I had high hopes for this one It just didn't live up to my expectations It's set in the 1920's after WWI A young maid Dolly leaves her home for London She's going to be a star Stop me if you've heard this story before now She finds a job as a maid in the famed Savoy hotel It's uite interesting to see the hotel's operations from behind the scenes and compare it to the image presented to the world I did find that they treated their employees well for the times There are several storylines that could have been developed better and would have caught my attention There is talk of the shell shocked men returning home from the War including a fiancée I find it interesting that you hear of cases of shell shock from WWI than from WWII Is it just my perception? There is an unwanted pregnancy and how it was dealt with The ending to that story line was extremely unrealistic There are just too absurd coincidences that spoiled my enjoyment of the book She becomes the protégé of a world famous actress She meets famous people left and right by literally running into them And I just hated that everyone said you could Dolly was going to be someone someday She just had that look about her Please Dolly also dreamed about how silk stockings and fancy dresses would feel on her Apparently the maids spent a lot of time in trying on the guest's clothes The writing is a little overblown too Dolly remembers the famous actress' words to her Gin is an acuired taste and once acuired it is rarely lost Here's Dolly's talking I have walked into my very own dream and I am wonderfully awake What I did like about this book is there is no Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet and ensure her success Dolly stands alone I also liked the sense of time that was captured well Overall though I was just disappointed

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    Historical fiction set in the 1920’s this book tells the story of Dolly Lane a girl from the English countryside who has found employment at The Savoy an iconic hotel and focal point of London’s social scene While working as a maid and cleaning the rooms of the stars Dolly dreams of an adventurous life on the stage When she literally runs into Perry Clements a musician with a famous sister her life takes an unexpected turn Each of the four main characters has been impacted by the aftermath of WWI and each is harboring a secretThe author excels at period descriptions Gaynor’s rhythmic prose is punctuated with pithy sayings eg “Wonderful adventures await for those who dare to find them” Her descriptions of the manner of dress speech and conduct ring true to the era It is light hearted and optimistic in tone though it contains elements of sadness mental and physical health issues and ongoing recovery from the Great War Gaynor inserts elements that show this period as a time when the lives of women were changing dramatically from the lives of their mothers and grandmothers The storyline alternates among three of the four main characters and each is told from first person perspective in present tense The narrative includes a long build up to get to the point at which the main characters interact there are a few too many convenient coincidences and I thought the epilogue unnecessary It filled the bill for an entertaining and light read after a couple of intense experiences

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    35 stars rounded up This is a very enjoyable light read Dolly Lane is a chambermaid at the celebrated Savoy Hotel in London after the Great War but she has ambitions to be a star of the stage just like her idol Loretta May Loretta seems to have everything that life could offer except one thing Fate brings these two women together and their lives will never be the same The character portrayal in this book is very well done You really get to know each character very well even the minor characters Dolly has a never say die uality about her that sees her through a lot of difficulties Loretta seems fragile on the outside but is made of steel on the inside at least in terms of her willpower The two main male characters Teddy and Perry are fragile yet strong in their own ways The descriptions in this book are extraordinary You feel the chill of the autumn winds you hear the audience applauding you feel the weight of the beaded dresses There some places where it is just beautifully written Does this book have faults? Yes You can see some plot twists coming well in advance It is very predictable in places But it is a very light read so I suppose this is to be expected I wasn't looking to be challenged If you are looking for a fun easy to read historical fiction then this book is for you

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    I decided to listen to the audio version of this book and I'm glad to say that I spend some happy hours working and listening to The Girl from the Savoy I've wanted for a while to read it and I'm pleased to say that the book made the hours fly byThere are two points of views in this book that of Dolly who dreams of becoming a star on stage and Loretta May who is a star but whose dreams were destroyed in the war I found both women's stories fascinating and tragic Both have gone through much and I enjoyed their interaction when they finally metOne thing I really liked was that the blurb states that Dolly has to choose between two men but that is to simplify the story uite a lot Yes there are two men in Dolly's life Teddy who she loved but came home a shell of a man after the war and Perry that uite literary fell into her life However this is not an ordinary triangle drama with Dolly not being able to choose between Teddy and Perry there is so much to the story than that which you will discover if you read the bookAs for Loretta she may be a star but she is one classy woman and I really liked her I liked that she is the one that sees potentials in Dolly Also her past in the war is so heartbreaking The Girl from the Savoy is a great novel there are sad moments in the book but also joyous ones And I loved that the book did not have the tradition HEA ending Although I wish to know what happened to the other man in the book

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    Four and a half starsThe book starts with a prologue set in 1916 where Dolly is watching the young man she has loved since childhood go off to war Will she ever see him again? Then it switches to 1923 and Dolly is off to seek employment as a maid at the Savoy Hotel But Dolly also has dreams Dreams of being on the stage Will her dream ever be realised? Dolly’s life take a turn when she meets Perry Clements Perry is a struggling composer looking for his next hit and despairing of ever being able to write anything worthwhile again Perry’s sister who is famous under the stage name Loretta May is everything Dolly would like to be Loretta May is a huge star of the theatre who attracts attention wherever she goes Both Dolly and Loretta May have secrets that weigh them down and sadness that haunts them And then there are several chapters from Teddy’s point of view The less said about them the better Not because they are not good or relevant but better to read them without knowing too much about Teddy As the chapters move between Dolly Loretta and Teddy’s points of view the reader gets an in depth picture of all of them and their situations and feelings Will Dolly achieve her dreams? Will she ever be able to put the past behind her? Will Loretta May be able to divulge her secret and what affect will it have on those who love and admire her? I loved this story from the first page to the last Yes looking back after having read it I concede there are some coincidences that stretch credibility but somehow while reading it didn’t matter a bit as I was too caught up in the story and the characters This is a charming story firmly centred around the First World War and the years that followed I loved all the details about the theatre and music of the times that comes through I really liked all the main characters and disliked those I was meant to dislike I have read two other books by this author and loved both which is why I felt sure this would be no different I was not disappointed An entertaining read with just a slight fanciful feel it was not without moments that tugged at the emotions And yes I admit to a few tears as well as many happy moments A great chance of pace and feel from my previous book this was a delight to read Highly recommend to anyone who likes and engaging historical tale with plenty of heart A jpy to read particularly in the current pandemic situation

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    This is the second novel I've read by this author I read A Memory of Violets A Novel of London's Flower Sellers and gave it three stars This one also is in that same ballpark The author does a wonderful job in describing English living in the given eras in both books This one takes place after WWI The story was pleasant in a neat and tidy way But overall it was a little too unbelievable and there were uite a few coincidences It was just too perfect and too pretty It lacked tension and therefore didn't have a real pull for me There were many opportunities for contrast but instead everything was kept nice and glossy and had no grit Some passages were uite beautiful The author must have thought so too because she reused the exact words again even when it was from different POVs I don't know how entirely different characters could use the exact phrases word for word as the othersespecially when they were just thoughts Overall this was a sweet story So 2 or 3 starsthat is the uestion

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    I really enjoyed this bookuntil the end There were parts that were too descriptive but for the most part I liked the book and that didn't bother me much However I felt the ending was very sad and disappointing What the author did to Dolly and Teddy was totally unnecessary After everything they'd gone through they deserved the happiness of one another The author wrote it as if they were all ok and fine but I wasn't at all So that's my upset It's a good book if you consider how emotionally involved I was to get so upset about the end It's not that I think the author wrote a bad book but I strenuously object to that ending thus my lower rating

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    I read The Girl Who Came Home and really thoroughly enjoyed it however this book I could not stop reading from this author I kept seeing this one make its way around the web a lot of times and each time I wanted to read it that much I finally got the chance to read this book It far exceeded my expectations I was instantly transported into the 1920's the Savoy Hotel and the grueling world of Broadway productions Until some books where one or two main character's voices are strong in this book I loved all of the voices from Dolly Loretta Teddy and Perry Each one had a story to tell that was lovely Although I was very drawn to Loretta then Dolly Teddy and Perry eually The Girl from the Savoy is a must read