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Kissed by a Cowboy Just shy of her thirtieth birthday Haley Carston returns to Redbud Trails Oklahoma to care for her dying aunt She thinks she’s ready for this homecoming She’s spent years escaping her perpetual shyness and being Katie Michaels’ tag along friend but being back in her hometown brings back a lot of old memories especially when she is faced with the cowboy she never forgot—Katie’s older brother Maddox Twelve years ago Maddox Michaels was supposed to be somebody He had everything A football scholarship A Division I team scouting him Maybe even a chance at the pros Now he’s a burned out cowboy working day and night to stay ahead of his brother’s medical bills and keep their family farm from going bankrupt And trying to be a father figure for his niece Olivia When Haley and Olivia start spending time together Maddox can’t help remembering those dreams that died alongside his sister Will being with Haley open his heart to new dreams? Love Letters from Cowboy When the love of his life is injured in combat Ryan Michaels promises himself he won’t let any time go by without ensuring she knows that he loves her His problem? Ashley still sees him as the goofy high school kid that followed her everywhere Ashley Reynolds returns home to Redbud Trails Oklahoma a wounded veteran with her Military Working Dog at her side She’s concerned about her aging parents and doesn’t have time for a relationship—especially not one with a college dropout like Ryan But as Ashley dives back into the life she left behind she discovers there’s much to Ryan than she thought there’s a man of honor and integrity Will she open her heart and let Ryan in? Mistletoe Cowboy After suffering a career ending injury bull rider Justin Michaels has stalled out At twenty seven he’s back in college trying to find direction for his life He doesn’t have room for distractions—even pretty ones like the barista who sits next to him in class Valri North has spent her whole life taking care of her younger siblings Now she’s a few credits away from completing her pre med degree She’s got her life planned out until a disastrous assignment in class and a larger than life cowboy threaten to derail her carefully ordered plans Justin determines to keep a budding friendship with Valri platonic until a Christmas snowstorm forces the two into close proximity How can he keep his feelings for Valri hidden when she’s too close for comfort? From the description on

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    Love books like this A good cowboy book is always a good book to me

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    Kissed by a Cowboy Have a box of tissues on the standby you may need them when reading this oneWell written and intriguing read that will have you turning the page on how these STUBBORN people finally work out things and Love Letters from Cowboy Another story that may reuire tissues on the standby when you read this oneInteresting story that had me rereading a few lines here and there to make sure I understood what I read since a few seemed to be slightly confusing Overall a good injured military woman who comes home to find something is still the same while others completely different Mistletoe Cowboy Justin has no true direction on what he wants to do with his life that is until his sister in law from the first story butts in challenging him to move on after his career ending injury Valri has a plan graduating from high school early and determined to do something better than what she has seen with her parents and their struggles of raising a rather LARGE family with a small business Both are stubborn but who Cute witty and enjoyable story with a holiday theme towards to the endReview will be on my blog on Jan 7 2016

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    I have read the first two stories in this collection before they were put together in this collection which is why I have not yet read book three I really enjoyed both of the first two booksBook 1 This contemporary cowboy novella was wonderful Haley returns to her small town after being gone for ten years The crush she had on Maddox long ago could turn in to something But Maddox has some big issues to overcome He is not the confident football star that he used to be Life has been hard and he feels less than worthy of Haley I love how both Haley and Maddox have things that make them unsure of how the other feels about them Both of these characters are so well written And the side characters in this story are wonderful I am hoping to read about them in future storiesBook 2 Loved this novella Ryan is definitely a swoon worthy character He has such a kind and caring heart As the story progresses we see what kind of person Ryan is by the ways he has cared for others Ashley is home after being gone for ten years in the military She never really looked at Ryan in a romantic way in the past Can Ryan convince Ashley that he is the man for her? This is such a sweet story of love and forgiveness

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    Short readsthat put a smile on your faceThe author has a way with words Although I would of love reading about each family members romance each story was put together well That little bit of mystery little bit of friendship little bit of romance and a little bit of kissing I lo ed it Each story was short enough I read in one evening without neglecting anything else And long enough to be a well rounded story Thoroughly enjoyed

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    This is a three in one book That means it has three novellas in one book It is a super easy way to read novellas Instead having five million novellas you just have one million booksAnyway I really enjoyed this book All of the novellas were really good My favorite was Kissed by a Cowboy I just really liked the story Mistletoe Cowboy was my next favorite Then it was Love Letters from Cowboy So all in all they were all greatI was scrolling threw free books on my Kindle and found this book It looked pretty interesting so I got it I am happy to say I am not disappointed I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a contemporary cowboy romance It was a sweet clean readThe cover was creative I liked it once again because I couldn’t see the facesfull faces of the characters I will give the cover3 starsAs for the book I will give it 4 stars If I would have liked the novellas just a little it would have gotten 5 stars Either way 4 stars is a great review Title Cowboy KissesAuthor Lacy WilliamsAuthor’s Website This review is written in my own opinions and words

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    I really read Cowboy Pride by Lacy Williams It was the Selection for the Big Library Read 2018 Apparently it has just come out It is a Cowboy take on Pride and Prejudice It’s a little wearing with all the romantic silliness told in Cowboy style I have a hard time figuring out how this book was selected One problem was that the reader already knew the story and the author followed the original faithfully This I would not recommend

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    Very sweetI fell in love with Maddox I was the oldest of 8 and the 3rd parent in the house I also loved the strong female characters The stories are very relatable one even made me cry I will look for from this author

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    Light hearted easy to read love storyThree short love stories that intertwine and show the reader love loss and the importance of family Enjoyable characters with a down home country feel

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    Sooooooo goodI love these books They are clean honest amazing books I love the vulnerability in each of the characters and how their I securities are worked through We are all flawed and uncertain at times These flaws made the characters real and relatable Great job

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    Book 1I read this years ago and didn’t leave a review just 5 starsBook 2Cute story I enjoyed the audiobook version He’s always loved her but she’s never really known him 10 years later can the start againBook 3No review either just 5 stars