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Seminar paper from the year 2010 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies Literature grade 2 University of Vienna language English abstract Ernest Callenbach´s Ecotopia consists of the reports and diary entries of William Weston a reporter who is actually the first person to enter the newly modelled country consisting of Washington Oregon and Northern California which broke from the USA in 1980 Seen from 1974 the story is set 25 years in the future in the year of 1999 Ecotopian citizens are described as creative free thinking liberal and energetic people who place value on work in team configurations and social responsibility William Weston provides the reader with detailed insights into the Ecotopian lifestyle politics sexual freedom education and gender relationsHowever the main focus of the book is on ecological aspects This essay is concerned with the ecological concerns and their collective realization in Ecotopia whereas emphasis will be put on Ecotopia´s food circle food production and processing car less living television and wares Ecotopian economy their woods plastics and their way of generating energy from sun and sea

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