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Edit 2020All parts of the Perfect Chaos serial have been edited with new content and combined into one full length novel Perfect Chaos is available now Beckham Fox has a secret One he never thought would get out But when his best friend spills the beans to the girl he loves he's the one left feeling betrayedKennedy Bennett has always loved her brothers best friend and just when she thinks she may get her Happily Ever After a long kept secret shatters her fairytaleCan Beckham and Kennedy get through their pasts to achieve their future? Me and You doesn't always eual Us

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    3 stars

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    A Perfect Chaotic EndingSweet Mother of Jesus Nix spilled Beckham's secret and Kennedy was thrown for a loop Just as everything is beginning to look up for her fate takes a nasty turn The difference this time is Beckham and he's not letting Kennedy go without a fight This may mean the end of his friendship a friendship that means the world to him but the woman he loves is worth itI absolutely loved this series and these two characters They knew what they wanted and went for it It wasn't always easy but they stayed true to themselves They grew as individuals and developed a bond that can't be broken The road may not always be easy but as long as they are together they can face anythingMarie has a way that draws the reader from the start This series is brilliant and you can't help but fall for these two and wish them all the happiness in the world

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    Loved itOmg this book this series was so good I loved Beckham loves Kennedy and even though his secret is out he has to get her to listen to him cause what she's been told isn't the truth Kennedy can't believe that Beckham would not step up to his responsibility When Beckham finally gets the chance to come clean will Kennedy believe him and will they get their chance to be happy together I want I loved it and can't wait to read about Nixon

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    my review is based upon all three novellas There is a LOT of back in forth with these two I was surprised by Becks secretI really thought Nix was going to come in to play there For as grown up as Kennedy wanted to be taken she acted like a typical 18 year old I really enjoyed the story and look forward to Nix's

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    I HAVE READ THE ENTIRE NOVELLA TRILOGY AND ENJOYED THEM This review is done based on the three And i gotta say it was short intense angsty but still sweet

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    A perfect ending to a perfect series DOmg it was so good I loved it