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Change And Anger Are In The Air Looking For Answers To Today S Wrenching Challenges, William Martin Turns To The Tao Te Ching And Finds That While Taoism Is Known For Its Quiet, Enigmatic Wisdom, The Tao Can Also Have The Cleansing Force Of A Rushing RiverThrough His Interpretation Of This Ancient Chinese Text, Martin Elucidates Revolutionary Messages Condemning Power Seeking And Greed He Emphasizes That Humans Have A Natural Virtue That Can Help Them Heal The Planet Shows How Taoism S Simplicity Can Be Subversive And Its Flexibility A Potent Force And Reassures That When Injustice Is The Rule, Justice Always Lies In Wait Provocative And Stirring, Martin S Tao Flows Within And Through Those Who Ride The Waves Of Anger And Frustration And Gently Guides Them To True Freedom We Have Learned The Secret Of Transformation Injustice Feeds Our Determination Hate Increases Our Love Wounds Bring Forth Our Healing, And Fear Uncovers Our Courage And Serenity From The Activist S Tao Te Ching

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    This thoughtful little book brought me so much peace, especially in times like these Martin illustrates an alternative to the traditional revolution that can confound as well as inspire, but at the core of it lies an effective combination of the spirit of Taoism with the spirit of modern revolution.

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    Extraordinary book Beautiful and inspiring and calming Highly recommended

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    Taoism For ChangeThis is an interesting and fascinating interpretation of Lao Tzu s writings as a means for social change and the transformation of the world that we live in.

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    Reading it will renew you Acting on it will renew the world.

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    Presents a view of activism as not about moving to social setups where no man has gone before, but about restoring the natural balance tao to the universe not about taking sides or opposition, but about a natural movement of the unified phenomenon that is the cosmos nothing can oppose us because we encompass everything or something like that needing to originate in an address of one s own thoughts and behaviors change radiating outwards from individual internal change all individuals all beings, all things have an inherent wisdom in us, and the point of activism is to remove the limitations consumerism, legal strictures, etc that prevent us from living out this wise ever present essence not focused on specific results or visions, but as just following where each moment leads or is , and responding to the paths we see open before us if we are to accomplish a truly visionary setup then it must be something beyond envisioning Explicitly ducks out of common activism related questions by saying communism isn t the answer, neither is capitalism as we know it or something like that Which I found sort of annoying It s very possible, and I think admirable, to formulate different ideas and value systems that aren t encompassed by ideas like capitalism or communism but when presented with these questions, you can at least delineate potential ways of relating to communism capitalism etc and their various social movements I had no former exposure to Taoism outside of The Tao of Pooh and, like, Wikipedia , so while that affects whether I know this was clear or true or whatever to common interpretations of Taoism I found the book a clear exposition on what the basic tenets seem to be The author is a Taoist teacher so perhaps I should trust that it actually was a clear exposition of one take on Taoism Keeping in mind my negligible knowledge of Taoism all in all, for me, the book fell flat I think it would fall flat for most people who don t trust in an inherent balance in the universe, who do believe that outcomes will differ in profound and profoundly meaningful ways based on how human societies conduct ourselves.

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    Love the Tao and love the fresh take on it with current events in mind.