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Edit 2020All parts of the Perfect Chaos serial have been edited with new content and combined into one full length novel Perfect Chaos is available now For Beckham Fox his best friend's little sister Kennedy Bennett has always been off limits But after one mistake he can't shake her no matter how hard he tries Giving into his desires is a losing bet and when his past comes back to haunt him he stands to take a fall

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    A Chaotic Journey ContinuesJesus H Roosevelt Christ Just when things are starting to look up Marie goes and throws a wrench into itBeckham after one spontaneous action can't get Kennedy out of his mind Well truth be told she's been on his mind since that fateful night many years ago But now he's had a taste and that hungry is hard to uench Although he's still hell bent on not crossing the line again Kennedy isn't going to take no for an answer Well not a first I mean how many times can you tell a girl no yet keep her by your side? And just Beckham decides that not having Kennedy in his life is worse than losing his best friend They've finally made a start a good start and wham Nix shows up and drops a bomb that can destroy everythingThis series just keeps getting better Kennedy and Beckham are putting everything on the line but there is one secret that Beckham is carrying and the only person that could tell it has just walked through the door These two have passion and chemistry coming out in waves and through the pages They are sizzling And that garden scene is simply amazingNow that Nix has thrown a low ball at the couple I can't wait to see how this story will end Can this sensual couple work through this problem or are they finished for good?

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    3 stars

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    OmgEach one get better and better and leaves me wanting Kennedy is away a college still having to deal with Beckham wanting her not wanting her she didn't know how much she can take They stay away from each other for a little while but Beckham misses her and he's not going to worry about Nixion as long as he and Kennedy agree on what they have who else matters but the thing is he is falling for her and will he explain himself to Nixon it may be sooner than later So ready for the next one

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    love these two together