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All parts of the Imperfect Chaos serial have been edited with tons of new content and combined into one full length novel Imperfect Chaos is available now B I've spent years running and hiding Unfortunately my past has caught up to me Viper For years all I've wanted is to be the best family and relationships be damned These two have scars from the past but can they heal in time for a future together? Mine was just the beginning Now it's Yours

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    Elementary my dear Watson elementary Wow Viper the main character in Marie York's serialized fighter romance Yours sure could give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money what with his superhuman powers of deduction based on at best watery circumstancial evidence and at worst pretty much nothing other than the author's deliberate contrivance to keep the plot going The developments in the main characters' story stretched the realms of plausibility in this second installment of the Imperfect Chaos series especially how view spoilerit took only a couple of very short self defense sessions for the heroine the victim of years of domestic abuse to stand up to her psycho ex hide spoiler

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    This book was bad The first one had the H being a complete manwhore with no regard to who he bangs It had descriptive sex scenes with OW and this book was no different After two books the H and h have not been intimate but there are several scenes with the H doing it with anything that moves I was pretty disgusted with him and despite the cliffhanger have no interest in continuing this story

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    Still not a big fan of Nixon He still treats women like crap and he's still a douche Except towards Brooklyn That's about his only redeeming uality and view spoiler then he goes and treats her like the douche he is because hey what's better than verbally knocking a girl down it's knocking her down while she's already down hide spoiler

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    375 starsNix pisses me off Seriously man but that endingneed to read

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    4 stars

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    I'm speechless Seriously and udderly speechless This series is a bit darker then Marie's previous series but it's turning out to be my favorite so far This time around we get to know Brooklyn better; who she is afraid of and how she ended up in Nix's gym Her struggle and what she has been through is heartbreaking but you have to love her determination to change her future She'll take what she's learned from Nix and put it to good useNix for his part is floored by what he learns First by the fact that B is married but secondly by learning her past She's gotten under his skin and into his head with just one kiss But now he know what she's running away from and he'll stop at nothing to help her whether she likes it or notAnd that ending? Holy Smokes Batman I did not see that coming I mean I knew Kyle would get his just desserts but I didn't think it would come like that Stunning simply stunningI am loving this story line and cannot wait to see what happens next Can Nix and B overcome all this adversity and find a way to be together?

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    I received this in exchange for my honest opinionTalk about a fast paced can't put the book down thrilling book I was gripping my Kindle very tightly when I was reading this book I was scared for Brooklyn I was sad then happy then cheering for Nix The passion that is in this book is amazing Marie writes like she has first hand experience with this situation Dear Lord I pray that she doesn't This is the second installment in the Imperfect Chaos series and it is ramping up to something much greater This is a very thrillingsuspenseful series You will need to read it to grasp what I am talking about