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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, I Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep And If I Should Die Before I Awake, I Pray The Popular Attend My WakeCharlotte Usher Feels Practically Invisible At School, And Then One Day She Really Is Invisible Even Worse She S Dead And All Because She Choked On A Gummy Bear But Being Dead Doesn T Stop Charlotte From Wanting To Be Popular It Just Makes Her Creative About Achieving Her Goal If You Thought High School Was A Matter Of Life Or Death, Wait Till You See Just How True That Is In This Satirical, Yet Heartfelt Novel, Hurley Explores The Invisibility We All Feel At Some Times And The Lengths We Ll Go To Be Seen

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    Maybe he wasn t in this class after all But he had to be At least that s what it said when she steamed open his pre registration envelope You all know me to be a pretty chill person, right I mean, I don t freak out or go off on long tangentsOkay, fine, maybe I do, but it s all for a good reason Those books pissed me off, whether it s plot, characters, piss poor writing Ghostgirl has at least two down and I wasn t overly impressed with the plot either.Meet Charlotte, our fabulous main character Her whole reason for self improvement, diet, exercise, blah, blah everything was Damen Pulling out teeth would be less painful than listen to her blabber All she wants is to be popular and get Golden Boy and she s not about to let a little thing called death stop her In fact, she ll twist it to her advantage She planned to turn her greatest disadvantage being dead into a positive and use it to get closer to Damen If he couldn t actually see her, he couldn t object to her invading his personal space But wait Charlotte is also a steadfast feminist Charlotte had always been conflicted about cheerleading, the basic idea to validate male egos by doing stupid jumps and silly routines, all with pom poms and a ton of makeup on But she wanted to be ogled too She wanted to be eye candy In love with her yet Ready to cheer her on as she blunders through the Afterlife Well, maybe the wide range of side characters will catch your fancy Scarlet, the emo, goth character You can expect these type of outbursts from the calorie challenged She cuts for no good reason and doesn t freak out when she sees Charlotte because, you know, death is the center of goth culture So she agrees lickity split to let Charlotte possess her body, so she can hang out ghosts and learn her culture.Petula, the preppy, bitch cheerleader You can t ban me from the dance I AM THE DANCE Petula screamed Isn t she chock full of personality And if that isn t enough, the writing You didn t expect me to wait, like, forever, did you Petula said selfishly I know you think you re meant to go to the dance, Prue said antagonistically The plot premise takes a stupendous suspension of disbelief, an effort I don t give a shit enough to make Dead kids have to take classes to learn how to be a ghost and move on and for plot reasons, it takes place in an occupied school building No kidding, they have lunch break with living students, who obviously can t see them, and eat food served by ghostly cafeteria ladies.Even in my wildest dreams, I can t make up something this ludicrous.

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    I really wanted to like this book A LOT I wanted to like it so much that I got its two sequels, Lovesick and Homecoming out of the library at the same time.But I can t even finish it I put the book down at page 227.The characters are boring and literally make no sense The writing is worse than juvenile And there are errors in it that just make me want to tear my hair out at one point, a character called Scarlet turns up the volume on her iPod to maximum, then calmly has a conversation with another character without taking her earphones out or turning the iPod off I was reading their interaction as if music was still screaming in her ears If that s not bad enough, the section ends with Scarlet putting a CD into her music player and heading to class.That s the point where I gave up.There were a surprising amount of unnecessary air quotes in the text as well several on one page that were completely arbitrary It did not endear to me It wasn t funny and it was completely superfluous, as well as serving no purpose.The book tried too hard to be funny The funniest thing was Charlotte s death choking to death on a gummy bear which isn t a spoiler, btw and even then it teetered between funny, sad, and downright morbid.And I don t know about anyone else, but it really annoys me when characters are having a calm conversation and then all of a sudden they scream.I don t even know what target audience this is aiming for I d hazard a guess at middle grade because of the juvenile writing, but there are mentions of erections, virginity, menstrual cycles, planned parenthood, casual sex and the occasional curse word I haven t read much middle grade stuff but I thought it was supposed to be safe and clean My bad if it s not.I m used to heroines getting unnatural obsessions, so the part where Charlotte never gave two seconds worth of thought to her parents didn t actually bother me that much What bothered me was that she decided to keep living her old life before she had any idea of how to do it It was ungraceful and unflattering Charlotte was also an unlikeable character Not just because she s written that way, but because there s no explanation given as to why, if she s so invisible there I go with the quotes again people like Petuna bullied her so harshly.It s a pity I put this book down because I was getting interested in Scarlet and the boy Whatever his name was I ve literally just put the book down and I can t remember he s that forgettable He s your typical YA hot guy, let s suffice But there s absolutely no sense behind any of the character s motivations Petuna s just a bitch Scarlet s just an outcast Charlotte s invisible Heaven forbid if any of us ask why Why are the cheerleaders so mean to Charlotte Why does Prue hate her so much, seeing as how she s supposed to be invisible Why is that stupid house so important and why the crap do the ghost kids still go to the living school, side by side their fleshy counterparts Sorry But even an awesome Ace of Cakes Ghostgirl cake couldn t make me like this.ghostgirl book launch, 2009 Die, ghostgirl, die Oops, you re already dead

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    I wanted to like this book I really, really did What cute packaging What a great premise What bad writing Cliche, upon cliche, upon cliche.

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    So, there is something I ve learned from the guy that works at the book store, and that is I cannot trust his or his girlfriend s opinion concerning books You see, here is our conversation Tal a Hey, do you have any recommendation He Uhm, sure, what kind of books do you like Tal a I love dark ones.He Oh stares at her thinking I know, I know, this book points at freaking Ghost Girl is the one for you.Tal a Really How comes He Well, my girlfriend read it last week and she loved it She said Ghost Girl is one of the best books she had ever read.Tal a thinks about it for a second Okay, fine, I want it.Now, after reading the book I ve concluded the dude s girlfriend is eight years old You see, I was expecting creepy ghosts and a scary plot but what did I get A silly girl who choked on a freaking gummy bear Seriously No even me, the clumsiest, stupidest person in the world do that Well, I choke on water, but that s beside the point Okay, let s talk about the cheesy plot Charlotte is one of those girls who nobody notices at school, not even when you sit next to them or step on their foot, nope, it s like they don t actually exist okay, I digress this particular teenager dies at school because she doesn t know how to eat gummy bears without choking, but that s not bad, at least people at school now are familiar with her name Okay, she falls asleep only to wake up and realize she is dead and still she has to go to school, only this school is for dead people Why would I want to go to school after dying That s so unfair, I mean, not only I died, but also I have to go to classes NO, no, thanks, but no Charlotte soon finds out being dead isn t that awful, at least she can spy on Damen, the guy she likes but who never gave her the time of the day yay okay, as the story goes, you ll find Scarlet, Petula s sister Petula is the popular girl, a bitch, she is also Damen girlfriend Well, Charlotte makes friends with Scarlet and uses her possesses her body to talk to Damen Charlotte basically wastes her time on Damen, never paying attention to her dead friends and her duties as a part of their group she is the last piece to the group so that they could all move on to the light or whatever but no, our protagonist is too busy being cheesy and selfish.Oh, my thoughts whilst reading the book were pretty much like this Oh, my god, I feel so stupid reading this thing.Seriously She choked That s so lame Oh, puh lease, go to the other side Mommy I want milk Yeah, it was this er, cute.But not everything is bad, in fact, I loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter, I also found the drawings interesting and cute, but the story is too pink for me and the protagonist is too lela nop, thank you but I won t be reading the next books on these series.

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    I really was excited about this book Then I started reading Seriously, I kept saying, Really How do books like this get so much money put into them for marketing It felt like a screenplay switched to a book but very poorly It had a lot of Then she did this, Then she did this, Then she did this I didn t really care about the main character I couldn t figure out if this book was supposed to be funny and light, or morbid It would be serious and then switch to this unbelievable scene from a B movie I don t know I don t mean to sound harsh I get excited for any author to get published because that s a pretty hard thing to do But I just thought it was going to be so much better than it was.

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    I picked this up because I d received an advance copy of the sequel, and I thought I should start the series at the beginning I really, really wish I hadn t found the gilt edged pages and die cut cover so appealing The book just looked so pretty I wanted to give it a chance, even though I had to force myself to make it through the first chapter.The best thing I can say about ghostgirl is that it s a gorgeous physical object But despite the fun little chapter headings and page decorations, the pretty endpapers and attractive cover sizing, this book was almost impossible to finish because Hurley made it so hard for me to like any of her characters Charlotte, the ghostgirl of the title, is a classic example of a negative teenage stereotype whiny, self absorbed, and shallow Which wouldn t bother me too much, if Hurley did something to subvert the stereotype or add to it in a creative way, maybe even use it to comment on negative teen stereotypes She does none of those Charlotte is still an annoying, selfish, cut out of a character at the end of the novel, despite the plot s climax that s meant to show how she s changed.Also, I couldn t help thinking that if this were a book about a guy character who followed a girl character around the way Charlotte follows her crush Damen it wouldn t have gotten reviews calling it cute I thought it was than a little creepy how stalkerish Charlotte got once she could follow her crush unobserved Mostly, this book, from the characters to the plot to the overabundant pop culture references, annoyed me from beginning to end Totally not worth the time.

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    Reviewed by Breanna F for TeensReadToo.com Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep And if I should die before I awake, I pray the popular attend my wake This is the year for Charlotte Usher The year that she s finally going to be noticed She s finally going to have what she s always wanted to be a popular girl and fit in with the head cheerleader in the school, Petula Kensington She feels that the first day of school will be the start of her new life She ll finally have the attention of the most popular guy in school, Damen Who is, of course, Petula s boyfriend In a way she does start a new life Although it s actually her afterlife Poor Charlotte chokes on a red gummy bear just before she leaves her first period physics class and dies Her hopes of starting over fresh and finally being noticed for once are all crushed in an instant Especially when she finds out that she still has to graduate even though she s dead There s a whole class of students from her school who have died and are still attending classes there Charlotte isn t giving up, though She s still determined to win over Damen And with the help of Scarlet Kensington Petula s younger sister she s sure she ll be able to do it Scarlet can actually see Charlotte and Charlotte isn t about to let that fact go to waste She figures she can hang out in Scarlet s body and get through to Damen that way But her new dead classmates aren t liking Charlotte s plans too much and are making it incredibly hard for her to get anything done Plus, the time Scarlet spends time with Damen when Charlotte isn t in her body, that is the Scarlet is starting to like Damen herself Charlotte is determined to be noticed She thinks that if she can just get noticed and be popular that she ll finally move on But is popularity really what Charlotte needs Or is it just finally realizing that you don t have to be the center of attention to matter This book was great I couldn t really guess what would happen throughout the book, which I always like Poor Charlotte has such a rough time Especially in the beginning of her afterlife But she pulls through and even learns a valuable lesson along the way I loved Scarlet s character The way she acts towards her sister is hilarious They are total opposites in every way I loved all the nicknames the other dead students have, too And I thought the ending was cute It might not have been totally realistic, but then again this book wasn t really all that realistic in the first place So I thought the ending fit pretty perfectly I highly suggest checking this book out.

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    How can I put this This book is worst than a Disney channel movie with Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato wannabes That s right, it s the equivalent of a bad nickelodeon teen show with fake laughs and over the top characters with no distinctive personalities whatsoever that are just in there to tell some jokes and references to pop culture which weren t that funny anyway and just made me roll my eyes everytime a name was dropped It s another piece of crap wrapped in shiny tin foil for the easy impressible I m not gonna lie, I wasn t expecting too much from this book, but at least I was hoping to be entertained and that was not the case, I utterly loathed the easyness and cartoonish out of reality solutions the characters used to get away with things.Let s talk about them, shall we The main character is Charlotte, whom we are supposed to like or empathized with in any way She s supposed to be this shy little nobody who tries to be somebody and in the attempt to do so she chokes on a gummy bear And that s it, til there I was ok with the storyline but from there on, everything went downhill.First of all, Charlotte is in no way likeable at all She s a selfish, self centered, egotistic, victimized martyr, horny and creepy stalker that lurks around Damen, the guy she is obsessed with Gosh, the way she goes after him even in death is justagh made me really uncomfortable And her goal to get Petula s respect and also get the guy doesn t even make any sense given that Damen is Petula s boyfriend What the hell was she thinking That after stealing her boyfriend she was going to be all Yeah, you re awesome, let s be friends, my boyfriend looks better with you anyway Petula and her Wendys are also SO stereotypical, I don t even have to point it that out, right The ghost friends are also blah, uninteresting and with no real motivation, they re just there to make the point that Charlotte was a loner in life and also in death Also they don t seem to be the brightest ghosts of all either All of them don t make one, like in all the let s save Hawthorne Manor stuff there are these buyers going to see their house and they re all like Awww, what do we do now Excuse me YOU RE FRIGGIN GHOSTS Are you telling me that NOT ONE of you thought about haunting the house UNTIL the shallow and empty minded Charlotte brought it that up And the saddest thing is that they re not even good at it The only character I had any hope after realizing how devilish Charlotte really was, it was Scarlet who was this punk emo chick who didn t give a shit about anyone and Petula s little sister.But once she fell into the freaky friday game with Charlotte, competing for Damen s attention, I just threw away any tiny bit of interest I may previously had for it But let s move on to the story, or lack of it, it s just a series of copypaste scenes from every highschool comedy from the 80 s and 90 s full of ridiculous over the top reactions and situations with no concern in actually making any sense and be coherent within the plot when it s convenient for the characters.For example, they make clear that nobody can see Charlotte or the others, then why the hell they don t take notice of Charlotte and Scarlet talking when they re in the SAME DINNING ROOM as the other ghosts Oh, wait, yes, Pam does see them talking, but then again, she doesn t even make any fuss for the fact that no one is supposed to see them And what about the laws of physics constantly broken Above of the invisibility thing, the ghost are supposed to not being able to touch anyone alive, but heck no Charlotte is special She s the chosen one she can touch and pull of Scarlet whenever the hell she wants And then there s the weird pacing, there s no sense of time in this book, you don t even know if it s been a week or several months after something has happened Take for instance when Scarlet and Damen go to the concert, he s supposed to still be her sister s boyfriend so they re like awkward when they say goodbye Two scenes later in the pool they re kissing with no explanation whether Damen broke up with Petula or if they re now dating or what.Ohhhh, the pool scenejust as the posessed Petula s car, it s a chain of incidents that ends in an excessive and over the top action scene In this particular one, Scarlet invites Damen to the pool so she and Charlotte can have a one on one moment with him Then Damen arrives and the girls begin to tease and luring him in to the water.They start to make out with him isn t this like some kind of threesome but then Prue, the bitter ghost, appears and calls Charlotte a whore.She orders the rest of the ghosts to swim in circles creating a vortex of water and then shit just gets real I swear to god while I was reading this, I was waiting for sharks starting to fall and bite some asses, it was THAT ridiculous.But nothing, absolutely NOTHING can be compared with that haunted Ball at the end taken right out of Casper but without the sweetness and tenderness of it.Out of nowhere, suddenly Prue makes all of the dead boys visible just by passing through themAnd because of that, all of the living kids freak out and start running from the haunted house of hell but then, like the schizophrenic characters they are, it turns out they don t leave and stay for the crowning of their prom king and queen you know where is this going, right So, Damen and Scarlet are pronounced king and queen, and Petula pops up of nowhere with a spray tanyep, you read it right, a FUCKING SPRAY TAN, because everybody knows emo kids hate tans And then the implausible happensPrue grabs Petula s arm and makes her miss Scarlet, spraying the tan all over Charlotte And the miracle occurs, the tanning mist makes her visible to everybody Fuck logic, fuck physics, now you know ghost hunters all over the world, you just have to take your spraying tan with you and you will certainly catch a ghost, or at least see it.And if that s not enough, Scarlet gives her the crown and explains to everyone she s the one who pulled off the prom and Damen makes this hey, girl, I remember you stunt grabbing her chin and kissing her in the cheek in gratitude because apparently the tanning also made her solid , and this is, I m not making this up, what happens soon after that She begins to float and SHINE, and her dress transforms into the one she dreamt of, with a round of applause worthy of the shabbiest teen prom movie ever.AND not only that, all of her ghosts friends become visible and tangible too, because, you know, friendship is magic I m not even joking, the entire time I was reading this I was in denial, going all NO NO NO FUCK NO I just couldn t believe this was actually happening.I mean, c mon This kind of lazy writing and resolution is just wroooong, I bet even in fanfics this would be considered low standard.Oh, oh But it s not over yet Then, as everyone, even the dead kids, were dancing and poor Charlotte remained lonely in the room watching everybody having fun and being all lovey dovey, here comes the human Casper moment when an unknown new hot dead guy arrives and asks her to danceSeriously, who the hell was this guy He s not even mentioned again They just dissappear later because apparently they finally made their peace by making Charlotte s wish come true somehow and that doesn t even make any sense Why Charlotte Why not Pam, why not Prue Were their unfinished business not cool or important enough This all just seems so contrived At the end they all live and die happily ever after with the ex haunted Manor now a coffee shop apparently run by Scarlet and with Petula doing community service by being a waitress over there again, so devised , finishing with a cliche phrase about friendship and stars and unicorns and rainbowsSowhat did I think of this book I know there are two other books, and given my inclination to torture myself by reading hideous books just to finish something I began, probably I will end up reading them too in my spare time Don t have any hopes though, I just have to see by myself if it can get worst than this.

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    So far, this book is really good It s like nothing I have ever read before, and it s got me hooked.The way the book is put together, the art, the fonts, the colors and the pages, it s all so beautiful and it s amazingly well put together Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep.And if I should die before I awake,I pray the popular attend my wake I just got finished with this book, and I freaking love it It s now one of my favorites First off, I love how the book starts off It s Charlotte s first day of school and she s all ready to try and get Damen, the guy she likes Sadly, Damen has a girlfriend named Petula Well, it s Physics class and Damen Charlotte get paired up, and he asks her to tutor him, so she deffiently agrees THEN, at the end of class and starts eating gummy bears and accidentally starts choking, as she heads out the door, Petula slams the door in her face, causing her to choke even She attempts to get Damen s attention through the window but he thinks she s waving and he waves back She then diesfrom choking on a gummy bear.She then ends up in DeadEd a class for dead students to graduate which simply means to move on after they complete the reason they re held back from moving on.This book is an amazing story of the struggle for Charlotte to help save herself and her dead friends from losing their home, and her journey on helping saving herself.It s amazing READ IT NOW

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    Resist the cute book design black coffin like shape, with silver and pink accents It does NOT make up for this messy story starring a selfish and unlikeable heroine Avoid Great format, stupid story Basically, Mean Girls, but with a ghost as the main character Charlotte wants to be popular, and she wants to kiss Damen, the football star But on the first day back at school, she chokes to death on a gummi bear But does she let that stop her plan No She is a one dimensional character who is willing to do anything turn herself into a phony, spy on her rival, lie, manipulate others, all for her Midnight Kiss with Damen at the school dance We re supposed to like her because she s a nerd, but while she may be smart she s good at physics , she s not loveable She complains she has no friends, but she ignores everyone who tries to befriend her except to use them to get closer to her crush The characters were all stereotypes the rich and mean head cheerleader, her two slutty sidekicks both named Wendy , the cute football player, and the goth girl Sure, you were supposed to hate the rich girl, but Charlotte was just as despicable.The plot beyond the get the guy theme, was muddled and nonsensical Charlotte, on dying, became part of a class of dead students, which needed to reach some kind of resolution before they could all graduate to the beyond Huh Not enjoyable Not recommended to ANYONE.