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Edit 2020All parts of the Tryst serial have been edited with tons of new content including an extended ending and combined into one full length novel Tall Dark Mysterious is available now Lyla never thought she'd see Jax again after their one night of passionBut when she flies in for her best friend's wedding the absolute last person she expected to see is waiting for her at the airportCan she forgive Jaxon for disappearing on her all those years ago? Or will she have to chalk it all up to a one night tryst? Find out Now

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    Wow Two years have passed from the end of Then and the start of Now Lyla is on her way to see her best friend get married When she arrives she sees the one person that is taken up residence in your mind for the last two years Jaxon This installment of the Tryst Series is very tantalizing Lyla wants Jaxon like no other but Jaxon always seems to pull away He doesn't want to tell her where his been what he's been doing what his future plans are or even if he's thought of her over the yearsSpending this time together proves to them that there could be something there Lyla may be keeping a secret regarding her current situation at home but Jaxon is very mysterious then years prior The only that hasn't changed is their undeniable attraction After several days of fighting it Jaxon has to have LylaBut what happens now? Will they be able to have a relationship or will they go their separate ways again after a night of sizzling passion?This story is amazingly written The sexual frustration between these two bounces off the pages and when they finally get together scorching These two are defiantly great together Boy that ending left me breathless and I can't wait to see what happens next

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    EEEEEP I need of this series IMMEDIATELYMarie does a fantastic job of writing these novellas with just the right amount of tension angst and mysteryThere is still that spark and sexual desire between Lyla and Jax These two won't deny it but they also won't give in to another after their first night togetherAnd Jax is still a deep mystery and Lyla is bound to figure out what it is until one of them runs againHot sexy and very uick read It will leave you panting and begging for

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    This is the second installment of the Tryst series by Marie York and it was better than the first I can't wait until the next installment is released To see my review of the first in this series check out my blog post at