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Edit 2020All parts of the Tryst serial have been edited with tons of new content including an extended ending and combined into one full length novel Tall Dark Mysterious is available now Jaxon Reed has been keeping a secret for years Lyla could never understand why he kept himself so closed off Now that she knows his secret can she put him back together again? Can they survive forever?

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    With an ending like the one in Always I wasn't sure what to expect I wanted everything to work out for Lyla and Jax but after that bomb anything could happen So when I got my hands on this I had to crack it open and read right awayThank the Lord above that I did What an amazing turn of eventsJaxon is always surprising me and in this book he does it again I loved that Lyla wanted to help Jaxon even as he tried pushing her away She really has a heart of gold Jaxon's feelings for her are deep and profound so although he tries to push her away he really can't Let's not even talk about that dream he has that really super erotic dream Yum yum yumOnce he finally comes to terms with his feelings past and present the lengths he goes through to prove to Lyla how sincere he is well to melted my heart These two are perfect together and I couldn't have asked for a better ending

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    OMG I loved this series ❤These two are perfect together and I couldn't have asked for a better ending but I still needed TT an epilogue maybe Just to make sure they got married and had lots of babies D

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    Great ending to the series