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From USA Today bestselling author Lacy Williams comes a new contemporary cowboy romance about finding love in the least expected place—the kitchen He’s the king of second chances Widow Anna Brown is content with her uiet ranching life A single mother to two she has things under control except for the kitchen remodel that wasn’t When her former builder absconds with her deposit and leaves the job undone she’s desperate to have her kitchen back—but has no way to pay for renovations all over again Then contractor Kelly Matthews reappears in her life with an offer to complete the kitchen In lieu of payment he wants only one thing for her to listen to his apology With Kelly in her kitchen every day Anna can’t help but notice all the ways he’s changed in the last decade Although he came to town to make amends Kelly can’t help falling for Anna all over again But every time he gets close her walls go up again Can he find a way to break through her defenses and reach her heart? This contemporary cowboy novella is number 4 in the Heart of Oklahoma series Other titles include Kissed by a Cowboy Love Letters from Cowboy Mistletoe Cowboy  

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    25 starsLacy Williams is really talented in being able to incorporate solid character building into her novella length works The believable change in the H's life led me to rate this one higher than the previous installment Talk is cheap and I appreciated that he wanted to show the h that he was a changed person

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    Anna a widow with two kids runs into Kelly now a contractor she once knew in college According to Anna Kelly was uite the partier back in the day Kelly offers to finish the renovation on her kitchen after her previous contractor left the job unfinished Anna doesn't know if she wants to let Kelly back into her life even if it is only for a kitchen remodel Kelly was uite the bone of contention between Anna and her late husband Ted early on in their marriage Has Kelly really changed ? Is it possible? Soon Anna's kids become attached to him as well Will she be able to forgive him for the past? I liked Anna's independence as well as her taking responsibilities as a mother so seriously I really liked Kelly and the way he treated Anna and her kids His heartfelt apology and the way he committed himself to become a better person put me in his corner immediately Oh and also his deep love for Anna LOVED THESE CHARACTERS ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES

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    Kelly is a man who has made mistakes in his past and wants to make amends for those he hurt One of the first people on his list is the girl he loved and lost when they were in collegeAnna is a single mother of two since her husband passed away She wanted to remodel her kitchen for birthday however her contract has left town with her deposit and the job unfinished When her past suggests he has the perfect man to complete her project she didn’t expect that it would be the man who hurt her all those years agoThis is heartwarming story about second chances and healing from the past Kelly is no longer the man that Anna remembers and he is determined to show her both by word and deed I really enjoyed the pacing and tone of the narrator

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    Second Chances ForgivenessAnna was trying to figure everything out when the old contractor disassembled her kitchen and ran with her deposit Three until her birthday and she could barely cook for her kids Pastor Tim came to see her and brought someone with him Kevin was her first college boyfriend but he messed up He was working on getting forgiveness for last mistakes as part of getting sober and wanted to help

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    Great sweet storyBook 4 doesn't mention the people from books 1 3 but maybe they'll show up againA guy caught to overcome addiction then seek forgiveness for the hurt he'd caused She now had kids was trying to survive after her husband's death She needed to learn to ask for help Faith led them both

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    Sweet readI'm really enjoying this series Each book is a sweet read and connects people from the previous books I look forward to in the series

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    cute super uick book

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    This book has spiritual content than some of the others in this series so I enjoyed it

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    Lacy Williams new 3 book series that continues the stories from Redbud Trails Oklahoma Anna and Kelly were friends during college but things hadn't ended well for them Years later Anna is widowed and Kelly shows up on her doorstep begging for forgiveness for the mess he made of their friendship before it could go further than that Anna is in need of a contractor to finish a renovation Kelly wants to help her outAs usual Lacy Williams provides a great story full of emotion It's not hard to follow the flow of emotion right up to the finish line and in the end everyone will be cheering on the second chance finish

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    It's so hard to forgive when someone has hurt us For Anna she almost gave her heart away to Kelly once and then saw how much a hold the partying lifestyle had on him Ten years later he waltzes back into her kitchen with plans to remodel her kitchen and beg for her forgiveness But she's not so ready to trust and he's not so sure he only wants forgiveness Can he get a second chance at the greatest love of his life?