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This was such a strange, wonderful book. Maybe it s just me but doesn t everything get compared to The Catcher in the Rye A modern day version, a version crossed with Godzilla, Holden Caulfield on speed, best thing since sliced Salinger I choose to discount these comparisons for three reasons hyperbole, im always disappointed and most importantly, I distinctly remember finally reading it and wondering what all the fuss was about.Joe Dunthorne s debut novel about teenage angst, alienation and rebellion in Swansea in the late 1990 s was inevitably compared to said adventures of Master Caulfield and onceI find myself wondering what all the fuss is about.There are moments of great levity interspersed with others of great gravity, both handled well considering this is a book that features a teenage boy inadvertantly trying to put his fist inside a virgin in a theatre sound booth and same boy writing awkward teenage love letters to his mother from his father in an attempt to get them to turn the dimmer switch down on their bedroom light.It s quite a charming novel of coming to terms with yourself and your parents and sadly those themes and the age of the protagonist means this does limp in to the dreaded young adult category of literature Whilst Catcher has become known as a book for teens it was intended for adults and as such deals with things beyond the school yard as it investigates it s issues of identity and alienation, Subamrine gets bogged down in the minutiae of bodily fluids, obvious attempts at making Oliver a modern day picaro but forgetting to make him sympathetic in any way at all At its heart this is immaturity masquerading as mature, a wolf dressed in the sheeps clothing of a large dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia set, perfectly mirroring its protagonist.I must be honest and admit that I only had an interest in reading this because of the fantastic movie adaptation It s such a charming, funny and interesting movie and I was intrigued as to whether the novel was the source for this or the film maker Richard Ayoade The answer was a little from column A and a lot from column B The adaptation made this novel better, it added a magical quality missing from OK maybe it was slightly hinted at Dunthornes prose, made the story of Oliver Tatecohesive and most importantly adding layers of sympathy to the supporting characters in the life of this neurotic, self obsessed, teenage boy and even Oliver himself.See the movie, for once book not essential. One of those few cases where the film is much better than the book Don t get me wrong, I loved the 2010 film Submarine, it was an amazing experience to watch But the book Well, I m not much of a fan of pervy sex jokes or fart jokes, and at least the film spares viewers of those for the most part The book had a number of lines that made absolutely no sense, trying so hard to be obscure and intelligent that it failed to get to any sort of point It has its moments of true humor and good writing, a few good quotes here and there, but mostly it was just overly bizarre, and not in a good way. Things I ve learned from Submarine I planned to list 100, but I got tired of the game rather fast you are a triskaidekaphobic if you are afraid of the number thirteen it s OK to spy on your parents in order to find out things about yourselfI recently discovered that my mother has been typing the names of as yet uninvented mental conditions into Yahoo s search engine delusion syndrome teenage , over active imagination problem , holistic behavioural stabilizersa nepenthe is something that helps you forget sorrow and suffering, like a bottle of poppers sometimes it is important to skip school for an afternoon this might be a nod to Ferris Bueller cooking and love making are, after all, interchangeable skills it is generally true that 15 years old are obsessed with sexI ve discovered that masturbating in the darkness of my empty wardrobe is excellent, particularly because of that new born feeling as you stumble back into the well lit room A kind of Narniain related news a parthenologist is a specialist in the study of virgins and virginity love means thatshe s the only person I would allow to be shrunk to microscopic size and explore my body in a tiny submersible machineevery human eats six spiders a year while asleep gross out humour is the number one entertainment for the younger generationsOut in the bay, the Cork ferry may look like civilization but it probably contains at least one person vomitingparuresis is the fear of peeing in public places there s a place called Llanwrthwl somewhere in Wales and that s probably one of the easier to pronounce names from the country people from Cardiff are closer to apes than the rest of the members of the human race meditation is like a long bath an egregore is a kind of group mind which is created when people consciously come together for a common purpose to exungulate means to trim or cut nails or hoofsCar journeys are the frowning parentheses at the start and end of any good holidaythis quote is actually one of the really good ones in the novel syzygy means the alignment of three celestial objects.Some of these may be made up words, but I didn t care enough one way or another to check up on them Ollie, the 15 y.o who writes in his journal all this stuff, is real keen on dictionaries and likes to show off to all and sundry how clever he is He is, of course, also self obssessed Why don t we talk about me , a bully, sex obsessed, hypochondriac, a self serving liar, bored, eccentric and interesting in his own eyes, unnecessarily gross and annoying by the end of the story to me.It s a generational thing I guess, and the fact that I don t appreciate the toilet humour, the vomiting and the farts and the general ickiness of the presentation makes me an old fart in the eyes of the younger generation I could make comparison between Submarine and such classics as The Catcher In The Rye, The Graduate, Ferris Bueller s Day Off, Superbad The novel aspires to such lofty ideals Olliver is the Swansea translation of the angsty, smart, sensitive teenager who hides his vulnerability by lashing out at the people around him.After the first couple of chapters, I was captivated by the humour and the style of presentation, but the story got old quite fast when I realized that s all there is to itstyle than substance and too much reliance on being shocking and trending 1990 s Yuppie style I believe there are some serious pacing issues and the novel goes on too long, especially for those readers who become disenchanted with the first person narrator I saw the movie before reading the book, and the same thing happened there I loved the first half hour, and then fell asleep when it kept going nowhere in the next five hours I know the movie is shorter than that, but that s how it felt.That s not to say other readers will not besusceptible to the charms of Ollie and his brand of humour I thought the girls in the book where well rendered, both the pyromaniac Jordana and the bullied Eve I also think some of the issues of bullying in school, communication between generations and the way parent marital troubles reflect on the sanity of the children are worthy subjects of analysis And I believe Joe Dunthorne has it in him to be a great modern writer Here s a last quote to illustrate both that he can write, and what the book is all aboutThis is theatre It feels like this could be some clever extra scene from the play, and in a minute there s going to be a song about how lucky we all are to be young and beautiful and live in Swansea at the end of the less awful half of an absolute bum out of a century Book 3 in BookTubeAThon2015 Read an author who shares the same first letter of your last name. Oliver Tate is a Welsh teenager with a penchant for theatrics and complicated words He is our narrator Our author, Joe Dunthorne, punctuates his book with clever turns of phrases, keeps his sentences succinct and uses natural phrases that flow together well His writing is fantastic He gives Oliver such a unique voice, making this entertaining and easy to read But there s an errant sadness that runs through this book Oliver is coming of age and realizing that he cannot control his life that no one, not even his parents, can control their lives.The sadness doesn t dominate the text though It highlights the hilarity and sometimes frivolous nature of life, especially Oliver s.The following are two of my favorite quotes which are almost impossible to understand out of context another reason to pick this book up And it was strange being his wife for a while it was nice that he was being so open and I liked hearing him swear, but I can t say that, after a few weeks of listening to him moan, I didn t see the appeal theoretically of running off with the guy who comes once a month to do the garden She s the only person I would allow to be shrunk to microscopic size and explore my body in a tiny submersible machine. I picked this up in a bookstore because it was at a discounted price and the first few pages really caught my attention Oliver Tate as a smart albeit eccentric teenager struck a chord with me, and at first I felt I could relate to the character I enjoyed the character s analytical view of the world around him and the humour that comes with it, but that s about where it ends.Oliver Tate does things which most teenagers may threaten to do after an argument, but would never dream of doing in real life It s simply unrealistic Also, despite his unique personality, he surprisingly fits in very well at school and has no problems hiding his true self in order to gain popularity, which is something that a real teenager with a similar sort of personality ie myself would struggle immensley to do.A lot of the language and situations presented in the book are extremely vulgar and graphic Whilst it may be unsuitable for any younger teenagers, I doubt that the book would appeal to adults either due to the protagonist being a 15 year old boy at odds with his parents I had hoped that a character with Oliver s personality would not also be subject to stereotypical teenage, loutish behaviours I really began to lose faith in him, especially about half way through the book where Oliver does something which would be seen as criminal and foolish under any circumstances.The plot is pretty non existent, dependant only on Oliver s increasingly idiotic behaviours to push it forwards Expect a typical story written from a rebellious teenager s eyes, full of issues faced by teenagers and their friends and family Overall, it is an easy read with some humour, but not much else. this book started well but felt then it went downhill and wasn t really my cup of tea The Dryly Precocious, Soon To Be Fifteen Year Old Hero Of This Engagingly Offbeat Debut Novel, Oliver Tate Lives In The Seaside Town Of Swansea, Wales At Once A Self Styled Social Scientist, A Spy In The Baffling Adult World Surrounding Him, And A Budding, Hormone Driven Emotional Explorer, Oliver Is Stealthily And Perhaps A Bit Nervously Than He D Ever Admit Nosing His Way Forward Through The Murky And Uniquely Perilous Waters Of Adolescence His Objectives Uncovering The Secrets Behind His Parents Teetering Marriage, Unraveling The Mystery That Is His Alluring And Equally Quirky Classmate Jordana Bevan, And Understanding Where He Fits In Among The Pansexuals, Zoroastrians, And Other Mystifying, Fascinating Beings In His Orbit It S In My Interests To Know About My Parents Mental Problems, He Reasons Thus, When He Discovers That His Affable Dad Is Quietly Struggling With Depression, Oliver Marshals All The Daytime TV Pop Psychology Wisdom At His Command Not To Mention His Formidable, Uninhibited Powers Of Imagination In Order To Put Things Right Again But A Covert Expedition Into The Mysterious Territory Of Middle Aged Malaise Is Bound To Be Tricky Business For A Teenager With To Learn About The Agonies And Ecstasies Of Life Than A Pocket Thesaurus And His Worldly School Chum Chips Can Teach Him Ready Or Not, However, Oliver Is About To Get A Crash Course His Awkwardly Torrid And Tender Relationship With Jordana Is Hurtling At The Speed Of Teenage Passion Toward The Inevitable Magic Moment And Whatever Lies Beyond And His Boy Detective Exploits Have Set Him On A Collision Course With The New Age Old Flame Who S Resurfaced In His Mother S Life To Lead Her Into Temptation With Lessons In Surfing, Self Defense And Maybe Seduction Struggling To Buoy His Parents Wedded Bliss, Deep Six His Own Virginity, And Sound The Depths Of Heartache, Happiness, And The Business Of Being Human, What S A Lad To Do Poised Precariously On The Cusp Of Innocence And Experience, Yesterday S Daydreams And Tomorrow S Decisions, Oliver Tate Aims To Damn The Torpedoes And Take The Plunge In most cases books usually outshines their movie counterparts At least, it seems to me I thought I would never watch a movie that is arguably better than its source material I have to say for this cases movie was better But first I have to admit that I have watched the movie first and I was mind blown by it, especially in the hiding tonight song scene and in the ending And obviously the soundtrack by Alex Turner was superb So first the complaints 1 I basically didn t get the title The relation between the plot and title remains vague to me 2 This is a coming of age tale, right But I didn t see any character growth of Oliver He remains same from beginning to end I didn t see the coming of age of Oliver.3 The ending of the movie was just great, but the book s ending was somewhat disappointing.And now the praises 1 I like the black humour of the book I have a soft spot for funny hilarious books or movies 2 He is just too good student for me His analysis of Jordana s email made me realize how poor I am in English This and future reviews will be my attempt to practice my English.3 There is some mention of Bangladesh and foods of Bangladesh According to Oliver Wood Apple is a popular food in here and I didn t even hear of this fruit But after a Google search I realized that Wood Apple is really quite popular food in here I just didn t know the English name In the end I had to agree with Oliver that Wood Apple also isn t my top fruit of choice.In the end I have to say that I don t care if you read the book or not you better watch the movie.