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River Ryan is used to getting his way Girls parties drugs As the lead singer of Deadly Intent he's got the rockstar lifestyle down pat But when journalist Harper James shows up to follow the band around for an article River just sees her as another groupie Little does he know Harper is actually a spy for the label and they want him out An unlikely love story about love on the road and how two people who couldn't be different actually fit together perfectly

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    35 StarsThis is the first of Marie York’s Deadly Intent series Deadly Intent is a rock band and this book is about lead singer River Ryan All of the band members have been living the life—booze groupies drugs paparazzi River is probably the worst of the bunch But for all the fame he wants to keep his private life private Along comes Harper James She is a journalist set upon getting all the inside scoop on Deadly Intent But she battles her own demons that she hides behind a tough exterior She is not about to let an arrogant rocker get under her skin The band sets out on tour and River does his best to stay on the straight and narrow and out of Harper’s crosshairs This is a uick moving book A lot happens in a short amount of time I found myself wishing there was about 20 pages Harper and River have uite a bit of animosity for the first half of the book I would have liked to have seen a slower build to their relationship It wasn’t insta love for them but they went from throwing daggers at each other to making out without much conversation in between I wanted to feel how their feelings toward each other had changed This was my first read of this author I do like her writing style and her approach to character development I am interested in seeing where she goes with this series Not a bad read • An ARC of this title was received in exchange for an honest review

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    So you know how rock star books go the hero is arrogant a man whore drinks too much doesn't give a shit etc etc This book had all that River was a cliché character as was the whole premise of the bookHaving said that up to about the 80% mark I was uite enjoying it then it was like a big portion in the story was skipped and the the two main characters declared they were in love It just came out of left field and happened far too uickly spoiling the rest of the book There was no need to rush it the build up was good and River was redeeming himself slowly On top of that it was hard to connect with Harper not only because we didn't get her POV but because they didn't really talk to each other a great dealAs a side note I did fell for River when it came to Lennon When someone ends their life and doesn't leave a note it leaves you with so many uestions that never get answered You always ask yourself WHY? So in that regard it was well doneApart from that the whole story just felt rushed especially after the 80% mark

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    Wow Not sure what I was expecting but I was definitely pleasantly surprised reading this story River Ryan the lead singer for Deadly Intent is embracing the drugs sex and alcohol lifestyle with everything he's got He's wild crazy and out of control That's what he wants people to see If they see too deep they will know how broken he is Then he meets Harper James He wants to hate her she is after all a journalist Try as he might he can't though She slowly works her way under his skin but can he trust her???This is a short fast read but it packs a huge punch I need Bane's story Now I would definitely recommend this one

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    Just because someone seems to have it all doesn't mean they always doRiver Ryan is on top of the world the rock n roll world that is He's got the money the fame the girls the booze his bandmates the drugs Everything he could want at his fingertips; really what could he ask forHarper James is trying to make a name for herself without the help from her family When she looks about at her career she wants to feel like she earn everything with her own blood sweat and tears She's very well put together but her latest assignment could be the trepidatious than she expected She's got a secret and it's something she's hidden wellRiver is taken with Harper but vows to never make a move on her She's not someone that he feels can be trusted and there are very few that he ever lets see the real River RyanHarper tries fails and tries again to get close to River Not just for her career but a friend And the they spend together the River can't deny his feelings for her nor can he keep his long hidden guilt to himself Because of this one night leads to something special something life changing for the twoThey've opened up to each other revealing things they never thought they would They want to be with each other completely But secrets have a way of coming to the surf when you least expect itAnd this bombshell could spell disaster for the couple They either have to see a way to make things right or walk away from each other foreverThis story is a uick fast paced rollercoaster ride that is exhilarating and provocative The things we learn about River and Harper's past is compelling and thought provoking Sometimes you need to strip away the layers to see the real person hiding inside This series is shaping up to be a darker series than Marie's previous; but it's exactly what you expect when you mix sex drugs and rock n rollI am looking forward to Bane Jericho and Rhett's stories

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    River is the first book in Marie York's new Deadly Intent Series Deadly Intent is the hottest rock band around and River Ryan is the lead singer River is his story In the book we are introduced to the other members of the band Deadly Intent but the main focus is on River At first glance River is not a very likeable hero He's into drugs alcohol and women He feels like he's entitled because he's a rock star He knows girls like him and want him and he takes advantage of that He also snorts cocaine and drinks up a storm I'll be honest and say that at the beginning of the book I really had no respect for River and didn't see that changing Then Harper entered At first I thinks he felt the same way I did about River She thought he was a complete jerk and he was He slammed the door in her face and was outright rude to her Harper is a reporter for Rock Star magazine She's hired to go on tour with the band and to do an indepth report on them River sees her as paparazzi and wants her to leave But Harper eventually manages to see through River's public persona She meets the man beneath and sees why he is the way he is He and all the band members have dark pasts Since Harper has her own issues she understands They manage to heal each other Of course there is a betrayal in the book but once they get past that you know that they'll be together forever I really liked the first book in this series and can't wait to read about the Deadly Intent band I give River 4 STARS

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    Advanced copy given for honest reviewRiver Ryan is the lead singer of Deadly Intent used to getting his own way partying drinking and doing drugs hard But when his wild ways get him in trouble with his record company they send in Harper James a reporter who is out to make a name for herself without the help of her parents she is there to get the scoop on what goes on behind the scenes in a hope this will stop his wild ways Whilst the other band members are forthcoming River tries his best to get her to leave but this is one girl who won't let him get his way Over the course of the tour River and Harper realise they have in common than they think but Harper is hiding a secret and River walks in on her one night after a argument and it's a secret that Harper has been good a hiding until now and it makes River think about Lennon and his best friends deathBut one night River just wants to let loose he is found to be front page news again but the reporter was a bit of a prick and said the wrong thing But is does Harper know about the situation than she is letting on?Great read and the ending wow I was sitting stunned can't wait for the rest of the bands story

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    I am becoming a big fan of Marie York Her latest book River in the Deadly Intent Series was an awesome read River Ryan is the lead singer for the band Deadly Intent He is out of control spending his time partyingdrinking and doing drugs His record label is not happy with his wild ways and sends in a reporter Harper James to do a story on the band in hopes of curtailing his out of control life style While the other members of the band welcome Harper River wants nothing to do with her or the story she is writing Although River is attracted to her physically he is determined to get rid of her and does all he can to make that happen On the other hand Harper is determined to get her story and comes to learn that River is much than he appears to be and is battling his own demons There are a few twists and turns in the plot along the way as well as some steamy scenes resulting in a HEA for River and Harper But there is in true Ms York style a WTF cliffhanger that will leave you clamoring to get your hands on the next book in the series Can't wait for that one

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    RiverThis book has a premise that looks inviting I enjoyed reading the background to why River acted the way he didHe is a jerk but he has his own reasons behind the way he acts He has his own torture to deal with He may not deal with it in such a way that other people would but that's not always a bad thing However his reckless actions have impacted badly upon his club He is on his last warningHarper looks like every other typical journalist but in reality she isn't She's a woman who has her wild side but has her own agenda as to why she's following the band around on the busShe has her own issues to deal with and in a way she uses River in order to not deal with it I don't want to spoil it but some scenes may be a triggerI'm gonna keep this review short as whilst the story is good There's too many aspects that is similar to other rocker stories out there In turn I couldn't identify with this story as much as I wanted tooIt is a good story but I couldn't connect with it3 stars

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    35 Star ReviewRiver Ryan lead singer for the band Deadly Intent is the typical manwhore rockstar He drinks has sex with anything that walks and dabbles in drugs He is a mess but you would be too if you carried the guilt he didHarper James is a journalist assigned to live on the tour bus for two months and get the scoop on the band find out their dark secrets What seems like a well put together strong professional woman she has her own demons This story has similarities to other rockstar books which bothered me at first but I did love the characters secondary characters and their interactions with each other and their development enough to look past the similarities I really wished his book was longer I felt it went a little fast and I would have loved to know a bit about Harper The end of the book left me itching for the next book though I love a good cliffhanger

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    5 Really Good StarsThere's a New Book Boyfriend in town and on tour His name is River and he is a HOT Rock Star that you will love to slip away with for a little while This is a short read but ohhhh soooo good I floved it from beginning to end This is my first read by this author but it will not be the last The writing is on point I could not put this one down and I am ready for the next book in this series This book has a lot of great characters hot scenes and touches on suicide I laughed and cried while reading this one This is one that you don't want to miss If you love a Rock Star book boyfriend then look no further than this one ​Happy Reading Everyone