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Kennedy Bennett threw herself at her brother’s best friend Beckham Fox on her 16th birthday only to be denied Now two years later she’s a freshman in college ready to start with a clean slate Except on the first day Beckham Fox reappears into her life and all the humiliation she pushed aside comes rushing back Will she be able to break Beckham down or will his friendship with her brother continue to keep them apart?

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    If you're looking for a thick and highly suspenseful plot andor some deeply profound romance then this isn't the book for you The entire plot is romantic with a touch of family drama from the female MC's brother who's also the male MC's best friend So while there's nothing profound or uniue to the basic storyline girl lusts after her brother's BFF He rebuffs her because he can't betray his BFF and feels she's too young A couple years later they find themselves in a different situation circumstances and begin a push and pull toward romance I still enjoyed it Why? • I liked that it was tightly written concise completely void of fluffy angst flowed smooth as butter and didn't give me descriptions of mundane shit I could give two f's about • I loved that each problem didn't drag on forever in wails of woe is me; each issue is immediately addressed and solved between the characters • I appreciated a book that wasn't full of grammatical errors • I was able to connect with the characters; while I didn't fall in love with any of them and they won't be on my list of favorites I certainly didn't dislike them in any way So why 3 stars vs higher? • I didn't like that the female MC came off very childish and immature at times such as getting drunk to the point she blacked out and her constantly telling people she's an adult as I'm imagining her stomping her foot and pouting • From the male MC's perspective I think the transition from the relationship going from something off limits to love was too big of a leap without enough info It needed a little inner thought to help readers envision how he made that decision how his feelings changed how he came to terms with it all • I saw where the author is continuing the overall storyline through the brother So I'm assuming there will be from this couple in that book?? Idk? However I read this thinking this would give some degree of finality completion to the MC's storyline It's marked as a completed series after all While it's a happy ending and not a cliffhanger it would be a far stretch to call this a HEA The ending felt like an uncooked pizza The dough is made and all toppings are neatly in place but the damn thing isn't cooked yet OverallThe technical writing here that is so far as style and grammar go is excellent Storyline and characters are nothing special but well done for what it is and serial niche I have no problem recommending this book as a uick easy reading romance for those not wanting the heavy weight of extensive suspense angst action adventure and such from a plot

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    Great readGreat read I really enjoyed the storyline I can't help but wonder what is next for the two of them

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    3 12 starsKennedy and Beckham had a very tense sexually charged relationship throughout the years Beckham was her brother's best friend therefore off limits Beckham was basically her first and only love but she could never have him and every time she threw caution to the wind and tried to seduce him he turned her down This was a uick read I wasn't blown away but I liked this book better than Kennedy's brother's book Beckham was my favorite character He showed loyalty above all else even when he could have lost everything