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In The Blink Of An Eye, Everyone Disappears Gone Except For The YoungThere Are Teens, But Not One Single Adult Just As Suddenly, There Are No Phones, No Internet, No Television No Way To Get Help And No Way To Figure Out What S HappenedHunger Threatens Bullies Rule A Sinister Creature Lurks Animals Are Mutating And The Teens Themselves Are Changing, Developing New Talents Unimaginable, Dangerous, Deadly Powers That Grow Stronger By The Day It S A Terrifying New World Sides Are Being Chosen, A Fight Is Shaping Up Townies Against Rich Kids Bullies Against The Weak Powerful Against Powerless And Time Is Running Out On Your Th Birthday, You Disappear Just Like Everyone Else Highly enjoyable Hooks you at the very start I drive through the traffic everyday about an hour in the morning and definitely than an hour at nighttime So, while reading the first few pages of the book, I said, wow this should happen here in Manila Imagine all adults to disappear altogether without a trace at one time and all adolescents will follow once they turn fifteen Obviously, this is okay as long as I and my loved ones are exempted hehe.This is a YA book and so the characters are all young adults Sam has a friend, Quinn and a love interest, Astrid Together, they find the possible reason for the disappearance of the people and they meet all interesting characters and go through a lot of twists and turns just like the everyday Manila traffic to get into the bottom of this phenomenon including its possible solution.The storytelling is straightforward and Grant s imagination is so fertile I thought I would write a letter to our President Noynoy and recommend him to solve the congestion of vehicles during rush and even not too rush hours Why not If a YA author like Grant can think of all the interesting characters and situations in the book, maybe his creativity can be put to better use not only for readers but for the whole country or even the whole world World peace, anyone My only complaint about this book is attributable to myself Why oh why did a 48 year old man like me find this enjoyable if not better read than Kazuo Ishiguro s surreal The Unconsoled I really don t know It is readable, gripping, made my heart beat faster and it does not make me sleepy every time I am holding it Oh maybe, I don t read too many YA books so having it once in a while feels liberating Or maybe I am having a midlife crisis so I find this kind of plot not revolting but definitely worth my reading time I will definitely borrow the next 4 books and read them in between the literary classics Maybe that would be my strategy to finish the 1001 books before I die.Thank you, Ace Jose I hope you stop growing so you keep on buying and reading YA books and then pass them on to me I hope that, despite our huge age difference, we will be friends forever. This was a very good book about adventure, mutants, superheroes and just the plain old story of surviving high school only this time there are no adults to keep a check on things.This novel tells the story of how one day in a small Californian town everyone 15 and over mysteriously disappears But that s not all The town becomes surrounded by a strange spherical barrier, no one gets in or out And stranger still, the children and teenagers left behind are discovering that some of them have weird mutant powers And that snakes can fly And coyotes can talk In a world gone mad, power and leadership are up for the picking In a world run by children, power belongs to the bullies, the sadists, or the mutants So, I m going to explain the reason it got four instead of five stars Well, I ve spent the last few weeks reading books that are instantly gripping, they throw you right into the middle of the story and build up their characters around it this book, however, takes time at the beginning to introduce and explore each character in a way that I feel would have been much effective if it had been integrated throughout the novel But it s not just that I have some issues with the female characters.As a woman and a feminist, I love strong females in books But the strongest female in this book was probably Diana, the psychopath, and even she was most notably only the girlfriend of the opposition The girls in this book are all beautiful or cute and are important only as ornaments on the arm of the leaders all of which are male, there never seemed to be any discussion in this book as to whether the chosen leader would be female Also, I grew increasingly annoyed by the way Sam was built up as Astrid s saviour and hero I had higher hopes for Astrid at first, she was described as a genius and I thought she could be a great contribution to solving their predicament, but she was actually fairly useless, often needing to be rescued herself My favourite female of the book is Lana She survived alone in the desert without ever needing a guy s help unless you count her lovable dog, Patrick and she braved a truck crash, coyote attacks and I hope there s strength and admirable qualities coming from her character in the second installment Which, by the way, I am extremely looking forward to because the story is VERY good even if my rant seemed to suggest otherwise. I put this book aside about two weeks ago, saying I would definitely go back and finish it as I only had about 100 pages left But it doesn t look like it now I m simply not in the mood to pick it up again And as I m not planning on spending money on the next instalments of the series, I will probably never read them anyway, so why continue here I really don t know why Gone wasn t able to intrigue me It is a clever and absolutely thought provoking story that definitely got me thinking How would I react if people suddenly started to disappear What would I do to help keep things working Would I freak out Would I become as cold blooded as some of those barely 14 year old kids It s hard to imagine I would definitely start feeling claustrophobic But it also made me wonder Can those kids be for real I mean, I have of course never been in a similar situation, but it s hard to believe it can transform you into a heartless killer in a matter of days Even if you ve always been a bully Killing and torturing people is still on a completely different level.That being said, I think one thing that I didn t like was the constant action in this book I know this is how the book is supposed to be like and I totally knew what I was getting myself into and even looked forward to it But somehow, in this novel, it just didn t work for me Don t ask me why You just never get one peaceful moment One awful thing happens after the next We get Caine the dictator and his little crazy friend I ve forgotten his name already Duh who want to rule the FAYZ and don t care at all who lives or dies as long as they stay in power But hey, that s not enough No, throw in some weird talking animals and that creature in the cave And I know things will probably only get worse in future instalments I m certainly not a faint at heart when it comes to books don t make me watch a horror movie, though , but this was simply exhausting And it had the opposite effect on me than it should have had It made me not care.The language and dialogue were kept simple, but I thought that fitted the story in some way I liked Sam s voice and his personality Same goes for Astrid, although their love story felt a bit strange to me and developed so fast But, then again, under their circumstances everything s a bit different All in all, this book just wasn t for me But it might be for you, so don t refrain from giving it a try I can totally see people loving this series. 1 Gone 2 Hunger 3 Lies.5 Even though Michael Grant may be an asshole, I m still impressed by his books Can t wait to keep reading and finally find out how this series ends I hereby predict that, sometime in the next year or so, the next big Young Adult obsession will be with the book Gone, by Michael Grant, and with the subsequent books that I hope he writes quickly because I might die if I don t know the what and the why and the how and thewell, EVERYTHING This is apparently the first in a series of six booksI also predict that it will take off like the Harry Potter and the Twilight Series, with almost as many adults reading the series as kids.For one thing, this book is creative genius I can take a guess at some of Grant s inspirations, but I truly hope that my doing so doesn t take away from Grant s originality, because to me this book felt 100% new, and Grant is brilliant to have woven his ideas together in such a phenomenal way The story is this everyone over the age of 15 disappears one day, all in the same instant After the initial panic, a power struggle ensues a la Lord of the Flies But that s not all it turns out that some of the kids have developed certainlet s say uniqueskills a la Heroes , which help and harm in their strange, adultless environment The story surprises despite having some familiarity, and I simply couldn t put it down I even once tucked it under my shirt and snuck it into the ladies room at work with me so I could continue reading Oh, and there s even some teen love in there, too, and who doesn t love young love No one, I tell you I admit, the cover art and the summary on the book jacket are a little hokey I can overlook the summary after all, I thought the summaries for the Twilight series sounded ridiculous as well, so I think my distaste has to do with my being in my thirties than anything else That very well may be the same for the cover art, too, but I do think it will hinder the book s allure for adult readers If you guys over at Harper Collins are reading this, you might want to consider ditching the random people on the book jacket and instead design it as it looks without the jacket on it matte black with shiny blue title in large letters on the front But that s just my two cents.When it comes down to it, though, the book jacket art is pretty irrelevant With or without it, this book kicks some serious ass And you don t have to be a young adult to think so. I tried and tried to love this book, but I just couldn t connect with it The concept was a brilliant one It was the reason I decided to buy the book in the first place, but once I started reading it, I couldn t establish a connection with any of the characters.I just felt as if I was an outsider and not able to grasp any of the emotions of the characters I didn t feel as if I was part of the story At times, I thought there was too much telling as opposed to showing There were also many passive sentences that didn t have the effect an active sentence would have had I really wanted to grasp the story, but it just didn t happen It was just an okay read. I read a lot of books, but you knew that didn t you While I enjoy most of the books I read, few stand out to me as amazing or memorable this is why I give out so few five star reviews Gone is simply the best YA book I have read since Laurie Halse Anderson s Wintergirls, and stands right beside The Hunger Games and the Knife of Never Letting Go as some of the best dystopian sci fi aroundIn Perdido Beach, life is normal mostly until a sudden disruption results in the disappearance of every adult and child over fifteen Left to fend for themselves without computers, cell phones, television, or rescue, the remaining children must band together to survive and solve the mystery of what happened to their parents and the rest of the town Trapped inside a force field barrier that surrounds the town, there is little hope of rescue or escape.Whatever caused the disruption has also caused strange mutations in animals coyotes talk, snakes fly, and cats teleport These mutations affect some of the children, giving them supernatural powers and abilities When tensions build among different factions in the town, the children must band together to survive or risk destruction themselves.One of the reviews for Gone describes the book as Lord of the Flies written by Stephen King I was reminded of King s classic, The Stand, the entire time I read Gone The post Apocalyptic premise, the battle between good and evil forces, and most of all, the compelling well developed characters pulled me through this lengthy book I could not put it down, devouring it in one rainy Saturday afternoon Yes, there is a sequel, Hunger, but unlike many YA books these days, I felt that the major conflicts in this book were resolved before the end.I can think of at least ten students in my class who would love this book I cannot wait to put it in their hands I suppose I should provide some kind of explanation as to why I didn t finish reading this book.It s not because the concept was stupid actually the concept was quite interesting and would make for a fantastic philosophical discussion.It s not because it was poorly written actually it was written quite well with a great plot and interesting world building and action packed scenes.It s not because the characters were horrible or annoying Actually, Sam is really likable if not frustrating, Astrid is such a relief as a female protagonist and the secondary characters are realistic and well fleshed out.In the end I would actually recommend this book to people, especially fans of sci fi and particularly middle school children It s like a modern, sci fi version of Lord of the Flies only cooler and there s no Piggy.No, the reason I couldn t keep reading it was because I wasn t enjoying it The reason I wasn t enjoying it was rather stupid but since everyone over the age of 15 is gone, I was kind of frustrated because there was only one girl and boy actually taking care of a small number of babies The rest were just being abandoned in their cars houses or whatever and I couldn t get absorbed in the storytelling while I was mentally yelling at the kids to go rescue the babies Stupid, I know Pathetic Yeah, I m WELL aware of it, but that s just the way it is.Also, because I m kind of an authoritarian leader type person, I was thinking of everything they SHOULD be doing and how they SHOULD be organizing and kind of frustrated that Sam was being so wimpy about taking charge But, he s fourteen, I know he deserves slack but yeahSO go read it, please My inability to finish this book had nothing to do with the writing and was all about me being irrational and crazy This is my first exposure to Michael Grant s writing, and he totally blew me away Maybe it was because I am partial to the sci fi fantasy genre, but truthfully I don t think it had anything to do with it This story was just WOW Imagine sitting in class one day, maybe you are paying attention to your teacher, maybe you are daydreaming about surfing, then all of a sudden your teacher disappears What would you do It just so happens that this very scenario happens to Sam Temple in his history class It turns out his teacher isn t the only on missing, it turns out that anyone over the age of thirteen is missing Not just missing but disappeared No cell phones, no television, no Internet Poof gone Sam has been in a horrific experience like this before, well maybe not exactly like this Sam had saved a bunch of kids in a school bus after the driver had a heart attack, good ole School Bus Sam Sam was a natural leader, but he didn t feel like it Everyone was looking up to him for answers, but all Sam felt was guilt Guilt because there was a possibility that this was his fault Sam has this little problem, he can shoot beams of light out of his hands and burn people s hands off Literally But I guess things like that happen when you live in Fallout Alley.Thankfully Sam isn t alone He has is best friend and surfer brah, Quinn The genius Astrid, who Sam has secret feelings for, and the faithful and dependable, Edilio.Of course in any untamed civilization there is always a power struggle, those who have it and those who want to take it away It turns out that Sam isn t the only one that has powers When the kids from the private school Coates Academy show up, Sam and Astrid realize there is something going on It also doesn t help that the kids from Coats and the kids from Perdido don t exactly get along.Caine from Coates Academy comes in, dazzles everyone with his charm and takes control of the FAYZ, a.k.a Fallout Alley Youth Zone Caine has his own secrets He has powers of his own And if he thinks your powers might be a threat to him, he takes care of you one way or another But when Caine s sinister sidekick Drake allows a girl to be beaten to death with a baseball bat, for doing a magic trick things go from bad to worse.Caine knows that everyone looks up to Sam as a leader, so starts the battle of good vs evil Besides Caine has his own hidden agenda toward Sam Oh And did I mention that when you turn fourteen, you poof too So not only does Sam have to save his new world, he will be fourteen in a week or so No worries though Yeah right There are so many twists and turns in the plot that you won t be able to put this book down until it s well, gone But don t fret, this is only the beginning of a six part series The characters are well developed I love when you feel like you really connect with characters, and this was one of those experiences You not only get to experience Sam s part of the story but the views of many other characters There is action, suspense, romance, and fantasy all rolled into one Gone is a spectacular beginning to what I can only hope will be a thrilling series Amazing