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A Robbery, A Lynching, And A Mourning Mother Shake Up The Yada YadasI Had Never Felt So Violated The Yada Yada Prayer Group Was Gettin Down With God In Prayer And Praise One Night When A Heroin Crazed Woman Barged Into My House, Demanded Our Valuables, And Threatened Us With AInch Knife A Knife That Drew BloodWe Wondered If We D Ever Get Back To Normal After This Terrifying Experience I Assumed We Would After All, We D Started Praying Together At The Chicago Women S Conference Last Spring, And We D Been Through A Lot Already As Spiritual Sisters This Was Just One Hurdle To Conquer, Right But Then A Well Meaning Gesture Suddenly Incited A Backlash Of Anger In The Group, Forcing Us To Confront Generations Of Racial Division, Pain, And Distrust And Stretching Our Friendship To The Limit And A Shocking Confrontation In My Third Grade Classroom Forced Me To Face My Own Accountability And Learn What True Forgiveness Really Is

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    This is the second book in Jackson s Yada Yada Series In the first book a group of 12 women are randomly placed in a prayer group while at a Chicago area Christian women s conference, and after a series of life changing events, the group decides to continue meeting after the conference is over The second book starts just after the action of the first It s the end of summer and protagonist, Jodi good girl Baxter has almost fully recovered from her car accident in which she accidentally killed a boy , but her husband still isn t sure if his coaching contract from last school year has been renewed The other members of the group have their own issues as well Hoshi, a recent convert to Christianity, suffers greatly after the visit from her parents still living in Japan doesn t go as smoothly as planned Florida, an ex con, still worries about her unemployed husband, who s mood has continued to decline Adele, a sassy beauty shop owner, has confront demons of a racially segregated past Nony, a South Africa native and professor s wife, struggles with her desire to return to her homeland despite the wishes of her American husband and a new woman enters the sisters circle when she tries to rob them during a prayer group meeting.The stories of this motley crew all border on the cliched, but somehow manage to stay just this side of believable I m also amazed at how much my mood has changed while reading this book Suddenly, I find myself wanting to pray for everyone I meet, just like the sisters of the Yada Yada Prayer Group do A really enjoyable faith affirming read.

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    I feel like the first person narrative REALLY hurts this book I want to know what the other women are thinking and feeling I want to follow their lives every once in awhile To be honest, I m sick of Jodi She seems judgemental, she almost always jumps to the worst conclusion first, and I want to get out of her head Other problems I had were the character Ruth talks like Yoda Says her sentences in the wrong order, she does Every time she says anything in the book I hear Yoda s voice for her I don t think that s what the author has in mind Also, Jodi s whole family shares an e mail address That includes her, her husband, their 18 year old son, and 15 year old daughter Come on, you can t tell me those kids haven t gotten their own e mail address by now These people aren t computer illiterate either.But there were good things about the story I like how the women turn to God when things get hard, and there is a nice variety of different characters The author writes well, so that even when I m rolling my eyes, at least it s not about bad dialogue or a boring plot I m interested enough in some of the characters that I ll keep reading the series, but will probably push it back and read other series first.

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    As usual, Neta Jackson hit on the exact issues that I struggle with as a Christian Whereas the Christian books I have been reading are just clean romances, the Yada Yada series is like a devotional hidden in a story This book is perfect fodder for discussion in a Christian book club, but the story doesn t have the stilted feeling of a story created just to teach a lesson.I like the way that Jackson fleshes out the characters, as well Even though one of the main story lines was about Adele, Jackson gave us enough new information about the other characters to keep this from reading like the Adele volume.

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    I got really tired of the main character whining all the time She really needs to loosen up or she s going to have a stroke over her husband having a beer with a friendSeriously

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    Enjoyable as always, with some thought provoking issues in the middle of what is mostly Christian chick lit It is a light and easy read, but with an edge to it.

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    Almost as good as the 1st in the Yada Yada series Was hoping for each successive book to be told in the first person by each of the other characters,each one from a different race, religious, or ethnic background Attended a wonderful book club with the author found out she did not write sucessive books in the series from the multi culturally varied characters points of view because she felt she could not writing as authentically with the voice of a black woman, or a Jewish Christian woman, or a convict, or an Asian, or Filipino, or a Latin American, etc She felt she couldn t do them justice I respect that While the characters in the Yada Yada Prayer Group are truly like a drawer of mismatched socks thus the cover pictures of stocking feet , the view point of each character comes out and in each book But the main character, the story teller, is Caucasian elementary teacher, Jodi I m looking forward to book 3.

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    Brilliant book The Yada Yada books speak straight to my heart I m challenged to pray, praise God and generally take a closer look at my relationship with God Do I just pay Him lip service or do I actually practise what I preach The YYPG Gets Down is a fitting continuation of the first book, and it raises an interesting question of forgiveness Do we forgive even if the other person doesn t repent Can we repent for the sins of others Like the Germans asking the Jews for forgiveness for the Holocaust How can we accept God s forgiveness and learn to live with what we ve done And how do we cope if somebody we ve wronged won t forgive us.A powerful book, and a breath of fresh air I need to remember to turn to these books when I feel like my spiritual life needs a pick me up.But why does Ruth have to speak like Yoda Talks like this she does Takes some getting used to.Previous reads August 16th, 2008, 2009, July 2012

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    Yada Yada Gets Down 2Loved this book Some good quotes from it words phrases to ponder chew on.Sometimes I wondered why it took a big crisis in my life to get some simple stuff straight, like not doing chores my kids should be doing Pray That was it Why did it take me so long to get the first line of defense when upsetting things happened If girls were here they d be circling our chairs like warriors doing battle w fear, confusion, disappointment, anger I always thank God after he s answered my prayers but they thank God before He answers Thank you Jesus bc we know it s already done Thank you for what You re going to do Thank you Jesus that you have said You will never leave us or forsake us We are bought with a price, therefore we glorify You in our bodies in our spirits, which belong to You Prayerstill a challenge to get beyond my laundry list of Dear God, bless so so do such such, a prayer routine perfected by fam devotions as a kid Praise Him with music Good thing God is God all by himself Florida 5 years saved 5 years sober Good ol James, a down to earth brother if there ever was one Practical Straight to the point Unlike Paul, whose segments rambled on on like a sweater unraveling, with just as many knots to untangle Love this analogy bc I love straight to the point James but I so love untangling Paul s kinks knots Confessing it literally means to tell, to make known The Word is what God says in the Bible So we can either go around confessing, oh wasn t that awful or confessing the Word I m created in the image of Hod God knows cares even when a sparrow falls to the ground how much He cares about me Rom 8 28 speak it out loud Fear, anger, etc if I stay there in the natural, focusing on all my feelings Satan gets a foothold in my heart I begin to doubt Gods love My trust slips I need to confess the promises of God right away Satan you re a liar God your ways are above my ways So I trust you even if I don t feel like it Bc that s the only way I can keep my feet on solid ground my heart from giving in to fear When we holding to our anger, we allow the person who hurt us to keep hurting us again again, every time we think about what happened That gives s too much power That s why Jesus way points us to reconciliation forgiveness All right Jesus We re asking for good weather all the way we thank you in advance for whatcha gonna do If H didn t forgive BW she be lettin that woman hurt her all over again every time she thinks about it But u watch A little forgiveness goes a long way Gonna take the sting out Bible sword drills, youth for Christ rallies realized just how unprepared I d been for how complicated untidy the C life is.

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    This book was very powerful from a spiritual standpoint I think my favourite character is Avis who is always so strong and wont let the devil get her down However, on a storytelling level, Book 2 almost lost it for me Drama, drama, drama It never stops I started to wonder if the author was ever going to let me catch my breath and figure out what a little boy, a relationship between two teens, a visit from parents, a senile old woman, a robbery, Jodi s husband getting to know the other husbands, one of the lady s sick mother, and Jodi s terrible attitude problem I swear I wanted to slap her sometimes Thanks to Avis LOL , etc, etc, etc, etc had to do with any point she was trying to make In fact, there was SO MUCH DRAMA I started to wonder if the author forgot the title of her book was The Yada Yada PRAYER Group As much I got spiritually from this book, I was really missing that aspect of the first one that spent so much time on prayers and showing how different people prayed in the group As with the first, I ll keep reading the series but I might need to take that breather to finally be able to process all this content

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    Book 2 with this amazing group goes deeper into each members life and real world struggles The Baxters while leading ordinary lives realize that their interconnections in their daily walk.