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This is a uick reference title list for your kindle or kindle app to help you easily list Anne Rice's novels and books in series reading orderYou can pop open the list right from your kindle book list You don't have to navigate the browser on the device or logon to your PC or laptop or have a printed list lying around to find out which of the authors books to read next Her works are listed in series chronological order as uite often they reference characters and places in previous novels and stories Hopefully you have the Kindle Unlimited subscription and can download it for free If not a dollar is a small price to pay for the convenience of this book TIP Titles you've read can be checked off with the kindle highlight feature TIP Turn on Automatic Updates so that this list updates on your kindle when new titles are added Just to avoid any misunderstandings about copyright according to the United States Copyright Office Copyright law does not protect names titles or short phrases or expressions copyrightgov circular 34 I hope you find this made for kindle list as helpful as I do in deciding which of the author's books to purchase and enjoy nextThe K Man

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    Anne Rice’s Series in order they were Written Just what I needed because I stopped reading for a while and had forgotten what cane next With this concisely written review I will be able to start where I left off without reading something I have already completed Excellent work