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Edit 2020All parts of the Tryst serial have been edited with tons of new content including an extended ending and combined into one full length novel Tall Dark Mysterious is available now Dark and mysterious Jaxon Reed is Lyla Scott’s living breathing sexual fantasy There’s one problem though She's with Kyle the love of her life She shouldn't feel this way about anyone else right? But when disaster strikes with Kyle she can't help but wonder about JaxLyla doesn't usually do this but could a steamy tryst be the answer to her heartbreak?

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    This was a very short read and that's the only way in which I can fault it I loved every second of this book and it had me sucked in from the very first sentence It was so easy for me to read and get into it and I loved the story and where the author was heading with itIt was beautifully written so well structured and I can see everything that happened so vividly and with such clarity that I wanted to cry when this mini movie in my head was overAt first I really kinda liked Kyle even though I was secretly vouching for Jaxon but as soon as I heard about the Road Trip around Europe I had a very bad vibe in regards to him that I wasn't wrong about Kyle is an A class douchebag I was happy to see him go and even happier when Jaxon moved in Even though this book is very fast paced cause of how short it is the author still manages to keep it real great and not rushed Jaxon and Lyla's one night together was so and again I was so gutted to see it end I feel like the author wasn't trying to make excuses for each character with some deep issues that affected them so dearly and that was refreshing to read I liked how Jaxon wasn't just good for hot sex either which by the way he has down to a tee but he was of a really good and stable friend for Lyla before he was anything Even though she was already secretly fantasizing about him can't say I blame her for that either I also enjoyed how Lyla wasn't one of those heroines that I found annoying or irritating to read again it was very refreshing His lips moved across my jaw and I ran my hands through his hair griping and tugging at the dark locks Warmth spread through me as his tongue swiped sensually behind my ear I shivered at the onslaught of goose bumps popping up on my skin Kiss Me he growled and I complied turning my mouth to his I can't for the next instalment of The Tryst series and hopefully I won't have to wait long it should be released by May 20th Oh and one thing before I forget this book ends on a MAJOR CLIFFHANGER Enjoy I'm sure you will D ARC kindly received in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley

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    45 StarsThen is a fast paced novella that has me wanting right Now Yes as in I want the second book Now right this instant This book is very fast paced and before you know it you are going That's it?? What happens next? Damn you Marie Marie does a fantastic job of getting you right into the story and feeling what Lyla is going through I love her writing style and definitely looking forward to from her Only downfall is how uickly it ends but thankfully we do not have to wait very long for the next book It's short and sweet but do not let that deter you It's an awesome start to what I believe will be an awesome series I can see Jax becoming many readers next Book Boyfriend I need of Jax and Lyla NOW

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    Short but sweet I really liked this book At the very beginning I thought that Lyla will be the one to break up or to cheat but it was nice reading different plot then most of the new adults book have Like I said it was short but amazing and it got me all excited and now I can't wait till May 20th I'll have full review updated later today Also I'll definitely would love to have the second book to read and to review when it's finished ;

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    Fast paced and enthralling I loved this first installment in the Tryst serialLyla has her happy ever after mapped out her next step just around the corner to moving in with her boyfriend Kyle She has it all planned or so she thought until Jaxon her class mate ignites an attraction that puts doubt in her mind She keeps her end goal in mind however and vows to concentrate on Kyle and the life she thinks they will have together once semester ends When Kyle throws it all away Lyla looks to Jaxon to take away all that pain for one nightI had an easy time of getting into these characters delving into their emotions and seeing the world through their eyes I could feel the desperation in Lyla wanting the perfect picket fence life so much that she was ignoring the fact that Kyle might not be the one I could feel her attraction to Jaxon and the conflict she felt around that When Kyle shows himself to be the douchebag I knew he was I felt her devastation and hurt When she lets go with Jaxon I felt the amazing chemistry they had together I easily connected to Jaxon and the past that haunts him I felt the intensity in his thoughts and emotions You could tell for him Lyla meant than just a one night standThere was a distinct contrast between Kyle and Jaxon and Jaxon and Lyla were so hot together Their love scenes were well written steamy and passionate showing us there is definitely in store for this couple I enjoyed the supporting characters particularly Lyla's room mate Dee She was the perfect friend for Lyla and I thought she added much to Lyla's storyAs this is a serial there is a cliffhanger that was perfectly timed in my opinion and I am eagerly looking forward to the next instalment The author certainly packed a lot into this little novella setting the scene for depth to the characters stories and further development of the story copy kindly provided by the publisherauthor and Netgalley

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    This is a great fast novella full of surprises You get the heroine Lyla who is in school and notices her senior seminar partner Jason Reed Lyla has a serious boyfriend soon to be husband She has noticed Jason from day one and has had dreams about him Jason didn't know that Lyla has a boyfriend Lyla and her dorm roommate knows that they have a short time left at the campas Lyla doesn't mind because her life is all planned out for her White picket fence children work and a husband Thing is she cant stop dreaming about Jason and thinking about him So to get her mind off him she dresses up in a short mini skirt and great sexy top and goes to the apartment where Kyle her boyfriend is She walks in on Kyle and his 2 roommates She sees them gathered around the kitchen table with a map of Europe she asks uestions and she gets answers from the roommates how they are going to live during they travels across Europe They go into his bedroom and get it on The next day when Lyla and her roommate has packed they decide to do a last night out Dee her roommate was seeing Cole and they go to a bar Cole said his best friend was joining them Low and behold its Jason Lyla boyfriend shows up and they break it off She is out crying and Jason goes and finds her They go back to his apartment and they get it on During the night Lyla leaves but writes Jason a note She thinks it was a one night stand for him She cant stop thinking about Jason She goes back to her dorm and she goes and has lunch with Dee and Cole She keeps on looking outside to Jason's apartment Cole tells her that Jason left an hour ago and he left her a note The apartment is hers till the lease is out Dee and Cole helps her move in She finds a note from Jason that tells her it was not a one night stand for him Thing is he is gone She wonders will she see him again ?

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    A short but good read I'm just glad Lyla finally got some fulfilling sex in the end You'll understand when you read it It's got a cliff hanger but you can guess that from the number of pages

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    This Novella is the start of the Tryst series Lyla Scott is just finishing College and doing one of her last assignment presentations with Jaxon Reed Even though she has a boyfriend that will soon be her fiancé she can't stop thoughts of what being with Jaxon would be like Presentation done and school finished her thoughts are now on packing up her College dorm she has shared for the past four years with Dee and getting ready to move in with Kyle and starting her new futureWhen Lyla and Dee decide to go to O'Malleys to have a drink before packing up Dee introduces Lyla to her new boyfriend Cole who is also waiting for his friend to meet up with them Said friend is no other than Jaxon Lyla can't believe her eyes When Kyle arrives he asks to talk to Lyla and they move away to a corner where Kyle informs her that he no longer wants to go through with their plans and he is going to Europe with his buddiesDevastated Lyla runs out of O'Malley's and Jaxon followsAfter a one night stand Jaxon has left and he has given Cole the keys to his apartment that is fully paid for one month a month he is giving to Lyla until she can find a new start to her lifeThis is going to be an exciting series and I look forward to reading the first full book in the Tryst series and Lyla's unfolding story Thanks to Netgalley and Mark My Words Book Publicity for the opportunity to read and review this book

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    Nice sexy and too short for its own good Addicted to serial novellas as I am I felt compelled to try this story which turned out to be uite entertaining It's well written full of beginnings and promises and mysterious enough to make me want to read onLyla is about to start her new life after college moving in with her boyfriend Fate though hands her a bitter disappointment Luckily even if for a little while she crosses paths with an experience that marks her foreverI felt intrigued by Jaxon from moment one He's the silent type but he says the right thing at the right time What's he treats Lyla as she deserves proving he knows her better than her underwhelming boyfriend I liked him very much Though I thought that Lyla didn't act too shattered by the events that led her to Jaxon's arms I absolutely relished their hot times together So that open ended cliffhanger and a beautiful gesture from Jaxon are my cues to crave of this little romantic trystFirst reviewed on Literaria

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    DEBBIE'S 35 STAR REVIEWI cannot believe this book just ended like that I am sitting here ready to slam my kindle against the wall because there are so many things I need to know and I am at the end “I just wanted you to believe in yourself for once” “ I believe in myself” I grumbled “You don’t But you should” This book hooked me from the get go and I finished this book in one sitting The writing draws you in and I honestly could not put it down I only wish that the book was longer If felt like a novella to me and that is why I am only giving it 35 starsI loved all the characters in this book and could really connect with them I felt bad for Lyla and Jaxon Reed was pure sex on a stick All the secondary characters added the perfect layer to make this story line very believable My only gripe with this book is it was way to short but very well written I look forward to reading the next one because I need to know what is going to happen Will Lyla get her HEA or is she in for heartache

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    Note ARC provided by Mark My Words Book Publicity via NetGalleyThis is Part 1 in The Tryst SeriesMeet Lyla Scott Jaxon Reed they work on few projects together in College She's always fantasize about getting hot bothered with Jaxon but the problem is she's happy with her boyfriend Kyle so why does she feel that way about Jaxon? Well read onI'm afraid I will have to add Jaxon Reed to my list of my book boyfriends OMGYes it's a short but seriously it's a steamy book to read Oh my god the part when she finally decided to go for it since her boyfriend oh wait he becomes an EX cos he's a selfish idiot You will see what I meanJaxon is a perfect guy you want To those who know me I'm not a great fan of cliffhangers But in this one the way it ends in Part 1 is nothing like I expected PhewCan't wait to read Part 2 and the restI will be reading books written by Marie York her writing style is right up my street