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Trial By Twelve Is The Grace Award Winner For Mystery Romantic Suspense Thriller Historical Suspense Tess Spencer Loves Her Low Key Job At The Crystal Mountain Spa, Which Allows Her Plenty Of Down Time With Her One Year Old Daughter And Lawyer Husband, Thomas But When A Pool Installation Turns Up Eight Skeletons In The Spa S Back Yard, Tess Becomes Entangled In A Sleuthing Job Destined To Go AwryAs The Investigation Gets Underway, Someone Dumps A Fresh Body Near The Excavated Burial Site, Confirming Unspeakable Fears A Serial Killer Has Returned To Buckneck, West Virginiaa Skilled Hunter With A Unique Taste In PreyWhen Tess Agrees To Help The Cunning Detective Tucker Gather Clues From The Inside, She Discovers The Posh Spa Hides Than Dead Bodies Even As She Sifts Through Layers Of Deceit, Tess Realizes Too Late That The Killer S Sights Have Zeroed In On Her Unpredictable Psychological Mystery Replete With Memorable Characters, Trial By Twelve Is Book Two In A Murder In The Mountains Series

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    Stylistically and in terms of its general tone and vision, this sequel has much in common with the series opener, Miranda Warning, and many of the comments in my review of the latter apply here as well Even the structure is the same through much of the book, heroine Tess first person, present tense narration in normal text is supplemented, at the beginnings of the short chapters, by one or italicized paragraphs from the unsigned and undated letters of a father to his child As in the first book, we quickly get the idea that the two strands of material will prove to be related But here, we also quickly form the suspicion that, in reading these letters, we re glimpsing into the insane world of a serial killer.Pregnant in the first book, Tess is now mom to a roughly year old toddler She s gotten back into church, and into a rekindled faith that plays a role in her life, but doesn t overpower the plot of the book Also, she s finally gotten her concealed carry permit so her fans don t have to keep worrying about her being arrested , and she s gotten a Glock of her own, which she packs in a hip holster and generally doesn t leave home without Back in the work force, she has a new part time job booking appointments at a fancy spa near Buckneck It s a position that suits her well until, in the first chapter, workmen digging for a swimming pool behind the spa unearth what proves to be a veritable boneyard of female skeletons, killed with arrows to their chests These deaths took place years ago but then a fresh corpse turns up.As a rule, I tend not to like the idea of serial killer fiction and nonfiction , and normally avoid it But despite that, I really liked this book the killings aren t directly described, and there s no wallowing in grisly gore Although I pegged the killer s identity pretty early on that s not unusual for me in my mystery reading , there were still questions I hadn t answered, and the denouement managed to pack a surprise I did find it somewhat dubious that a police detective would involve Tess in his investigation, despite her performance in the earlier book and even dubious that an inveterate tobacco chewer would give up the habit, even temporarily, on the basis that he does here But these quibbles aside, this was still a quick, enjoyable read, a re connecting with some of the characters from the first book, and a chance to observe the continuing growth of an engaging protagonist Readers interested in such features will be pleased that the author has shared a recipe for Cousin Nelma s Banana Pudding in the back of the book I haven t tried it, but it actually sounds like it would be pretty tasty, and relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

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    I really enjoyed this cozy mystery The first person s point of view was so interesting, due to a interesting main character, Tess I enjoyed seeing her interactions with her husband and cute little daughter, as well as her friends and family She is lovable and imperfect, a great friend to have.They mystery kept me turning the pages For the first half of the book, the chapters began with a letter from the serial killer, which gave you some insight into his or her development into the serial killer role Their was also a number of possible suspects which kept the guesses going The ending was a bit of an anti climax for me, not sure why, but after the great build up during the whole story, it fell a bit flat for me.Definitely recommended to fans of cozy mysteries

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    Another page turner from Heather Day Gilbert Loved this book just as much as Miranda Warning, if not I loved spending time with characters I d already grown to love, and meeting new ones, too The mystery is well paced, with enough intrigue and drama to keep me guessing to the very end, sprinkled with humor that had me laughing out loud several times I m committed now I ll read every Murder in the Mountains that this author writes

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    I think I just always have a soft spot for the first book in any series it s hard for a second book to live up to it s predecessor With Trial by Twelve, I did not have one bit of trouble falling right back into the world and characters that Heather introduced in book one Though for me there wasn t as much action, or perhaps the mystery was not as layered as the first book, Heather s strong writing voice and the amazing characterization held my attention the entire time The mystery actually did keep me guessing, even though for a time I thought I had figured it out Sometimes I don t know whether to go for the obvious because it s never the obvious, or go for the out there option I went back and forth between this story and love how I was kept wondering until the very end.And since I already fan girled over Tess in my first review, I ll try to refrain from doing that here she s basically my favorite right now, quirky but still realistic She does push the envelope at times with her sleuthing work, but when she does get into trouble, it s in a realistic way, not in a too stupid to live kind of way, if that makes any sense And because I laughed at this quote, I have to share here My dear husband Thomas has informed me that I can t walk without natural hip action The I slow to adjust my walk, the my hips determine to swing of their own accord And because I found this one to be beautiful and worth re reading The pale morning sun filters through the forest canopy around us I imagine my dewy rosebush soaking it up, photosynthesizing like crazy The coo of a mourning dove echoes, somehow soothing my heart Sometimes I feel so entangled with the West Virginia seasons, it s like I m breathing through them I m so loving this series looking forward to going on another adventure with Tess

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    With this book, the second in Gilbert s Murder in the Mountains series, Tess Spencer has become one of my favorite amateur sleuths She s real, she s smart, she s tough when she needs to be but also sweet , and she does her stuff in the West Virginia mountains a great backdrop for a mystery And as good as the first book in the series was, this one is even better Every time I thought I had the mystery figured out, I didn t The story, like all good mysteries, kept me guessing until the end I can t wait to read the third book in the series

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    Wish I could give it ten stars Oh how I love Tess, her family, friends, and town I fell in love with them in book 1 and was so pleased to come visit again Heather is a master at character that you can t let go of Read all her books, you will love them I also love that she has Pinterest boards for her books to help visualize everything I hope there s a book 3

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    This is the 2nd in the series and just as good as the 1st one This time, Tess is working part time at a Spa Her husband, Thomas, is still a struggling lawyer and Tess is once again going to be in the middle of a murder.Miranda is not doing well at the Haven and her daughter, Charlotte and Tess are still great friends While the Spa owner is having a pool built behind the Spa, a body has been found Well, not only one, but eight others spanning years A serial killer is there in her city And, if you know Tess, she is going to be in the middle of the murder investigation When the Dectective asks Tess to help scout out the owner and others at the Spa, she has now become the target.Miranda, Charlotte, and all the lovable characters from the first book are in this one Andrew is still looking for that girl , Petey is still being the little detective and protecting Tess You gotta want a Mother in law like Nikki Jo.I just love these books Can t wait to read the next one to keep following up with Tess, Thomas and their little girl.

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    This story is great I love the setting, the author makes you feel as though you are there in Buckneck WV, and the characters feel like friends The mystery kept the story moving right along, and I had to keep listening it was very compelling If you like Christian mystery suspense novels, I recommend this one

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    Fantastic readI absolutely loved this book Just as good as the first one in the series I m hoping for in this series.

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    Great read Each chapter is introduced with the bad guy s creepy letters to his son or daughter, and the story is highlighted with excellent descriptions of the beautiful town in nestled in the woods mountains in West Virginia where Trial by Twelve takes place Second in the A Murder in the Mountains series by Heather Day Gilbert, it can be read as a stand alone This novel demonstrates how people of faith can respond to daily, as well as extreme challenges, when keeping one s eyes on the Lord Tess Spencer met Detective Tucker as a result of the murders occurring behind the Crystal Mountain Spa where Tess is a part time receptionist admin assistant While the excavation was underway to add an outdoor pool, the work crew found a grisly, decades old burial place of eight skeletons Almost as proof that those bones were not there by accident, the body of a recently murdered woman was posed there not long afterwards Someone has their eye on the spa That someone has killed many times before, and may kill again if Detective Tucker, a top notch woodsman and hunter, is unable to find the killer in their midst.Tess and her husband Thomas, a hard working attorney, have a young daughter, Mira Brooke , short for Miranda Brooke, named after one of Tess best friends whose health was rapidly failing Miranda was like a grandmother to Tess The spa was shut down until the investigation was done, but Tess was there to answer phones and help the IT guy working on their computers Tess spoke often with the detective when they were both at the spa There was much to discuss, especially the clues that the killer purposely left behind to lead them on Tess husband did not want her involved in the investigation, but she did appreciate trying to discover who the murderer was with the camo clad cop.The suspense grew exponentially as the suspect list multiplied and women were found murdered I like Tess She began attending church about a year before, a blessing that her husband was thankful for She was growing in faith and prayer, and read her Bible often She had once given up on Jesus after events that occurred as a child and young adult, but she said what is true for who have been prodigals Jesus never wrote me off She s real I appreciated her feelings about her faith and her fears, as she echoes what many of we wives might say of husbands When he prays, mountains seem to move When I pray, things tend to get worse Or even unbearably nothing happens at all It was, however, like watching her faith grow even as the worries about the crimes grew.Tess, Thomas, Nikki Jo, and Charlotte Miranda s daughter, Tess friend are very well defined I like each of them they are three dimensional Christians who are like real people who go forward each day in spite of their flaws and scars The peripheral characters are as defined as necessary for their roles, whether kind, overbearing, or creepy The killer, whoever he might be, has revealed almost everything about himself except his name and his son or daughter s name through his creepy clues The plot is complex and detailed, and very finely taking the reader through the hunt for a serial killer that at once brings the reader taut with suspense, and relaxed as the prayers of the Spencer family are answered and they remain safe I was beginning to suspect almost everybody, and was surprised to see who the murderer really was someone I had thought about only briefly then discarded from my list This novel is very well written with characters that I came to care about I highly recommend this to fans of Heather Day Gilbert, and those who appreciate Christian views and excellent novels of suspense With a grateful heart, I received a copy of this book through the For Readers Only group at The Book Club Network, in exchange for my honest review All opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review.